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BedWars is a strategic team based multiplayer game where you have to defend your bed from other players. It was released into beta on May 28, 2021 and has gained quite a lot of popularity amongst the Roblox player base. It is a remake of Hypixel's famous BedWars.

The developers reused code from their other very successful game, Islands, which lets the developers update both of their games easier.


Some players of Minecraft's Hypixel server do not like that this game is on Roblox. This is the case with what happened with's Islands when it first came out, but the outrage is much lower.


The game is created by a Roblox development studio called This was also the development studio behind the very popular Roblox game Islands.

All names listed below are actual usernames and not display names.

Head Developers

SnickTrix, bryan3838 and spleenhook

Other Developers

Vorlias, grilme99, SteamPulse, AsenDev, Candelzoo, The_Jigg, Aliets, nike_io, PrincessLeolo, SheeeshAnkles8roken and more


The game has around 1.3 billion place visits as of 10-13-2021 and averages a higher concurrent player count than their other project, Islands.


The game has been criticized for its weekly rotation of free kits, and for simply being a Roblox version of Minecraft's Bedwars, and therefore bad. It has also been called "pay-to-win" highly unlike its Hypixel counterpart and have been accused several times for having game breaking bugs.


Regular Kits

There are (as of now) thirteen regular kits, listing them off by release date: Builder, Farmer Cletus, Barbarian, Baker, Archer, Infernal Shielder, Melody, Pirate Davey, Eldertree, Lassy, Grim Reaper, Wizard, Vulcan and Trinity.

Battle Pass Kits

Season 1 Battle Pass Kits

There are 7 season 1 Battle Pass kits. The free kits are: Bounty Hunter, Jade, and Spirit Catcher. The Battle Pass Kits are: Warrior, Beekeeper Beatrix, Raven, and Pyro.



Swords are the main way people battle with. You start off with a Wooden Sword but can upgrade and purchase better swords from the shop, using iron and emeralds. These are all the swords ranging from worst to best: Wood, Stone, Iron, Diamond, Emerald and Rage. If you equip the Barbarian kit, you can damage and kill players, leveling up your rage bar; instead of obtaining the Emerald Sword, the final sword is replaced with the Rageblade. This sword is unobtainable unless you equip the Barbarian kit, or if you play the Lucky Block LTM, randomly obtaining it through the lucky blocks spawned throughout the map.