Disney Infinity 3.0 was an event that sponsored the video game with the same name. The games included were Work at a Pizza Place made by Dued1 and Roblox Dodgeball made by alexnewtron.


Name Image Creator/Group
Work at a Pizza Place
Work at a Pizza Place Disney Infinity Thumbnail
ROBLOX Dodgeball
Roblox Dodgeball Disney Infinity Thumbnail


Name Game Image Objective
Pizza Place Hat Work at a Pizza Place
Pizza Place Hat
Make, box and deliver 30 pizzas in the current server to earn the prize. You can work with other players to help with getting the prize.
Red Dodgeball Helmet Roblox Dodgeball
Red Dodgeball Helmet
Collect it when a teammate on the red team gets K.O'd during a round.
Blue Dodgeball Helmet Roblox Dodgeball
Blue Dodgeball Helmet
Collect it when a teammate on the blue team gets K.O'd during a round.

Catalog items

Name Image Price
The Disney Infinity Cap
The Disney Infinity Cap
1 ticket


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  • Coincidentally, a shirt with the same sponsor known as the Disney Infinity Shirt came out around a year after the events' release.
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