Empire Theatre is a theatre group on Roblox that encourages their staff to aspire to their talents, whenever if it's building or styling. The member count is around 78,000 and increasing. It was founded on August 22, 2014, by EatYaBunny, if you wish to join the backstage crew, EatYaBunny has also made a server for applying for jobs in the backstage crew.

Game Description

Welcome to EMPIRE Theatre! We are the #1 theatre group on ROBLOX! We encourage all of our members to aspire to their talents, whether it's acting in our daily productions to hosting them, building or styling, serving or protecting, we have a job for you! 



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  • The theatre was under review one on April 12, 2018, because of the unfiltered ':name' command. The game was back on June 7, 2018.
  • On August 18, 2018, all training classes were officially discontinued. The reason for it is unknown and the only way to get ranked up from Actor-in-Training/Host-in-Training to Actor/Host is to get noticed by an HR on how well you do your job.
  • On January 25, 2019, version X (the current version) has been officially released with a new design to the theatre. Version X was developed by the users FreshlyCoded, Galiux and EatYaBunny.
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