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Booker is a character in the Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales. In human form, he is the librarian of the Robloxia Library, who also watches over the Roblox Eggs. Until an Earthquake happens and Aymor is released, then is turned into a Bookworm and helps the player return all of the eggs to the library.

Booker made a return in Egg Hunt 2019: Scrambled in Time, in The Mirage map, although he appears younger.



Booker was a young man, going to the Mirage with his crew to search for The Egg of Origin. When The Player (Who actually time traveled from the future) Arrives to the Mirage, Booker tells the player to meet him at his research tent.

As soon as the Player reaches Booker's Research Tent, Booker tells the player about the Egg of Origin, but he can't get past the forcefield surrounding the egg, so he asks the player for a favor.

The Player goes around adjusting four random mirrors in the Mirage and aims the sun's light towards the Egg of Origin's forcefield. As the forcefield subsides, the egg is obtainable to get.

The Player then gives the egg to Booker for safe keeping for years to come.


Many years later, Booker is now the Librarian of a Library, where 46 magical eggs are stored away. (one of the Eggs is the Egg of Origin itself)  Booker is the first person that the Player meets upon joining the game. he gives the player a tour of The Grand Library and explaining about all of the eggs in the Library itslelf. He then sends the player to grab a scroll in the other room. upon grabbing the scroll, the player accidentally caused an earthquake to befall the library, and the evil egg, which actually is the Egg of Origin, lands on Aymor , Booker's Pet Raven. When the Egg lands on Aymor, it's power quickly grows him to the size of the library and turning Booker into a Book Worm (get it?)  As the player escapes the dark basement, and collects one of the missing eggs, Booker the Bookworm, gives the player the Eggcyclopedia, A magical book that can transport the player throughout the Eggverse, and joins the Player on their quest to collect all 46 eggs.

During Gameplay

Booker, while joining the player on their adventure across the Eggverse, Also points out when you collect an Egg. When the player collects an egg, they do a certain pose whenever it happens, but sometimes, the pose doesn't happen and Booker Himself actually points the fact that the egg is collected.

Aymor Boss Battle - Ending

Booker appears at the end of the Boss battle, where Aymor is defeated, and transformed back into a normal raven. With the Evil magic undone, Booker returns to his normal robloxian self and Aymor is on his shoulder.

Upon returning to the library, Booker puts Aymor back in his cage as punishment, and locks away the Evil Egg, making sure it'll never cause any harm again. he then allows the player to keep the Eggcyclopedia whenever they'd like to return to the eggverse and relive all the moments.


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  • Booker is a scribe in the OMELET, or Order of Magical Eggs, Literature and Extraordinary Trinkets.
  • It's Possible that Booker owns the Bookstore in the 2018 Hallow's Eve Event. In the Event Lobby, the player rides one of the beasts and is transported to a mix of Hogwarts and London, England. One of the Buildings in England is a small bookstore and inside is the Eggcyclopedia. possibly proving that Booker owns the store.
  • Egg Hunt 2019's new map for 2018, is called The Mirage, and it takes place before the events of Egg Hunt 2018.
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