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Adopt Me is a roleplay game made by DreamCraft and can be considered a spiritual successor to Adopt and Raise a Baby!. The game features two parties, a baby and a parent. The parent must care for the baby. There are other features, like obbies, pets and customizable houses.

Adopt Me! was created by two notable players: one is NewFissy for scripting and leading the team, and the other was Bethink for building and being the creative vision for the game.

On May 4, 2019, the game reached one billion place visits, making it the 7th game to surpass that milestone. This game has been reaching upwards of 150,000-200,000 or higher concurrent players in-game everyday, making it the most played game out of the entire platform. It has also the record of the most players in one single game at approximately 517,400+ people on October 18, 2019. They had also broke their previous record of 440k+ players, which was set on June 15, 2019.


The following interview was between Thundermaker300 and NewFissy on , as part of the Developer Connections Project.

What was it like developing Adopt Me?
It's a lot of fun! Adopt Me is an enjoyable creative and technical challenge for both me and my co-creator Bethink. It's been an immense growth opportunity as well and has definitely pushed my programming to the next level. The great thing about working on a roleplay game is that there are limitless features you can add, since roleplay is pretty much a simulation of the real world.
What challenges did you have to overcome while developing? What was the most challenging?
We're constantly adding new features, but a lot of times that means our existing codebase doesn't have the capabilities we need to support the new stuff. We've rewritten our code 3-4 times now. And we're working through a major rewrite of our avatar system right now. When working with a codebase with 50,000+ lines of code, it can be difficult to make broad-sweeping changes, so we build automated tools and macros to rewrite and refactor our code. The biggest issue that we ran into is that many of our favorite tools don't work within Roblox Studio, so we needed a way to sync our code to the filesystem so we could use the full suite of tools. To solve this issue, we built a program called Rosync that does a snapshot sync to the filesystem so the code can be manipulated with traditional tools like git and vim macros.
What did you enjoy most while developing Adopt Me?
I have and always will be a software engineer at heart. I do enjoy the creative aspect of game dev like dreaming up new items and designing UIs, but nothing beats the feeling of hitting Play and your beautifully architected code that abstracts complexity into simple units works perfectly.
Is there anything else you'd like to share?
I've been working on Roblox for nearly a decade, and it's been incredible to see the platform grow from my childhood sandbox to this mainstream platform that's conquering the world. Keep it up Roblox!


Both teams spawn in their house, which they can customize to their heart's content. Babies and parents can ask (not request) nearby players to be a part of their family them by pressing [E] on a computer or tablet, or [click to send request] on a mobile. Or they can create their own family by going to the family GUI and then clicking 'Create Family'.

When a baby or a parent accepts a player invite to be their family, both the baby and the parent will have a GUI. If there are multiple babies in the family, the baby that was held first's GUI's will show up for the parent. That GUI is for the baby's needs. There are four of these needs the parent must tend to, otherwise, the baby will be unhappy. These needs are represented as bars, slowly shrinking as time passes. The lower the GUI of the baby is, the lower the daily paycheck the parent will receive. The four needs are:

  • Hunger - How hungry the baby or pet is, can be increased by feeding formula, food from the supermarket or Ramsay's Pizzeria.
  • Fun - How active the baby or pet is, can be increased by going to the park or shaking rattles.
  • Cleanliness - How clean the baby or pet is, can be increased by swimming or taking a shower in a house or in the Gym.
  • Sleepiness - How tired the baby is, can only be increased by placing the baby in the bed.

After the pets update, players can adopt pets, including basic ones likes dog and cats, or rare pets such as wolves, griffins, unicorns, etc. Pets have the same moods as babies and they can be taught tricks by the pet trainer at the school. Babies cannot hold pets or put pets in strollers, but parents can.

There is an in-game currency called Bucks, which can be used to buy strollers, toys, pet supplies, furniture, etc. As a baby, you gain Bucks by having your parent take care of you. As a parent, you gain Bucks by taking care of your baby.


Some people have criticized this game for being too similar to games such as Life in Paradise and Adopt and Raise a Cute Kid. It is also criticized because of how frequent online daters join this game, along with the popularity of the game, often passing the second most popular game at any time by over 100,000 concurrent players. It's also been hated due to a “cannibalistic” thumbnail that has since been taken down.[citation needed]


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  • Adopt Me! was mainly updated in the Family Update, which caused it to stay in the "Popular Page" on Roblox.
  • It is said that Adopt Me! was created from the death of one of the senior developers of Treelands. [1]


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