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The discover page (formerly the games page) is a portal for various types of games. There are frequently thousands of people active in these games at any given time. Games are ordered by active count and how many players within a certain age group are playing those games.[1]


The discover page contains 18 different sort names which can help the player find new games and it can also help developers with visibility. Depending on the sort, games can range from 500 to 300,000 consecutive players. If a player wants to see more of a certain sorting, they can click the "See All" button on the far right within that sort name.

Sorted By

  • Most Engaging: Sorted by games with the highest engagement times.
  • Recommended For You: Sorted by games which cater to the player.
  • Up-and-Coming: Sorted by games which were recently created and have high active counts. (Usually contains games that have existed for a long time but just got updated)
  • Popular: Sorted by games with the highest active counts. (Age can factor into this)
  • Top Rated: Sorted by games with the best like to dislike ratio.
  • Free Private Servers: Sorted by games with free private servers.
  • Learn & Explore: Sorted by games that provide educational information.
  • Featured: Sorted by games chosen by the Roblox staff team.
  • Popular Among Premium: Sorted by games which are mostly played by Premium players.
  • Top Earning: Sorted by games that earn the most Robux. (Through Gamepasses and Premium Payouts)
  • People Love: Sorted by games that have the most returning players.
  • Roleplay: Sorted by games which allows the player to express themselves in multiple ways.
  • Adventure: Sorted by games which allows the player to explore.
  • Fighting: Sorted by games which allows the player to be KO'd by another player.
  • Obby: Sorted by games which allows the player to traverse through obstacle courses.
  • Tycoon: Sorted by games which allows the player to build with in-game currency.
  • Simulator: Sorted by games which allows the player to simulate an activity. (Ex: Destruction Simulator gives the player the ability to destroy structures)
  • Popular Worldwide: Sorted by games that have the highest active counts all over the world.

Time (Discontinued)

For each option users selected from the Sorted By section above Time, they could select when. For example, if users set it to 'Most Popular' and 'All-time' the website will show games that have the most number of visits. This worked with all the time options.

Genres (Discontinued)

Time and Genres as shown on the left (2011)

The genres section allowed players to narrow down what type of game they wanted to see. If a player selected the Medieval genre, their games page would filter everything else out and only show medieval themed games. In order for this to be used effectively, developers would have to select which genre their game falls under. If they skip this option, their game's genre would default to All.

  • All
  • Building
  • Horror
  • Town & City
  • Military
  • Comedy
  • Medieval
  • Adventure
  • Sci-fi
  • Naval
  • FPS
  • RPG
  • Sports
  • Fighting
  • Western
  • Quiz (Got removed before genres got removed)
  • Skate Park (Used to be genre ID 17, got removed in 2016.)


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  • Personal servers used to be on the discover page until they were removed during the summer of 2015. The reason for this update was because Roblox developers earned no profit from them, according to former Roblox administrator Shedletsky, as many developers had created non-BC versions of their BC-only games so players would just play the non-BC place, therefore maximizing the developers' profits.
  • During the introduction of dynamic lighting, the discover page had white bars on the side of it, featuring games with dynamic lighting such as BloxBurg with LIGHTING and Dynamically Lit Gear War.
  • It is known that scammers use bots to boost their scam games up on the front page to "advertise" their scam site or to unfairly gain an audience for their game.
  • Advertisements were visible on the discover page until June 25, 2019.
  • Before May 13, 2021, the discover page was called the games page. The reason for the name change is unknown. It could be related to the recent legal fight between Apple and Epic Games.[2] However, some parts of the website aren't changed to experiences.

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