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Egg Hunt 2020: Agents of E.G.G. or simply Egg Hunt 2020 was a Roblox egg hunt similar in gameplay to Egg Hunt 2019. Players travel to different games to collect eggs. Unlike previous years, the event did not contain a lobby. However, and an official explanation as to such was later provided. Instead, Roblox chose a community-made version as an official alternative to this, known as the Egg Hunt 2020 Fan Hub. This was discovered as it was the only game selected on the Egg Hunt section of the Games page to have not been originally featured alongside the main games.

The event was first revealed in an announcement on the Developer Forums, where Roblox staff held a submissions survey for developers to send their games in for approval.[1] The name, logo, theme, and duration of the egg hunt were all revealed in the 7th Annual Bloxys. It was also revealed that there will be 53 different eggs to collect. The egg hunt began on April 7, 2020, and ended on April 28, 2020, although most of the eggs were released early a day prior for soft testing.

Like the previous year's egg hunt, on March 30, 2020, the Roblox Twitter account made a challenge tweet which said that an egg for the egg hunt would be revealed at 6K retweets and another at 13K likes.[2] On the same day, the Roblox Instagram account posted a challenge to reveal an egg for 80,000 likes.[3] The challenge tweet quickly reached post milestones, and on April 1, the eggs were revealed.[4] On April 5, 2020, all eggs for the event were published in the avatar shop. The next day, the challenge post on Instagram reached 80,000 likes and the egg was revealed.[5]

On April 7, 2020, the event's official start, a page for the event on the Roblox website was created[6] along with a blog post announcing the start of the event.[7]



There were a total of 53 eggs available for this event:

Name Image Game Objective
Deteggtive W. Wolf
Deteggctive W. Wolf.png
A Wolf Or Other Find the golden egg and survive the round, or kill everyone as the wolf.
Adopt Me, Chick!
Adopt Me, Chick!.png
Adopt Me Hatch the Easter 2020 Egg to get it. The egg in-game can be collected by clicking the event button on the side. The player has to do a total of 4 needs until the egg can hatch. When the fourth need is complete, the egg will hatch and the avatar shop item will be awarded to the player.
Egg of Hearts
Egg of Hearts.png
Astral Hearts Collect five heart shards from enemies in the Dark Forest.
Bad Business The egg has a chance to drop randomly from killing an enemy player.
Royal Egg of the Bearers
Royal Egg of the Bearers.png
BEAR Find a key in the map, which will unlock the door in the lobby. Complete the puzzle and the obby.
Swarming Egg of the Hive
Swarming Egg of the Hive.png
Bee Swarm Simulator Help three bears capture chicks.
Brainfreeze Egg
Brainfreeze Egg.png
Break In Collect the five ice shards as a group and then, on the third night, defeat the Deviled Egg.
Egg of Hidden Treasures
Egg of Hidden Treasures.png
Build A Boat For Treasure Build a boat and sail the dragon egg through the first three sections of the river.
Eggsplosive Artifact of Energy
Eggsplosive Artifact of Energy.png
Deathrun Collect 15 Energy Cores in the rounds and use them to power up a drill in the lobby to collect the egg.
Dragon Eggventures
Dragon Eggventure.png
Dragon Adventures Talk to the mother dragon and find three missing note pieces in the Grasslands. Complete the puzzles and defeat the boss.
Samurai Egg
Samurai Egg.png
Dungeon Quest Complete the Egg Island dungeon within the time limit.
Eg! Find three keys in the forest temple to unlock a portal beside it.
Chocolate Bunny Egg
Chocolate Bunny Egg.png
Egg Simulator Complete all ten egg hunt quests.
Epic Egg
Epic Egg.png
Epic Minigames This egg is in the Juggernaut minigame. Either kill the bunny and collect the egg, or kill everyone else as the bunny.
Marine Egghibit
Marine Egghibit.png
Flop Find an unclaimed egg hidden in the map, fry it on a pan in the kitchen, and feed it to the noob at the table. The eggs location is random.
Ghastly Egg
Ghastly Egg.png
Ghost Simulator Go to Easter Land and talk to Ella. Complete her six quests and defeat Fluffy, the boss.
Heroic Egg of Owlsomeness
Heroic Egg of Owlsomeness.png
Hero Havoc Talk to the Easter bunny, then fight owols in the forest until collecting ten eggs. Go back to the Easter bunny when done to receive this egg.
Wicked Egg of Calamity
Wicked Egg of Calamity.png
Hotel Stories Kill all the snakes in the throne room of the Easter Corruption story.
Invasion Egg
Invasion Egg.png
Mad City Get five eggs to the egg temple's pedestals, then stand on the platform. All players standing on the platform when the timer reaches zero will receive the egg.
Lost Egg of the Minery
Lost Egg of the Minery.png
Minery Find the egg by talking to the special NPC, then mine for it by looking at its coordinates.
The Eggtherian
The Eggtherian.png
Monsters of Etheria Paint the egg on top of the fountain with 3 buckets of purple paint and 2 buckets of pink paint, which can be found in wells scattered around the map. Note: Mobile Players can get the egg for free.
Shady Subjeggct
Shady Subjeggct.png
MURDER As murderer, kill the person with the egg for a head. The player killed will also receive the egg.
My Droplegg
My Droplegg.png
My Droplets Bring six flowers to the Giant Droplet Bunny.
Egg of the High Skies
Plane Crazy Build a plane and fly to the floating island. Once you're on the floating island, trap the egg in a nearby house.
Gourmet Egg
Gourmet Egg.png
Restaurant Tycoon 2 Go to EKEA and talk to the woman on the front desk until she reveals the stairs. Enter the library and take the glowing book to open the door. Complete the Candy Crush-like minigame to earn the Gourmet Omelette recipe, and you will receive the egg once you cook and serve it to a customer.
Robloxian High School Find all six Despacito Spiders located in certain areas of the map. Note: There is an event button on the side of the screen with which areas the spiders can be found and what the player has collected.
Robot Inc. Collect fifteen eggs hidden across the map.
Royale High Stun three enemy players and collect the eggs from their heads in the Easter archery game.
Saber Boss Egg
Saber Boss Egg.png
Saber Simulator Teleport to the Easter map and collect 100 golden eggs. Once finished, complete the obby and defeat the boss.
Egg of Cthulhu
Egg of Cthulhu.png
Scuba Diving at Quill Lake Walk uphill and talk to the NPC at the tower. Go into the tower's basement and complete the puzzles and obby to get the keys to unlock the egg.
Egg of the Shard Seeker
Egg of the Shard Seeker.png
Shard Seekers Find the two keys (in a house basement and in a cave) and unlock the door to the black domed building.
Eggraging Shark of the Sea
Eggraging Shark of the Sea.png
SharkBite Be the first to touch the buoy that the shark drags around. Once you return to the lobby, open the vault.
Sinking Ship Roblox Britannic Talk to the captain on the bridge and follow the instructions.
Ski Resort Ride off all eleven ramps on the map. Travel slowly if to easily make it through the whole ramp.
Eggcentric Time Capsule
Eggcentric Time Capsule.png
Speed Race

Grab the egg and make it to the end of the new "Heist" map.

It says here this egg can only hatch on April 13th, 2036.

Roundcat Egg
Roundcat Egg.png
Super Doomspire Collect 30 striped eggs by killing players or destroying building parts.
Supercharged Striker Egg
Supercharged Striker Egg.png
Super Striker League Break open the egg once it spawns on the field and grab it. Tip: Use the triple bomb superpower once you get it if you don't possess the ball.
iEgg 12 Max Pro
IEgg 12 Max Pro.png
Texting Simulator After talking to Agent Master Hacker, hack through the computer terminals until finding three missing code pieces. Standing at the same terminal can get you the code pieces.
Doc Holidegg
Doc Holidegg.png
The Wild West Find the Egg Temple and complete the obby. There is a mobile version of the temple made for mobile players.
Tenteggcle Alien
Tenteggcle Alien.png
Theme Park: Gravity Oasis Ride roller coasters three times, then return to the teleporter and complete the stealth mission.
Time Traveler's Egg
Time Traveler's Egg.png
Time Travel Eggventures Complete the Eggventure.
Tiny Tank Egg
Tiny Tank Egg.png
Tiny Tanks Destroying an enemy tank will occasionally drop the egg. Note: Players on mobile devices are awarded the egg for free as the game isn't compatible with mobile devices.
Tower of Eggs
Tower of Eggs.png
Tower Defense Simulator Defeat the final boss in the new special map. Completing the map on Hard difficultly will give you an exclusive tower.
Dreggon's Breath
Dreggon's Breath.png
Treasure Quest Complete the tasks and defeat the dragon boss. There is a N.P.C in the lobby that will teleport you to the gate.
Cheggered Flag
Cheggered Flag.png
Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands Compete in drag or circuit races until you win ten eggs. Note: Players on mobile devices are awarded the egg for free as the game isn't compatible with mobile devices.
Venture Egg
Venture Egg.png
VentureLand Destroy 30 golden eggs with your car.
Poached Egg of the Sea
Poached Egg of the Sea.png
Whatever Floats your Boat Have an orb on your egg pedestal placed on your boat and survive until the end of the round.
Fried Chicken Egg
Fried Chicken Egg.png
Zombie Rush Collect five chicken drumsticks dropped by zombies that were killed. To make this easier, go camp away from other players.
Giga Zombegg
Giga Zombegg.png
Zombie Strike Defeat the new Egg Mech Zombie boss.
Eleggtrifying Eggmin of 2020
Eleggtrifying Eggmin of 2020.png
Varies per game. This egg is launched out of the Eggmin Cannon 9000 by administrators or quality assurance testers of the event.
Star Creaeggtor Egg
Star Creaeggtor Egg.png
Varies per game. This egg is launched out of the Star Creaeggtor Cannon 9001 by Roblox Video Stars or quality assurance testers of the event.
Eggveloper Egg of "X,Y,Z"
Eggveloper Egg of "X,Y,Z".png
Varies per game. This egg is launched out of the Eggveloper Cannon 9002 by developers of the event games or quality assurance testers of the event.
FabergEgg of the New Decade
FabergEgg of the New Decade.png
Collect all 49 regular eggs. This egg was awarded to users who collect all 49 eggs (not including the Eggmin, Star Creaggtor, or Eggveloper.) on around May 2, 2020. During the egg hunt, this egg was impossible for Xbox One players as many games do not allow them to play.


Name Image Obtained
Free in the Avatar Shop
Eggmin Cannon 9000
Eggmin Cannon 9000.png
Given to administrators and quality assurance testers of the event.
Star Creaeggtor Cannon 9001
Star Creaeggtor Cannon 9001.png
Given to YouTubers in the Roblox Video Stars Program and quality assurance testers of the event.
Eggveloper Cannon 9002
Eggveloper Cannon 9002.png
Given to the developers of the games taking part in the event and quality assurance testers of the event.
Binary Bunny Ears of Eggcellence
Binary Bunny Ears of Eggcellence.png
Given to the developers of the games taking part in the event and quality assurance testers of the event.


Although the egg designs have mostly been praised, there have been a lot notable concerns raised by event participants:

  • Some players were disappointed due to lack of an official formal hub to collect eggs in, compared to previous egg hunts.
  • The PC players were criticizing the egg hunt because in some games, like Tiny Tanks, the mobile players can get the egg when they log into the game, while the PC players could have had to take hours to try to get the egg if they are unlucky.
  • Certain games such as Time Travel Eggventures and Tiny Tanks have been criticized for attempting to profit off of the event. In Time Travel Eggventure's case particularly, the game was not well-received as a whole due to the difficulty of the parkour sections which led to many players constantly having to either try the entire mission again or pay Robux for extra lives. However, after they received the criticism, they made the parkour easier and gave the players more lives.
  • Some games were criticized for having challenges that were too easy (sometimes just requiring people to join in some cases) or too hard (not including optional challenging methods of getting the eggs.)
  • Several eggs were lazily implemented, usually involving fetch quests, obbies, or relatively easy boss fights, with little to no relevance to the actual gameplay.
  • Some eggs were in games that decided to make the egg obtaining method take unnecessarily long, such as cutscenes being longer than they need to be, unskippable dialog that takes a long time which prevents progressing until it finishes scrolling, walking simulators, intermissions in round-based games taking excessively long amounts of time, extremely well-hidden objects for fetch quests, and other forms of stretching out egg hunting in an attempt at getting people to play for longer, while also getting more Robux from artificially longer playtime from premium users in the process, usually forcing players who don't have all the time in the world to buy a VIP server in hopes of speeding up the process. Serious offenders include A Wolf Or Other, Mad City, Epic Minigames, Break In, Monsters of Etheria, Ski Resort, The Wild West, and Tower Defense Simulator, for various reasons.
  • Large games such as Minery, Royale High, The Wild West, Sinking Ship Roblox Britannic, Robot Inc, VentureLand, and Super Striker League have been observed to lag immensely on low-end devices, which has resulted in frustration from players.
  • Flop has resulted in frustration due to the mechanics of the game itself making it time-consuming to obtain the egg if the player does not know how to handle their fish effectively. There have also been complaints about lag and difficulty in locating an unclaimed egg in populated servers.
  • Theme Park: Gravity Oasis's quest has been considered quite time-consuming and there were a few instances in which the game would break in the portal world due to the narrator not saying anything when the keycard was picked up, resulting in the player having to restart the entire quest over again.
    • For an unknown reason, salvage didn't save when the player leaves/resets, so the player had to regain the salvage by riding the roller coasters again, which could prove to be tedious.
  • Ski Resort was considered very time-consuming due to difficult controls and occasional server-side lag, as well as having a bug for some players where they would be put back at spawn after taking out a snowboard at the top of the mountain, in addition to having some of the 11 ramps being out of the way and hard to find without watching guides.
  • Bad Business' quest was criticized for being boring and time-consuming, despite it being possible to sometimes get it with only a few kills, due to its RNG-based egg obtaining method.
  • Build a Boat for Treasure had a hard quest for first-time players. The boat controls were difficult with all the obstacles in the water, making it tricky to maneuver the player's boat through the paths, paired by the length of crafting and the inability to flip the crafts upward.
  • Mad City has been criticized for the number of slots for heroes on a server. YouTubers recommended that the player be a hero if they did not have any aerial vehicles so that it would be easier to collect eggs for the altar. Many servers players were joining, the heroes team was full and if the player were a cop then they would be killed by a criminal. Some players complained that there weren't any eggs spawning on servers.
  • Initially, 4 games did not allow mobile players to join and receive the egg, essentially preventing them from being able to acquire the respective games' eggs as well as the Faberge egg if they could not or did not want to access the games on a PC:
    • Tiny Tanks and Monsters Of Etheria gave mobile players their eggs for free when the event started.
    • On April 9, 2020, Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands opened up its game for mobile users and gave them the egg for free, while The Wild West created a mobile-only place that only contains the temple in order to allow mobile users to acquire the egg manually.
  • A large number of games were unavailable on the Xbox One platform, and there was no workarounds making players of this platform unable to acquire all of the respective games' eggs as well as the Faberge egg if they could not or did not want to access the games on PC/Mobile.
  • Royale High was quite hard as that you have to aim 3 times to win the egg, people can get very mad at this for having bad aim and have bad inconsistensy devices such as mobile where you have to tap the target.
  • The accessibility to mobile players in this year's egg hunt contradicts Egg Hunt 2019, when there was 5 eggs completely inaccessible to mobile users.
  • Some of the servers for the Egg Hunt game mode for Royale High were very laggy and players would need to constantly serverhop for working servers.
  • Tower Defense Simulator was somewhat criticized for its method of obtaining. New players would often not know what to do, relying on other players to carry them through the map. It was also criticized to be time-consuming as the average match lasts 15 minutes and newer players may get confused on which elevator to use as you could not get the egg in hard mode. However, it was somewhat praised for giving all players the same loadout (regardless of level) so that newer players could complete the quest and higher level players could not obtain the egg with high-level towers.
  • A Wolf Or Other's quest was criticized because the mission was very difficult since the egg could appear anywhere on the map and only one player could take it, so looking for it was not easy because the Wolf could kill you. Even if you got the egg it was very difficult to win since you would have to hide from the Wolf and every time the Wolf killed a player, the time increased so that the Wolf had more time to kill the other players leading players to frustration.
    • Additionally, the Wolf could claim the egg themselves which meant they had a much higher chance of getting the egg themselves.
  • SharkBite was criticized because trying to get the key for the vault in the lobby was very frustrating since it was held by the shark. The shark has a higher speed than a user's boat, making people chasing the shark and getting the key very difficult.
    • For some reason, when the shark is killed, the survivors don't get the key, which means that the survivors have to wait for another round and try getting the key again.
  • Roblox was somewhat criticized for publishing the Dragon Eggventures egg into the avatar shop before revealing it on Instagram.
  • Many people criticized the theme for this egg hunt, as a majority of the missions in the hunt had little or no relevance to the theme "Agents of E.G.G". Many people said the Egg Phone was glitchy and sometimes wouldn't show the eggs the user had resulting in confusion from the player.
  • Some people who got all the Eggs in the Egg hunt didn't earn the Fabergegg of the New Decade while others got more than one, sometimes even 3 Fabergegg Eggs.
  • Roblox made the event very similar to both Egg Hunt 2019 and 2015, unlike 2018 and many other egg hunts, the event is spread out through games instead of in a single game.
    • This also means controls in the games are different, taking people longer to get the eggs.
    • Despite obtaining all the eggs being considered difficult by many players, some very skilled players, such as Merely, believe it to be very easy.


  • Some eggs reference external media and items:
    • Marine Egghibit's description references caviar, a delicacy in fancy restaurants.
    • iEgg 12 Max Pro is based on Apple's iPhone brand, more specifically the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which had not been announced at the time.
      • iEgg 12 Max Pro is also a reference to the iEgg from Egg Hunt 2013.
    • Despacitegg is directly inspired by the Despacito Spider, which was created in Robloxian High School and went viral after being used in memes on the subreddit /r/GoCommitDie.
    • Egg of Cthulhu references the fictional character created by H. P. Lovecraft.
    • Adopt Me, Chick! references the famous paradox: "What came first, the chicken or the egg?"
    • Britannegg references the British cruise liner known as the Britannic, which is the ship featured in the game.
    • Cheggered Flag is a recreation of the checkered flag seen in most racecourses.
    • Tenteggcle Alien's description references the famous science fiction writer H. G. Wells.
    • Doc Holidegg is a reference to the notorious gambler and criminal Doc Holiday.
    • The name of it, Agents of E.G.G., is possibly a reference to Marvel Studios and ABC's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • This event contradicts the Developer Events replacement of events, which was put in-place after Egg Hunt 2019 concluded.[8]
  • Much like its predecessor, the trailer for the hunt was first unveiled during the Bloxy Awards.
  • E.G.G. stands for Extract, Gather, Guard.
  • This is the second egg hunt to have an exclusive gear and egg for Video Stars and the first for Developers.
  • At around April 5, 2020 at 7:15 PM PDT, games for the egg hunt began to open.
    • On Google Play and the Microsoft Store, Roblox announced the event's start on April 6, despite the announcement reading April 7 to April 28.[9]
    • The first of these games was Texting Simulator.
    • The second was Hero Havoc.
  • For unknown reasons, Roblox administrators mixed up the names (including texture names) of the Egg of the High Skies and the Eggobot.
  • The event was originally going to consist of 50 games and 55 eggs, however one game dropped out for unknown reasons and the 54th egg went unused.
  • This egg hunt had a total of 6 returning games from Egg Hunt 2019: Scrambled in Time.
    • These are: Epic Minigames, SharkBite, Deathrun, Bee Swarm Simulator, Robloxian High School and Zombie Rush.
  • This is the first egg hunt to not place its respective admin launcher on-sale.
  • BEAR, MURDER, and A Wolf or Other are the first horror-classed games to be in an Egg Hunt.
    • However, MURDER and A Wolf or Other are simply just murder mystery type games while BEAR has an actual horror aesthetic.
  • This is the fifth egg hunt to feature games from the Roblox platform.
  • QA testers who tested the egg hunt received all 3 launchers on March 30, 2020.
  • Break In's boss fight and boss arena are designed to pay homage to Egg Hunt 2013.
  • This is the 9th time Epic Minigames has been featured in an event. Before this event, it was featured in ROBLOX Holiday 2015, ROBLOX Summer Camp 2016, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Smurfs: The Lost Village, DuckTales, Space Battle, Kids' Choice Awards 2018 and Egg Hunt 2019: Scrambled in Time.
  • This is the fourth time Deathrun has been featured in an event. Before this event, it was featured in Buried Treasure, Hallow's Eve (2018) and Egg Hunt 2019: Scrambled in Time.
  • This is the second time Speed Race has been featured in an event. Before this event, it was featured in Smurfs: The Lost Village.
  • The FabergEgg of the New Decade wasn't obtainable during the hunt but was instead given as a grand prize after the end of the hunt for the people that got all 49 regular eggs.
    • The Admin Egg, Video Star Egg, and Eggveloper Egg of "X,Y,Z" were not required to be eligible for this egg.
  • At the time, this event had the most games participating in an event; with 49 games. This was beaten a year later by Metaverse Champions; with over 180 games.
  • Time Travel Eggventures now holds the title of the worst received game in an Egg Hunt, at a 27% LTDR (Like to Dislike Ratio). This beats HACKR (featured in Egg Hunt 2019), which currently has an LTDR of 38%.
    • Not only that, Minery takes second place, with an LTDR of 36%.
    • Despite this, Time Travel Eggventures is still tied with Mountaineers from Roblox Holiday 2017 for lowest LDTR on a game featured in an event.
  • The way that the E.g. Egg was obtained is a reference to the Ernest Cline book Ready Player One and its film adaptation, where Wade Watts has to unlock the door with three different colored keys to obtain the golden egg.
    • The colors of the keys in the game Eg is also similar to the keys in Ready Player One. The red key resembles the copper key, the green key resembles the jade key, and the blue key resembles the crystal key.
    • The way the egg was obtained was also used in the Egg Hunt 2019: Scrambled in Time event, where the Roller-eggster was in a compartment which was meant to be unlocked with three different colored keys.
  • The music in the Egg Hunt trailers is the CounterSpy theme.
  • Despite having them awarded early, Roblox prohibited users to utilize the egg launchers until the hunt started. Users who launched them early were limited. This is most notably seen in star program member SharkBlox, who uploaded a video detailing how he was warned and barred from events for launching eggs early.
  • Epic Minigames had a bug in which getting the Eleggtrifying Eggmin of 2020 in-game would've resulted in the player being awarded with the Eggveloper Egg of "X,Y,Z" instead. This issue was later resolved.
  • On some devices, when players got all 5 drumsticks in Zombie Rush, they didn't get the egg. This was fixed later on.
  • Early in the morning of April 29, games begin to remove their egg hunt updates. The second-to-last of these games was The Wild West, with the egg still obtainable until April 29, 2020. Tiny Tank's egg was obtainable until May 5, 2020, although many games did not shut down servers, and the egg hunt could have kept going in some servers.
  • This is the second consecutive egg hunt to include an ice related egg.




Egg Hunt 2020 Trailer

The launch trailer which was uploaded to Roblox's official YouTube channel.


Agents of E.G.G. Egg Hunt 2020 Launch Trailer

The launch trailer which was uploaded to Roblox's official YouTube channel.