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The Domino Rally Building Contest was a contest that was held on June 2, 2007, and ended on June 10. The purpose of the contest was to build a domino rally place and the best ones would be deemed winners. In order to enter the contest, the players also had to create accounts with the abbreviation "DRBC" before their ROBLOX name. (Example: DRBCwntiscom)


Three winners (this was changed) was the cap on this contest and each one would receive the same prize.


  • Builder's Club membership, if the user did not have it already.
  • 5000 ROBUX
  • A special trophy hat exclusive to this contest (Domino Crown)


  • 2000 ROBUX
  • Domino Crown


  • 1000 ROBUX
  • Domino Crown

Players could also win by making a video of their dominoes falling which had a few winners as well.


The cap changed due to two problems (read further down) that came up, so instead of three winners, there were now nine plus the four YouTube video winners.The winners of the contest were the following:

Main Winners

  1. DRBCAre92 (GOLD)
  2. DRBCPilot (GOLD)
  3. DRBCPCwiener (GOLD)
  4. DRBCmiked (SILVER)
  5. drbcwaffleboy (SILVER)
  6. DRBC44 (SILVER)
  7. DRBCDomino (BRONZE)
  8. DRBCRocks25 (BRONZE)
  9. DRBCGamer3D (BRONZE)

YouTube Video Winners

  1. KaptinKortos (GOLD)
  2. Fleskhjerta (SILVER)
  3. nintendo250 (BRONZE)
  4. Gamezine (BRONZE)


The contest met two issues along the way. One of them being that players visited their own place to increase their vote count as player visits were votes, so in future contests, visits wouldn't be the winning matter. The second being that there were more players that entered the contest than anticipated, which is why the winners' cap of three players were changed to nine instead.