The 2014 ROBLOX Easter Egg Hunt (titled Save the Eggverse!) was the sixth annual Egg Hunt on Roblox. In previous years, Roblox hosted Egg Drops, and the first Roblox Egg Hunt to be held in one place was the 2012 hunt. After the massive success of the 2013 hunt, the ROBLOX Games Team created another Egg Hunt in 2014.

This is the first event where the map is made mostly out of terrain. Players must search for eggs in the five worlds and receive a badge upon doing so. The egg corresponding to the badge will be obtained as well. Several different items were released in the Catalog in order to assist players with the egg hunt.

BLOXcasts released in March and April 2014 gave players different hints to various aspects of the 2014 Egg Hunt.

This Egg Hunt revolved around a "Good vs. Evil" story. In the story, it is told that Lucky Lapin, a rabbit who collects rare and fabulous eggs, was suddenly kidnapped by Rabid Rabbit, who is his evil counterpart from an alternate Eggverse. Rabid Rabbit then stole all the eggs and tried to escape back to his own Eggverse, but his teleporter malfunctioned and scattered all the eggs across the Eggverse. The goal of the game is for the player to find all of the lost eggs, defeat Rabid Rabbit, and save the Eggverse.

There were a total of 34 eggs in this egg hunt.

The egg hunt closed at 6:00 PM PST on April 23, 2014.

Map description

The 2014 Egg Hunt takes place on five different maps, a first for any Roblox Egg Hunt. The Egg Hunt utilizes universes in order for players to explore each of the five maps. The five maps are the same location, but at five different time periods (Prehistoric/Neolithic, Medieval, Present, Uncertain Future, and a Forsaken Future overwhelmed by rabid and his minions. They make up a story that the player experiences while playing the Egg Hunt. The basic environmental structure of the first map basically stays the same in the other four, but other factors are changed in order to simulate change over time in the location. All of the maps are named CS followed by a number which corresponds with the chronological sequence that players will get to experience each of the maps. Although the game was originally set up to where players had to find a certain amount of eggs in order to unlock the next map, it has recently been altered so that players can teleport to the map of their choosing.



CS1 (Neolithic Times)

The first map available to players in the 2014 Easter Egg Hunt is titled CS1. The map is made of Terrain, which is a first for any egg hunt. Three large mountains are placed at the corners of the map. Players spawn on one of these mountains. At the spawn there are several Easter Island head statue carvings that contain teleporters between them to the other universes. Players must have a certain number of eggs in order to pass through each teleporter. This mountain also contains a waterfall. A secret cave is located behind this waterfall. A river flows from the waterfall and divides the map in half. A second mountain contains two stone trap doors that are used in order for players to be awarded the Egg of Friendship. Various trees, bushes, and mushrooms dot the terrain, which changes in elevation at different points on the map. The eggs that can be found in CS1 are the Basic Egg, the Egg of Life, the Egg of Time, the Egg of Luck, the Egg of Friendship, the Aqua Fabergé Egg of Never-ending Winter, and the Elegant Fabergé Egg of Fancy Times.

CS2 (Medieval Times)



This is the second map that is available to players. It is similar in design to CS1; like CS1, it is composed of terrain, is divided by a river, and has a waterfall that provides a flow of water for the river. A bridge is built over the river, which spills out into a lagoon. A pond is located to the right of the river. A town is located on the banks of the river, as is a lake. The eggs that can be retrieved here are the Egg of Verticality, the Bellegg, the Poached Egg, the Basic Egg, the Egg of Partnership, the Egg of Space, the Egg of Luck, the Egg of Life, the Elegant Fabergé Egg of Fancy Times, the Aqua Fabergé Egg of Never-ending Winter, and the Black Iron Fabergé Egg.

CS3 (Present)



CS3 takes place in the present, with a modern city replacing the village from CS2. The city contains modern skyscrapers, roads, cars, and fountains. A windmall farm is adjacent to the city. The map is located in the same environment as the previous two maps and contains the same environmental factors, such as the river and layout of the mountains. The eggs that can be found here are Basic Egg, Egg of Frost, Luregg, Mercurial Egg, Malicious Egg, Egg of Cooperation, Egg of Life, Egg of Verticality, Egg of Luck, Black Iron Fabergé Egg, Aqua Fabergé Egg of Never-ending Winter, Elegant Fabergé Egg of Fancy Times, and Gilded Fabergé Egg of Bygone Days.

CS4 (Uncertain Future)



CS4 is the fourth map in the sequence, and takes place in the future. The map looks similar to the previous maps. It has a big mountain with a river running down it, and has a big city with destroyed civilian buildings. According to Lucky Lapin, this map showcases the future where he is never freed, and the surrounding area is deprived of joy. The once vibrant city is in ruins and blanketed with moss. One of the buildings is on the other side, with a secret room under it. Players spawn at the top of the big mountain, just like the previous maps. The eggs that can be retrieved here are the Souvenir Egg, the Aqua Fabergé Egg of Never-ending Winter, the Eggy Pop, the Malicious Egg, the Glided Fabergé Egg of Bygone Days, the Ruby Fabergé Egg of Sparkle Time, the Elegant Fabergé Egg of Fancy Times, the Black Iron Fabergé Egg, the Egg of Flawless Teamwork, the Egg of Frost, the Basic Egg, the Egg of Flawless Deduction, the Egg of Shield, the Egg of Verticality, the Egg of Life, and the Egg of Luck, but be careful! Many Malicious Eggs spawn here all over the map.

CS5 (Forsaken Future)


The final map, CS5

This map looks like the destroyed city has now been rebuilt, but the Rabid Rabbit has taken over with his small little minions. There is a boss battle here for players to defeat Rabid Rabbit by going to portal next to a statue.


In-game Eggs

Basic Egg An egg with colored zig-zag stripes. Spawns everywhere in every map. Basic Egg
Egg of Luck An egg with a beige color and a green top hat with a brown belt and a lucky clover. This egg spawns in every map. It only spawns in quantities of one and does not spawn as long as a player is holding it. Dropping it in water may cause another egg to spawn in its place, and dropping it on the ground will result in an explosion. It will spawn minions and disappear. Egg of Luck
Egg of Time An egg in the shape of an hourglass. Found in the cave by the entrance to the Egg of Friendship in CS1. Egg of Time
Egg of Life An egg that looks like a bunch of leaves with a small branch on the bottom. These eggs are hidden in red trees. Touching the trunks of the trees will cause the egg to fall out of them. Egg of Life
Egg of Friendship A green-hatted egg that looks like a musketeer.

Have 2 players go to the mountain in the opposite corner of the mountain you spawn on. Then have those 2 players stand on the grey plates, then drop onto a platform in the hole. It can only be found in CS1.

Tip: behind the mountain, there is a patch of water. You can swim through it and wall climb to obtain the egg.

Egg of Friendship
Egg of Space An egg in the shape of a Galaxy. There is a secret entrance in the lake near the village in CS2. It is in the upper left area of the cave in the lake. Egg of Space
Bellegg An egg that looks like a bell. The Bellegg can be found hanging as a bell in the church within the village in CS2. Belleg
Poached Egg An egg in a basket. Can be found on sand patches around the village in CS2. The egg can be cracked open by hitting it with a mace or stepping on it. Poached Egg
Egg of Partnership An egg similar to the Egg of Friendship except in the colour of blue. There are 3 plates/doors. One is on the overworld, near a lake. One is within a secret cave in the lake. The last one is in a cave within the river. Found in CS2. Egg of Partnership
Egg of Verticality An egg with blue stripes. Can be found jumping up and down on some mountains/buildings. Cannot be found in CS1. Egg of Verticality
Egg of Cooperation An egg similar to the other 2 eggs, but with red.

In a cave under the biggest building in CS3. 4 players have to find 4 red computers with coordinates on them. Once found, the 4 players have to go down to the ground floor and stand on the corresponding coordinates.

Note: There are different coordinates for different servers.

Egg of Cooperation
Malicious Egg A rotten looking egg with boils and veins.

Can be found everywhere in CS3, 4, and 5. They disguise as other eggs.

Warning: This egg spawns 3-6 minions, so have your mace ready.

Malicious Egg
Mercurial Egg A golden egg with a red helmet with golden wings. Can be found upon the roofs of the buildings. The egg can be difficult to get because it has the ability to switch directions at any given moment. Mercurical Egg
Egg of Frost An egg covered in ice.

Can be found in places where there is water on ice patches. Jump towards the egg so you don't slide.

Egg of Frost
Luregg An egg that looks like an angler fish. Can be found deep in the lake or under the waterfall. Luregg
Egg of Flawless Deduction An green egg covered in question marks.

Found in the nooks and crannies around the fallen building in CS4.

Egg of Flawless Deduction
Egg of Shield An egg in a metal shield.

In the ravine-type area of CS4, you may find an oddly shaped transparent thing and an Egg of Shield. Roll the oddly shaped transparent thing into the water and you get a forcefield around your player. Touch the Egg of Shield after you have done this.

Egg of Shield
Egg of Flawless Teamwork An egg covered in triangular crystals.

When you spawn in CS4, go directly from the spawn to the town. Go forward until you get to the edge. There will be 5 plates. You will need 4 other people to open them. After that, go down using th–Ķ moving platform. The platform moves without you, so you need to move with it. Then, with the 5 people including yourself open the door, go up and collect the egg.

Note: Sometimes jumping on the 2nd set of plates works. This is somewhat unexplained.

Egg of Flawless Teamwork
Eggy Pop An egg that looks like Elvis Presley. You find it in a cave under the fallen building, then you say "I love you" when you are near it to get it. Eggy Pop
Souvenir Egg A cityscape in the shape of an egg on a pedestal. Found on roofs of the buildings in CS4. Souvenir Egg
Egg of the Phoenix A phoenix egg with the phoenixes wings covering it from the sides.

By the top left corner from spawn view beside the city, an obby is there with lava around it. The Egg is at the end, complete the obby then let it kill you, you will respawn there near it, then collect it.

Bug: Your player may die even after you get killed by the fire sphere; this makes it so you have to have 2 players  to get the egg.

Egg of the Phoenix
Egg of the Hill A golden egg with green leaves at the sides, along with a crown.

Inside the car tunnel, a tunnel leads to a cave flooded with minions. Walk along the side to avoid the minions, then run up the small slope to collect it.

Note: This egg may not spawn in some servers.

Egg of the Hill
Alien Arteggfact An upside-down egg with the texture of a green alien.

On the roof of one of the buildings in CS5, there are several spinning platforms. Above the spinning platforms is the egg itself. Jump for it to collect it!

Note: Platforms can break and fall on the ground.

Alien Arteggfact
Eggressor An egg that looks like an angry Viking

It spawns in the middle of the cave where you can get Egg of the Hill. You must kill all of the minions that spawn by the Egg of the Hill to get this.

Bug: Most of the servers has this egg broken, but not all of them.

Rabid Egg An egg that looks like Rabid Rabbit.

Go down the mountain that you spawn on, and there should be a small village infested with minions. Go towards the statue of the Rabid Rabbit and there is a red portal. Touch the red portal to go to his egg lair and defeat him.

Tip: Bring lots of health potions. You can craft them by putting a Basic Egg and an Egg of Life together. Also, try going behind/under him while hitting him with your mace.

Rabid Egg

Faberge Eggs

Gilded Faberge Egg of Bygone Days Spawns on CS3 and up maps. Gilded Faberge
Aqua Faberge Egg of Never-ending Winter Spawns on all CS maps. Aqua Faberge
Elegant Faberge Egg of Fancy Times Spawns on all CS maps. Elegant Faberge
Ruby Faberge Egg of Sparkle Time Spawns on CS4 and CS5 maps. Ruby Faberge
Sapphire Faberge Egg of Sparkle Time Spawns only on the CS5 map. Sapphire Faberge
Black Iron Faberge Egg Spawns on CS2 and up maps. Black Iron Faberge Egg

April Fools Egg

Egg of DestinyIf a player got the badge at the April Fool's version of the game, he/she will be awarded with this hat.E334b2a55a99398649fc2d0eee6c66be

Website Eggs

Eggvertisement Egg 2: Pastel Boogaloo You got it by clicking a special advertisement that led to the Egg Hunt 2014.

If you are unable to find this advertisement or if you use adblock, go to (currently redirects to a 404 error page)

If you click the egg and you are not logged on, you will be given a 403 error page.

Eggvertisement Egg 2
Egg of Eggstreme Aggravation You got it by clicking a special message that led to the Egg Hunt 2014.</span>

If you are unable to find this advertisement or if you use adblock, go to (currently redirects to a 404 error page)

If you click the egg and you are not logged on, you will be given a 403 error page.


Hatched Eggs

It was seen on a forum post that the eggs from 2014 would not be hatching, and maybe the eggs in 2015 would. Due to this, players rumoured that all the eggs were going to go on sale like the eggs from 2008 and 2010.

Catalog Items

These items provided assistance to players in the 2014 Egg Hunt. They are only available for purchase and use for the duration of the hunt.






75 ROBUX The Eggray informs players of which eggs are currently in the server that the player is in.  Eggray
Egg Cannon 2014 150 ROBUX This item shoots out fake eggs to confuse other players, but 5% of shots are real eggs. Eggcannon2014
Common Egg Compass 2014 250 ROBUX This gear guides players in the general direction of one of four random common eggs located within the player's server. Common2014
Rare Egg Compass 2014 250 ROBUX This gear guides players in the direction of one of three random rare eggs that are located within the player's server. These three eggs do not include Faberge eggs. Rare2014
Rare Egg Cloner 2014 500 ROBUX Using this tool, the player can select one rare egg (this is not inclusive of a Faberge egg). When someone else is awarded a rare egg, the player that has the Rare Egg Cloner 2014 will get that same rare egg. Rarecloner2014
Faberge Egg Cloner 1000 ROBUX Using this tool, the player can obtain one of the three Faberge Eggs. This transpires when another player in the server finds and wins a Faberge egg. Players that own this gear and are in the same server will receive the said egg as well. Fabergecloner2014
Egglite 100 ROBUX This Egglite is made for tunnels and caves even though in the dark you cannot see. This is useful for half transparent/non-visible/camouflaging eggs.


The event was generally criticized by users, due to its many bugs, and its constant opening and closing throughout the week. The Egg Hunt launched on April 11, but was closed about an hour later due to major bugs. This resulted in players losing connection from the game. The Egg Hunt was later made playable to friends only, and then it was removed from the front page. On April 12, the game re-opened for some few hours and many players showed up there again, but it was closed once again due to numerous bugs to be fixed. However, when Games closed it, players got inside of the game due to a server bug. Chiefjustus, a ROBLOX admin, posted a thread on ATR (All Things ROBLOX), informing people that the Egg Hunt will not re-open this weekend. However, it reopened again on the 14th of April, and there were still quite a few bugs. The game closed again at 5PM PST on April 16, 2014 so they can add CS4. They also fixed some of the bugs, such as Poached Egg not spawning, Faberges spawning underground (in the terrain) and the Bellegg not respawning. It was then stated that the Egg Hunt would reopen the next day, which it did. The Egg Hunt closed yet again on April 17, 2014 right before 4:30 PM PST. It opened (yet again) on April 18, 2014 at around 1:00 PM PST.

Besides the mass opening and closings, it was also criticized for how it was made. Many users complained of the game being too complicated with all the different places they had to go to in order to receive eggs, and others complained that they were not able to follow people in the Egg Hunt games, so therefore, one could not go egg hunting with friends. 

Because of these reasons, many users refused to play the Egg Hunt. Many users also stated that Egg Hunt 2013 and 2012 were better than 2014 in many ways such as for being lag-free, having working eggs, having rounder meshes, simplicity, style, and no universes or terrain.

Overtime people have been looking back at the event giving it "positive" reception liking the idea of multiple worlds, mostly unique egg designs and better than the modern Egg Hunt events.


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  • This is the first egg hunt to feature time traveling, with the 2nd being Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales.
  • It is considered the last true 'classic' egg hunt, featuring primarily randomly spawned eggs and some eggs with a set objective.


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