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On Roblox, the development of a place carried out by one or more users, known as developers, is a process mainly of designing, building, scripting, testing and publishing places for other users to visit. The process is facilitated by Roblox Studio, an IDE developed by the Roblox Corporation. Developers may also use other software used in the process. The engine is based on classes that can be used by developers to design different aspects of the place. Often, monetization is also carried out by developers to earn Robux, using means such as passes, developer products or paid access, as well as marketing such as sponsoring or advertising to reach more users on the platform.


The engine has many classes that can be used by developers to create and design different aspects of the place.


Designing of a place covers both the place and the art used.

Game design[]

Developers may focus on user experience (UX) to make the place more accessible. Roblox supports many devices, however, to utilize a variety of devices, developers may use the input services provided by Roblox as well as the built-in emulator for devices in Roblox Studio. Roblox has a set of classes used for graphical user interfaces (GUIs) rendered on the Roblox engine, which can be used by developers to customize user interfaces.

Art design[]

There are many ways art can be used for both places and experiences. An experience has an icon and at least one thumbnail. The creator can upload images to change the icon as well as the thumbnail.

Developers can upload their custom meshes, images, materials and sounds to be used in a place. A place's lighting can be manipulated through the Lighting service.



Scripting is an activity of writing code designed to be run in a script. One who does this is known as a scripter. Scripters in the development process are responsible for designing systems of the place run by scripts.

On Roblox, scripters are distinguished from programmers in that programmers write code for computer programs in general (such as the engine) rather than scripts, although in the software industry, the terms "scripter" and "programmer" are usually synonymous.


There is a Developer Forum category ("Help and Feedback") that users may use to reach out to others for assistance in development. The sub-categories cover many processes of the development including designing, scripting and building, as well as how to use Roblox websites or Roblox software.

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