DominoCrown, the original Domino Crown mesh.

The Domino Crown series consists of special crown hats that are among the most expensive and popular items on Roblox, alongside the Domini, Sparkle Time Fedoras and the Federation crowns.

They are mostly limited items, but some were earned from gifts or rewarded to special users on the site. Currently, there are seven main Domino Crowns; four limited ones, a special edition that cannot be acquired through purchasing, one that was available as a timed item and finally an off-sale version. There are also three spinoff crowns, one of which was available as a promotional code item.


Usually are made up of a nine-sided base where three evenly-spaced Dominos stand upright.


Location First variation Latest variation
Catalog June 5, 2007 November 30, 2019

Domino Crowns


Themed items


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