The Earth Day Building Contest was a contest held between April 20, 2010 and April 26, 2010. The objective was to teach users about Earth Day.[1]


Highest Rated Places



Darknesschaos 2009
Erikrickyytm 2009
jerryg225banned 1997
doctoryizzle 1989
NameAndIDMatch 1987

Most Accurate Voters


Voting Accuracy

DarkRider0797 99%
crysis2warsmatanui 99%
Stinkycheeseman46 99%
Ruben4 99%
ironman867 99%


Name Image Objective
Earth Day Plant 2010 Earth Day Plant 2010 Awarded by getting a rating of 1,450 or higher.
Blue Clown Fish Blue Clown Fish Awarded by getting a rating of 1,650 or higher.
Mr. Seal Mr. Seal Awarded by getting a rating of 1,900 or higher.
Earth Day 2010 Seeds Earth Day 2010 Seeds Awarded by having a voting accuracy of 80% or higher.


  1. Earth Day Building
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