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An example of a common Roblox error.

Old Error

An example of an old Roblox error.


New symbol with builderman used for error pages.

An error is a piece of information displayed when an unexpected event occurs. Error messages are used when user intervention is required, to indicate that a desired operation has failed, or to relay important warnings—such as warning a computer user that they are almost out of disk space. Error messages are seen widely throughout Roblox and are part of every Roblox version.

On the game client, if an error has occurred, the error message will appear in the center of the screen in the form of a gray dialog box, which will tell the user what the error is and gives the option to leave or reconnect when applicable. On mobile, the gray error dialog box can be small. There was a bug on mobile where you couldn't see the gray error dialog box whatsoever. In the case of non-in-game errors, the error message will appear in the form of a separate page, typically with a Roblox-themed background to go along with it.

Website errors

Error Description Images
Down For Maintenance "We're making things more awesome. Be back soon."

"This site is currently offline for maintenance and upgrades. Please check back soon!"

"Our payment system is currently under maintenance. Please check back shortly!"

Displayed when the administrators have locked down the site to fix something that went wrong in the background. This screen is also used for when the site is closed for maintenance. This is what the test websites currently lead to. The buttons spelling out ROBLOX and the text box are used when the administrators need to enter a password to start making changes to the website.

The error message may not always have the password text box depending on reason for maintenance.


Old maintenance page

Too Many Redirects The message varies depending on the browser:

The page isn’t redirecting properly (Firefox)

This page isn't working; redirected you too many times (Chrome)

Displayed on accounts with a poison ban. This error occurs because the site tries to redirect to the Membership/CreationDisabled.aspx page, but when banned, all pages redirect back to Membership/NotApproved.aspx, creating an infinite redirect loop.

SimpleScreenshot Rectshot 15 10 2019 12 44 21

Google Chrome error

Redirect error

Mozilla Firefox error

Updating Avatar Error "Items you don't own in this outfit: (X)"

Displayed when trying to wear a limited hat that has traded or sold, or wearing a previously deleted item. X will be replaced with the number of unavailable items.

Something went wrong "Error | An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later."

Displayed when changing the error number in the error page URL to a non-existent error number.


Error when you enter a random code in

Website Error Something Went Wrong Dark Theme

In dark mode

Bad Request "400 | There was a problem with your request."

Displayed when the web request made by a device is invalid or otherwise incorrect. May happen when searching inventories of completely wiped accounts too (e.g. noli - ID 31042685).

Chrome 03-28-2019 18-30-32
Website Error 400 Dark Theme
Access Denied

"403 | You don't have permission to view this page."

Displayed when attempting to view a page that is restricted. This will often show up when the user tries to go to an administrator/staff-only page, or when the user is IP banned.

IP Ban on Chrome

IP ban on Google Chrome.


Web server access denied.


Old access denied.

Chrome 03-28-2019 18-30-15
Page cannot be found or no longer exists "404 | Page Not found"

Displayed when the URL leads to a page that could not be found or does not exist. Will occur often due to an invalid URL or when one tries to go to the profile of a terminated account.


Old page not found.

Chrome 03-28-2019 18-30-06
Internal Server Error "500 | An unexpected error occurred"

Displayed when the server has encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete the web request.

Below: If you continue to receive this page, please contact customer service at

Chrome 03-28-2019 18-31-00

Appears when rediected to [1]

503 "The request could not be satisfied."

Displayed when ROBLOX is having downtime or outages, but not for maintenance. Alternatively, entering the URL doesn't make this page pop up, instead showing the "bad request" or "Something went wrong" error.


The new 503 error message

Roblox dot com (1)

The request could not be satisfied.

504 This message varies depending on browser

"This page isn't working: took too long to respond." (Chrome)

Displayed during a web-host timeout, which can be caused by Roblox maintenance/server downtime or by faulty internet connection from the user.

An error occured, please try again. "Error"

Happens when Roblox is attempted to load on some VPNs, or when an invalid IP is used to load the website.

Game Pass Loading Error "Failed to load Game Passes. Please try again later."

Displayed when the request to retrieve game passes fails, which can be caused due to Roblox issues or by faulty internet connection from the user. Also known to occur when attempting to view game passes using the Internet Archive {load random game then click game passes} website.

LoadingGame passerror
Maximum Friends Error "Unable to process request. That user currently has the max number of Friends allowed."

Happens when the player tries to friend a user that already has the maximum of friends allowed on Roblox.

2019-12-16 (2)
Registration error "Sorry, an error occured."

This error can be caused due to Roblox issues or by faulty internet connection from the user. Also known to occur when attempting to register or sign up using the Internet Archive website and signing up with the usernames "hs4" and "NOLI".[citation needed]

Registration Error-0
Avatar Page Error "The avatar page is temporarily unavailable."

This error can be caused when the avatar page is unavailable due to housekeeping or technical difficulties.

SimpleScreenshot Rectshot 11 5 2020 15 14 41
Library Error "Library temporarily unavailable, please try again later."

This can happen when you enter an invalid Category number in the URL bar.

Library error
Unable to join "Unable to join: You cannot join this VIP server because this game is private"

This happens when you attempt to join a VIP server on a private/under review game.

Unable to join!

Attempting to join an under review/private game.

Item Owned "Item Owned: You already own this item."

This happens when you purchase an item that you owned it already.


Game client errors

Error code (#) Description Images
Client Crash "An unexpected error occurred and Roblox needs to quit. We're sorry!"

Displayed as a generic error message shown during a client crash, which can be caused by running out of memory, having a high ping, extreme lag, or connecting to the game while using a known (Roblox Player and/or Roblox Studio) exploit.

Roblox Crash 25 01 2019 03 02 59 p. m.
Connection Fail "Failed to download or apply critical settings, please check your internet connection. Error info: (error info)

Displayed when the DNS resolution has failed while connecting to Roblox or when the user loses the internet.

"An error occured while starting roblox.'Details: HttpSendRequest Failed."

"Error: A connection with the server could not be established."

HRESULT 0x80072efd error is usually the result of ROBLOX having difficulty communicating certain bits of information with our servers.

Error starting game "An error occurred trying to launch the game. Please try again later"

Mobile version (Android):

"Sorry! The game failed to start for an unexpected reason."

Displayed when the client fails to launch while joining a game, which can be caused by a faulty internet connection or by Roblox maintenance.

This error can also occur if the user tries to join a game while their Roblox account is disabled.

Starting error
Starting error (2)
Loading error 0x1 (Intentional)(Unused) "Roblox cannot startup. User code = 0x1"

An "error" given to users that violated Roblox's terms of service. This error happened when a user was hellbanned.[1] See also Ban.


The error that would show up every time an "error banned" user tried to join a game

Purchase Error There are three variations of this error:

  • "This item is not currently for sale. Your account has not been charged."
    Displayed when a user attempts to purchase a product that is not for sale.
  • "Your purchase failed because your account does not have enough Robux. Your account has not been charged."
    Displayed when a user attempts to purchase a product with insufficient Robux.
  • "Your purchase of [name of item] failed because something went wrong. Your account has not been charged. Please try again later."
    Displayed when a user attempts to purchase a product and something went wrong. This can be caused when trying to purchase items using tickets, but this is not always the case.
PurchaseError 3
PurchaseError 2
6 "An error occurred while starting Roblox; Details: ... Error Code: 6"

Displayed when the launcher times out while downloading a new version or launching a game, which can be caused by the faulty internet connection or anti-virus detections.



"Developer has shut down all game servers or game server has shut down for other reasons, please reconnect (Error Code: 256)"
"The game's developer has temporarily shut down the server. Please try again. (Error Code: 274)"

Displayed when a developer manually closes a game server (usually when updating the game), or when a player is banned while in-game.

Error 256
260 "There was a problem receiving data, please reconnect. (Error Code: 260)"

Displayed when no data is being received by the Roblox web servers. One common occurrence of this error was when Roblox crashed on June 3, 2020.

Error Code 260
261 "Error while receiving data, please reconnect. (Error Code: 261)"
"There was a problem streaming data, please reconnect. (Error Code: 261)"

Displayed when the server fails to send feedback for data requests, which can be caused by the faulty internet connection, Roblox downtime, or other issues.

262 "There was a problem sending data, please reconnect. (Error Code: 262)"

Displayed when a game cannot load after data fails to send.

264 "The same account launched the game from a different device. Reconnect if you prefer to use this device. (Error Code: 264)"
"You are already playing a game. Please shut down the other game and try again. (Error Code: 264)"

Displayed when a client starts while another client is already playing a game. This error can indicate an unknown/unwanted user on an account. This error can also occur if the player is warned in-game, but that error code has been replaced with 273 instead of 264. If no internet issues are occuring with the account, this is likely due to the account being compromised and someone else is trying to start a game while the original account owner is already playing a game.

Error 264
266 "Your connection timed out. Check your internet connection and try again. (Error Code: 266)"

Displayed when the connection was timed out. This happens because the client's connection lags a lot or has not responded for a long time.

267 "You were kicked from this game: [Reason] (Error Code: 267)"
"You have been kicked from the game (Error Code: 267)"

Displayed when a user is kicked from a game session using a script (which includes admin commands). This error is typically not caused by Roblox, but rather by a script inserted by the game developer.

Error Code 267

Unspecified reason


Former version, no reason field


Sorry! You’re not allowed in this super top secret game yet.



268 "You have been kicked by the server. Please close and rejoin another game (Error Code: 268)"
"You have been kicked due to unexpected client behavior. (Error Code: 268)"

Displayed when a user is kicked from the game and is forced to join another server. This can occur from general connection issues, and in some cases when using exploits or for having a lot of lag. This error can also occur when using a compatibility layer such as Wine to play the game on Linux. This could even mean that the client was modified.

Error 268
Error268 2
271 There are three variations of this error:

  • "Server was shut down due to no active players. (Error Code: 271)"
    Displayed when all players in a server are inactive, causing the server to close. This can also happen in games that have their player counts boosted with bots; since the bots do not physically exist in the game (there is no location of the bots), but do register as in servers.
  • "You have been kicked by the server, please reconnect. (Error Code: 271)"
    Occurs due to player joining while server is in the middle of shutting down due to inactive players (see above)
  • "Unable to find instance"
    A old version of "Server was shut down due to no active players." from ???? to 2015.
271 v2
272 "Disconnected due to the Security Key Mismatch (Error Code: 272)
"Lost connection due to an error. (Error Code: 272)"

On August 14, 2018, this error occurred for an unknown reason, and many players were not able to play Roblox. This was fixed the next day. Also displayed when the user attempts to join the game while an exploit is loaded.

This can also happen if the user have a history of exploiting.

272 v2
273 "Disconnected from the game, possibly due to the game joined from another device (Error Code: 273)"

Identical to error 264, however this error occurs when a user is in-game while warned or banned. The user is kicked from the server and their page reloads, which then shows the user the ban/warn.

275 "Roblox has shut down the server for maintenance. Please try again. (Error Code: 275)"
"Roblox has shut down this game server for maintenance (Error Code: 275)"

Displayed when Roblox closes a game server for maintenance or if a game is deleted by a Roblox staff member while being played.

Error 275
277 "Lost connection to the game server, please reconnect (Error Code: 277)"
"Please check your internet connection and try again. (Error Code: 277)"

Displayed when the client has one of many different internet connection issues while inside of a game, but can sometimes happen randomly, this is because Roblox needs to fix bugs and it may end up disconnecting players randomly, after that, the player will be unable to rejoin the same server since ID 17 may happen. Can also happen when the player's IP address has changed, such as disconnecting/connecting from a VPN, which changes a player's IP address,  or when a player/user turns off their Wi-Fi.

Lost Connection
278 "You were disconnected for being idle 20 minutes (Error Code: 278)"

Displayed when a player is offline in a game for 20 or more minutes. This feature is intended to prevent users from wasting the Roblox server space.

Error Code 278- Disconnected
279 There are three variations of this error:

  • "Failed to connect to the Game. (ID = 17: Connection attempt failed.) (Error Code: 279)"
    Displayed when the client is unable to connect to the game server, which can be caused by website blocks on the user's internet, or when Roblox is experiencing downtime or other issues. It can sometimes occur when a user attempts to rejoin a or the same server before Roblox disconnects them from their previous visit, and this error can cause users to lose progress from their previous visit.
  • "Failed to connect to the Game. (ID = 146: Illegal teleport destination.)"
    Displayed when the client attempts to teleport to a place that is inactive or in a different game universe from the start place.
  • "Failed to connect to the game. (ID = 148: Roblox version is out of date. Please uninstall and try again.)"
    Displayed when the Roblox launcher or client is outdated and must be reinstalled.
Error Code 279
146 (279)
280 "Your version of Roblox may be out of date. Please update Roblox and try again. (Error Code: 280)"

Displayed when the client is out of date. This can also occur to some players at random periods of time for an unknown reason. This error can also occur when your PC's date and time settings are incorrect.

517 "This game is currently unavailable. Please try again later. (Error Code: 517)"
"This game has ended. (Error Code: 517)"

Displayed when a client attempts to join a server that is in the process of closing, or when a player attempts to rejoin a server before Roblox disconnects them from their previous visit (ID 17/279 may happen too), while this error can also occur if the player tries to join the same server they got disconnected from. This error can also pop up when you uninstall ROBLOX while you are inside of a game.

Error Code 517

Error Variation

522 "Followed user has left the game (Error Code: 522)"
"The user you attempted to join has left the game (Error Code: 522)"

Displayed when a user attempts to join a player into a game after the player they are joining has left.

Bandicam 2019-02-14 11-10-34-305

"The status of the game has changed and you no longer have access. Please try again later. (Error Code: 523)"
"This game is restricted. (Error Code: 523)"

This is a server error, not a game error.

Displayed when the player tries to join a server that has shut down, or when the player rejoins the solo server.

524 "Not authorized to join this game. (Error Code: 524)"
"You do not have permission to join this game. (Error Code: 524)"

Displayed during Roblox downtime, after attempting to join a VIP server they cannot join, or when attempting to join a game as a Guest.

529 "An Http error has occurred. Please close the client and try again. (Error Code: 529)"
"We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later. (Error Code: 529)"

Displayed when Roblox's servers are down or slow. May sometimes be displayed on mobile when a player's internet connection has disabled before playing the game.

610 There are twelve variations of this error:

  • "Can't join place [id]: HTTP [number] ([reason]) (Error Code: 610)"
    Displayed for unknown reasons between November 9 and November 10, 2018.[2]
  • "Can't join place [id]: HttpError: [reason] (Error Code: 610)"
    Displayed when a DNS resolution fails while connecting to a server, or when a user attempts to join a paid access game through the server list before purchasing the game. It was also displayed for unknown reasons between August 8 and 13, September 21 and 27, and on October 18, 2019.
  • "Can't join the private server. HTTP 400 (Error 610)"
    Displayed when failing to connect to a private server. Similar to Error 524.
  • "Can't follow user: HTTP 503 (Invalid JSON response received) (Error Code: 610)"
    Displayed when a user attempts to follow another user, but fails due to a Roblox error.
  • "Cannot join game instance: HTTP 400 (HTTP 400 (Bad Request)) (Your device is not supported to play this game) (Error Code: 610)"
    Displayed when attempting to join a game with a device that is not supported by either Roblox or the individual game.
  • "Cannot join place [id]: HTTP 400 (HTTP 400 (Bad Request)) (Cannot join game with no authenticated user.) (Error Code: 610)"
    Displayed when the player's client is upgrading, but upgrading the client is too slow.
  • "Cannot join game instance: HTTP 400 (HTTP 400 (Bad Request)) (You need to purchase Game Pass to play this game.) (Error Code: 610)"
    Displayed when the player tries to join a game but the player needs to purchase the game pass first to play the game.
Anotación 2019-05-08 203033
610 Dns
HTTP 503
610 prv
Timed out
Error 610
769 "Teleport Failed: Unknown exception. (Error Code: 769)"
"Teleport failed due to an unexpected error. (Error Code: 769)"
"Reconnect was unsuccessful. Please try again. (Error Code: 769)"

Displayed when teleportation to another place while in-game fails for various reasons. This can also be displayed if the internet connection has been disconnected.

Error 769 2
770 There are three variations of this error:

  • "Game's root place is not active. (Error Code: 770)"
    Displayed when attempting to join a place that is a part of a game universe where the start place is not active.
  • "Attempted to teleport to a place that does not exist. (Error Code: 770)"
    Displayed when attempting to teleport to a place that doesn't exist or has been deleted.
  • "Teleport Failed. Unknown error. (Error Code: 770)"
    Displayed for no reason. However, error code 770 seems to be common in games that requires users to teleport, such as Entry Point or Tower Battles.
771 "Teleport failed, the server is no longer available. (Error Code: 771)"

Displayed when attempting to teleport to a game server that no longer exists or has been closed.

772 "Teleport failed, the server is full. (Error Code: 772)"

Displayed when attempting to teleport to a full game server.

773 There are two variations of this error:

  • "Teleport Failed: This game has not been approved, yet. (Error Code: 773)"
    Displayed when attempting to teleport to a non-approved game, meaning that the game has been put under review by moderators after multiple reports.
  • "Teleport Failed: Attempted to teleport to a place that is restricted. (Error Code: 773)"
    Displayed when attempting to teleport to a game that the user is not permitted to join.
Error773 UnsuccessfulReconnect


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