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Islands (formerly Skyblox and Sky Block) is a sandbox game created by It is heavily inspired by the SkyBlock from Minecraft. It also takes some elements from Hypixel's SkyBlock, also available for play in Minecraft. The game is about expanding an island and collecting resources to craft different items. This game was shutdown due to copyright reasons (Then re-opened as Islands).


When first playing, the player spawns on their own island with basic tools and materials as well as some wheat. The player will be guided through the main gameplay features with an interactive tutorial. Once the player has finished the tutorial there's a lot of freedom on what to do.


There are different islands in the game that mobs spawn on which the player can kill for crafting materials and loot. There's a wide selection from swords to spellbooks that the player can craft. There are currently five different mob islands with higher tier mobs and bosses on each one.


The player can choose to mine ores in the main hub and different mob islands. For automation, the player can buy totems that when placed down, will spawn the ore on either the ground or on conveyor belts.


There's both crops and fruits which can be farmed and sold to merchants for coins. Crops can be watered by collecting rainwater. Fertilizer can also be created by composting fish that was obtained via fishing. Most types of seeds are obtained by purchasing them for coins from a merchant on the main hub island.


Factories are more advanced, and faster farms for crops and ore. The Part 1 of the Factory update gave more things to craft such as Drills and the Steel Press, and 2 new ores (Copper and Steel). The Cow update gave Gold Resource Blocks that players can use to make an infinite stream of Gold Ore by placing a Drill, and the Red Bronze Refinery that could be used to make electric items and weapons, but Part 2 of the factory gave even more advanced items like Pumpjacks to pump out oil and Industrial Lumbermills and Sapling Planters to automate wood, Industrial Flower Pickers to automate colored blocks, and Industrial Tree Shakers to automate fruits, all made with Red Bronze!

Skill Levels

You can get skill levels when you first join the game, there are multiple types of skill levels that you can earn like combat, forging, and many more! Level up to unlock more recipes and upgrade your tools from the common wooden items to the super rare and legendary opal items


Trade mode can be enabled by pressing the hands button on the left side of the screen. You can also trade with storage items and dropping, and there are big trading communities on social media platforms. Most players find it easier to gain coins by selling rare items to other players, instead of selling crops to merchants. Trading can also be done through a Vending Machine, which comes in two tiers, 1 and 2.

Animal Care

The player can take care of many different animals. They can be inspected and by feeding them the crops that they enjoy, they will give you their respective items. Most animals have to be unlocked by leveling up Animal Care, however Turkeys are an exception.

The default animal is the Cow.


Players can express their creativity and create amazing islands, pixel art, factories, electric builds, and farms.


Islands was shut down on July 14, 2020.[1] It was deleted due to a DMCA request. Despite many players complaining about the deletion, it was expected to happen by many players at some point. This has caused a lot of protest games and groups being made. Although the developers changed the name to Islands, Roblox still deleted the game. Eventually, it was re-opened and ready to be played again.


Skyblock was reopened on July 17, 2020, at 11:00 a.m. PST and renamed to "Islands".[2]


Despite being vastly popular, the game has received some criticism.

  • Some players experience issues loading in and can barely get into a server.
  • Some players think that trading is unfair and should be nerfed and made equal to farm.
  • Duplication has happened in two situations before, the first starting in October 2020 and ending in January 2021, and the second started in November 2021 and ended in January 2022
  • Many players complained about trading, As many people were getting scammed starting somewhere in August 2020 ending in November 2020.