Comedy Club is a comedy-themed game made by EndlessAmazement. It currently has 3 million visits and is favorited 66,277 players. The game is still in Beta. Players will exchange and rate each other's jokes. The better received the joke is the more smiles that person will get from the audience. Smiles (in-game currency for the game) can be used to buy tomatoes to throw at awful jokes, clothing in the game, and features that can improve one's acts.


One person is randomly selected to tell a joke to the people on the server. The person going next will be teleported to the stage behind the curtains. During this time, the player gets their joke ready and adds in any features they wish to add to spice up their act. They are allowed up to three different emotions, a background and music to help spice up their act. During this time, they will not be able to see the player that is currently performing the joke nor may they rate on it or throw any tomatoes. Once the time limit has expired, the player will walk to the center of the stage where the joke will be displayed to the people in the server and everyone will give a rating on the joke.


There are six different ratings that the audience can give out to the performer:

  • Ew is the worst rating a give the act 0 points per person that votes it.
  • Bruh is the second worst rating and is worth 1 smile for every vote.
  • Confused or question mark is the third rating and award the player 2 points per vote.
  • Meh is the fourth rating and is worth 10 points.
  • Haha is the fifth rating an earns the player 50 points per vote.
  • Lol is the sixth and best rating and award 100 points.


Buy Me! is for to buy with Robux, and Buy Stuf!!! is for to buy Animations, Music and Stages:

Buy Me!

  • 1,000 Points: 50 Robux
  • 3,000 Points: 125 Robux
  • 7,500 Points: 250 Robux
  • 12,500 Points: 400 Robux
  • 26,000 Points: 750 Robux
  • 100,000 Points: 2,500 Robux

Buy Stuff!!!


Name Cost
Clapping 100 Points
Crying 200 Points
Caramelldansen 250 Points
Cherring Joy 350 Points
Fist Pump 501 Points
Hey There 650 Points
Sit 700 Points
Wiggle Dance 800 Points
Irish Step 900 Robux
Blowing Away 1,001 Points
Trap Dance 1,337 Points
Wolfy Dance 1,500 Points
Lean Wave 2,500 Points
U Wot 3,000 Points
Giggling 3,333 Points
Monster Dance 4,000 Points
Crack Knuckles 5,000 Points
Rapping 7,500 Points
Karate Kick 9,001 Points
Karate Punch 9,001 Points
Bobblying 10,000 Points
Jump Slip Fall 11,000 Points
Crack Neck 12,500 Points
Spin Dance 15,000 Points
Squid Dance 16,009 Points
Battle Royale Dance 17,777 Points
Boxing Glove 21,000 Points
Hammer 21,000 Points
Stinky 24,999 Points
Throw Head 27,000 Points
Fart Wave 28,000 Points
Screwball Sign 30,000 Points
Lean Laugh 33,333 Points
Falling 40,000 Points
Laughing 55,000 Points
Squished by Anvil 71,000 Points
House Punch Reaction 80,000 Points
Hip Dance 85,000 Points
Jump Fall 95,000 Points
Levitation 99,000 Points
Waving Charmly Free


Name Cost
Jazza Frazza 250 Points
Troll Flutes 500 Points
Epic Symphony 750 Points
Derpy Piano 1,000 Points
Look Busy 1,750 Points
Sneaky Joker 2,500 Points
Awkward Strings 5,000 Points
Carnival Music 7,500 Points
Wacky Bells 10,000 Points
Dubstep Trumpet 25,000 Points
Elevator Music Free


Name Cost
Math 50 Points
Pizza 75 Points
UnMango 85 Points
Joke Arrows 90 Points
Bacon 100 Points
Eye Heart Food 150 Points
Chicken 200 Points
Burger 250 Points
Underwater 350 Points
Oof 500
Cat Life 600 Points
Wood 777 Points
Knock Knock Jokes 800 Points
School Jokes 7,000 Points
Ur Mom 9,000 Points
Castle 10,000 Points
Mirror Joke 13,000 Points
Space 20,000 Points


These are permanent upgrades that do various things in-game.

Name Cost Description
Tomato Cannon 149 Robux Buy this in-game for an extra boost of 100 tomatoes.

You're so tired of throwing tomatoes at bruh comedians, you want something with a higher impact speed. This blasts tomatoes out fast and accurate, for maximum splattage.

Floaty Balloon 60 Robux Float and hover among mere mortals with your shiny red balloon.
Endless Tomatoes 499 Robux You will literally never run out of tomatoes to throw or launch in the tomato cannon!

(The more you throw within a time period, the reload time slowly goes from 0 to 0.2 seconds)


Name Status Description
(Pizza Party event badge) Developer's Pizza Unobtainable [Expired]
(Pizza Party event badge) Roblox's Pizza Unobtainable [Expired]
(Pizza Party event badge) Influencer's Pizza Unobtainable [Expired]
(Pizza Party event badge) Community's Pizza Unobtainable [Expired]


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