Developer forum icon prior to January 11, 2018.

Developer Forum prior to the forum's migration.

The Developer Forum, or DevForum for short (formerly RBXDev), is a Roblox forum that developers can freely communicate with each other. The Developer Forums can be found here. In order to get into the developer forum, users must actively read topics. Formerly, users had to apply, however as of January 5, 2018 this is no longer the case. Users who are not part of the developer forum can still view posts put in 6 public categories.

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See Developer Forum History.

The forum was first introduced on October 18, 2013, with a private post from Shedletsky titled "Hello World".[1] From 2013 to 2015, the forum was powered by Kunena. On October 26, 2015, the forum was migrated to Discourse.

Updated Criteria

On January 5, 2019, the criteria for entering the developer forum was updated, allowing users who read and like posts actively to enter the forum. This was followed up by an announcement[2] by Lilly_S, and the application being closed and removed. All applications that were pending when this change occurred were discarded. No information on how many posts need to be read was released.

The updated criteria has been met with serious criticism from the community, mostly due to putting time and effort into getting accepted into the devforum. Others complain that the change will lower the overall quality of the developer forum.[3][4]


For a full list of categories, see Developer Forum/Categories.

Avatar Flairs

On July 9, 2019, the avatar flairs extension was enabled.[5] This added small icons to the profile pictures of Roblox Staff, Roblox Interns, Community Champions, Community Sages, and to the Post Approval team.

User Groups


On May 24, 2018, the DevForum received an update which involved development groups that users could join and would show as a title. The following groups are available.

  • Animators
  • Artists
  • Builders
  • Clothing Designers
  • Composers
  • Modelers
  • Programmers
  • Translators
  • UI Designers
  • Web Developers


The following categories are closed, and can only be added to manually by staff members.

  • Accelerator Program - Users who are part of the accelerator program.
  • BRDevEngagementTeam - Developer engagement team for the Portuguese community.
  • Community Champions (formerly Roblox Champions) - Users selected by staff who have been contributing towards the developer community by creating educational content, mentoring developers, etc.
  • DEDevEngagementTeam - Unknown.
  • Developer Relations Team - Roblox Staff who work for the developer relations department. Not all of them are in this group.
  • Developer Engagement Team - A subgroup of the Developer Relations Team that handle moderation flags, applications, etc.
  • ESDevelopers - A group of Spanish developers.
  • ESDevEngagementTeam - Developer engagement team for the Spanish community.
  • Featured Games Developer - Users who have or had a game featured under the Featured category. Occasionally, Featured Games Developer Spotlight posts will be made for these users.
  • Exploit Reports - Users who take reports from developer forum members. Replaces the Exploit Report category.
  • Featured_Developer - Developers who have got their games on the featured sort.
  • Featuring Program - Users who manage the featured games program.
  • FRDevelopers - A group of French developers.
  • FRDevEngagementTeam - Developer engagement team for the French community.
  • Former Accelerator Program - Users who were formerly part of the accelerator program.
  • Former Incubator Program - Users who were formerly part of the incubator program.
  • Former Intern - Users who were formerly Roblox interns.
  • Incubator Program - Users who are part of the incubator program.
  • Lead Top Contributor - Users who lead the Top Contributor program. They receive moderation abiltities.
  • moderators - Users who have moderation privileges on the developer forum. This includes deleting, locking, and hiding posts.
  • Mod_Review_Requests - Users who are responsible for looking at assets that were declined privately.
  • NewAvatarExperience - Unknown.
  • New Avatar Featured Developer - Featured developers who use Rthro in their game. More information.
  • Post_Approval - Users who are responsible for managing the post approval process which allows new members to post in categories they do not have access to.
  • RDC2019Questions - Unknown. Most likely those who answer questions regarding RDC 2019.
  • Roblox Intern - Users who are Roblox interns.
  • Roblox Staff - Users who are Roblox employees.
  • Top Contributor


  • FeaturingNotf1 - Unknown.



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  • The Roblox Tutorial Series subcategory is the only subcategory category that full members do not have posting access in.
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