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ROBLOX Endless Summer Cruise was a 12-hour long Twitch event. The event lasted for two days, from August 27 to August 28, 2016. The prizes were a life preserver and a captain's hat. The game had 185K+ visits. The top 3 players who played the longest on the game got 25 Robux.


Name Image Creator/Group
The Ended Summer Cruise
The Endless Summer Cruise Thumbnail.png


Name Game Image Objective
Endless Summer Captain's Hat The Ended Summer Cruise
Endless Summer Captain's Hat .png
Find it at one of the two spawn points in the ship, and obtain the item.

Endless Summer Life Preserver

The Ended Summer Cruise
Endless Summer Life Preserver .png
Purchase the First Class gamepass, then go through the First Class door and obtain the item.


The event received negative reaction. Many players thought ROBLOX copied the ship design for Carnival Cruise and there was speculation that there would be a lawsuit. Due to the speculated lower spawnrates of the Endless Summer Life Preserver Item, many players believed it was locked behind a pay-wall. This, however, was not the case. Only 32,107 players got the item.