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Not to be confused with Deceptive advertising.

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Two examples of counterfeit experiences, claiming to be different.

Experience-copying, also known as place-copying or experience-stealing is the act of duplicating one's place, experience, or group, without credit to or recognition/acknowledgement of the original creator. Experience-copying can also mean stealing the idea, or concept of one experience and adding to your own. Users copy places to gain visits or to manipulate other new users to believe that they are the original owner. Welcome to the Neighborhood of Robloxia is a well-known experience that copied the theme of 1dev2's Welcome to the Town of Robloxia and took some GUIs and scripts from the original experience.

Experience-copying often happens with experiences that are uncopylocked but could also happen because of exploits in the Roblox Client. However, it is no longer possible to steal server-sided scripts from the client, due to the FilteringEnabled security feature now being enabled in all places. People who are invited to develop an experience can also save a place to their hard drive and then upload it as their own experience.

Examples of Plagiarized Games/ Copy & Paste Trends[]

Infamous user(s) doing this act[]

Many users copy experiences, but some users stand out while doing so.

Jaredvaldez4: Arguably the most well-known user for his skill in experience-copying as well as his half dozens of copied experiences and groups. A large number of users who copy experiences often target uncopylocked experiences such as Galleons, Forward Ground: 1943, and others.