The icon used for Experimental Mode on the Develop section of the site.

Experimental Mode was part of a Roblox update released in early September 2017. It was an optional setting for user-made games on the site that did not use filtering rules to keep scripts server-sided instead of client-sided, which in turn made them vulnerable to harmful exploits. To remove Experimental Mode, developers had to open the game in Roblox Studio and enable the FilteringEnabled property in ExplorerImageIndex 19.pngWorkspace


On July 20, 2018, an update was made to this feature that resulted in confusion from the community. This was due to the fact that any games that had Experimental Mode enabled were unplayable unless the user was either the owner of the game or one of the owner's friends.[1]

However, on July 26, 2018, another announcement was posted stating that the changes were a test to observe how the security of players was affected. This announcement also stated that Experimental Mode would be semi-discontinued, which also effectively deprecated the FilteringEnabled property in Roblox Studio and allowed older games which did not have filtering to be played again in the process[2]



Experimental Mode was subjected to criticism by both players and developers during the time it was still active.

Players complained that the tag was ‘misleading’ in the sense that it implied the game would have many exploiters when it often did not, while developers stated that they found it difficult to adapt scripts for FilteringEnabled.

Both groups were irritated at the Roblox Staff for restricting them to only friends of the game's owner or the owner themselves, as this meant that many older games were unable to be played

Due to the backlash, experimental mode was eventually removed.

When it left filtering enabled took many beloved games such as Mashables.


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