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raise a floppa is an experience made by the group FLOPPA#1, which is based off the meme, Big Floppa. The experience features the player keeping a blocky Floppa (caracal) as their pet, whilst also buying items to help advantage with the problems the Floppa causes.


The player starts off in the classic roblox house with their pet Floppa. The player must click/tap on the Floppa to collect money that could be used later in the game to either buy items from the in-game shop or donate to the altar. Making Floppa's hunger starve to 0 causes the Floppa explode, failing and kicking the player from the game as a result. A lot of items in the shop can help the player advantage against the Floppa's disadvantages it causes, whilst some of them helps the player collect money easier.


On April 22nd, 2022, the game was content deleted for unknown reasons. This had something to do with the description which said "click the floppa for money", in which it violated Roblox's terms of service for scamming. The game was then restored 2 days later after its deletion (April 24th, 2022). It then was closed for review again on May 1st, 2022 due to an impersonator taking it down with a DMCA complaint. The game was then again restored on May 6th, 2022.

Traveling Merchant

The Traveling Merchant is a NPC that can sell you items every 3 days. He can sell stuff like a crystal ball, ball of yarn, auto-clicker and cool glasses. He can also be found in the Backrooms as well which only opens about every 2 nights. The items he sells in the Backrooms are accessed by the Dark Web. The items he sells in the Backrooms are powerful but expensive and sometimes cheap such as a baby destroyer, auto-saver and almond water.


There are 4 types of shops in game. The shops in game are the Interwebs, The Dark Web, UFO shop and Jinx's Cauldron. The Interweb has a huge amount of items to be purchased from $0 to a Time Cube. (which you can only get from the Altar and sacrificing a large amount of money) Jinx's Cauldron has only two items of right now which can help you keep your sanity in the Backrooms and increase your speed by 5+. The Dark Web is a rare shop that can only be found in the Backrooms with items sold by the Traveling Merchant. The shop has few but helpful items that can help you in game. Items that sold by him are almond water which gives your Floppa an extra life when fed. Autosave and Trash Can can save your game automatically and throw away your items. The Baby Destroyer which wipes out all babies in a made by Ms. Floppa who can be bought from the Interwebs, and lastly the UFO shop can be accessed through the top of UFO and once inside there’s an alien as the shop.


NPCs are characters that can either help you progress throughout the game or have absolutely no use at all. There are a total of 11 NPCs you can buy from the Interwebs. Most of these NPCs are very useful later on in the game, although some of them may be useless later on though, you can't refund purchases from shops sadly.

List of NPCs

  • Floppa [0$/Free] [Purpose: Click on it for money]
  • Roommate [0$/Free] [Purpose: Giving rent to the Player]
  • Ms. Floppa [500$] [Purpose: 2x money from cash drops, but spawns annoying Baby Floppas]
  • Neko Maid [1,000$] [Purpose: Cleaning and Feeding Floppa]
  • Stupid Bingus [1,500$] [Purpose: Collecting money automatically for the Player]
  • The Homie Sogga [Purpose: 2x more cash drops]
  • Neko Maid 2.0 [5,000$] [Purpose: Cleaning and Feeding Floppa but Faster]
  • Farmer A, B, C, D, E, & F [50,000$] [Purpose: Collecting catnip farm money automatically for the player]
  • bigfootjinx [100,000$] [Purpose: Dropping useful/certain items]
  • Floppa Gunner 1 [100,000$] [Purpose: Defending your pet floppa from outside]
  • Floppa Gunner 2 [100,000$] [Purpose: Defending your pet floppa from outside]
  • Pop Cat [500.000$] [Purpose: 6x more money from cash drops, makes popping sounds]
  • Grumpy Cat [3,000,000$] [Purpose: 8x more cash from cash drops, being grumpy]
  • Gyakko [50,000,000$] [Purpose: 10x more cash from cash drops. follows Floppa]
  • Kotek [1 Meteorite] [Purpose: 2x more cash from cash drops, follows Floppa]

The Backrooms

The Backrooms (in-game) is a reference to the well-known 2019 creepypasta that you can apparently enter if you noclip in the wrong area. The Backrooms contains the Dark Web and a hostile Bingus that drains your sanity. A way to enter the Backrooms is to wait 2 nights (or less if you have The Backrooms Beacon), then it will open the door to the Backrooms. dying in the backrooms results in you losing your items (Including the Time Cube) and teleporting back into the normal world. The hostile Bingus screams at you and drains your sanity, but however it is a sign that the Dark Web is nearby.

The Altar

The Altar is an in-game item that you can buy from the Interwebs for 500 money. You can donate certain amounts of money to The Altar to get Faith, once you get your Faith to 100% your screen turns white and your pet Floppa ascends, afterwards your pet Floppa obtains wings and raises the hunger limit to 200 hunger. You will need this to get the Time Cube, to obtain the Time Cube you will need to do an obby that consists of 8 long kill bricks, you can walk into a killbrick after getting the Time Cube to go back to the start. The Time Cube can be used to obtain the Mysterious Orb and the Time Machine, both of these can get you 2 endings, The Eternity Ending and the Home Ending. Obtaining the Eternity Ending will give you a badge named: "eternity" but however you will be left in a white void until you rejoin/leave. Obtaining the Home Ending will give you the: "resonance cascade" badge, but it will also flash your screen multiple times, meaning that people with epilepsy may trigger a seizure.

Cursed Altar

The Cursed Altar is another type of altar you can access by the fallen UFO outside, it costs 1 Meteorite and instead of donating money, you have to sacrifice 10 Baby Floppas. Faith is replaced with Madness and sacrificing 10 Baby Floppas will allow you to trigger a bingus raid. There is also a King Bingus that when killed gives you tons of money bags and chests and a badge named: "revolution". Other enemies are hostile Bingus Soldiers that try to drain your pet Floppa's hunger. The Cursed Altar's counterpart is the Altar.

King Bingus

The King Bingus has a total of 3 attacks. The first attack is the Bingus Barrage, This summons 2 Bingus Soldiers that try to attack your pet Floppa. The second attack is the Fireball Conjure, This attack throws a fireball at you which deals high damage, it only needs 4 of these attacks just to kill you entirely. The third and final attack is the Panic Conjure, it's the same as the Fireball Conjure but instead it fires 3 of them, it has a chance of replacing Fireball Conjure, they are very deadly so try to avoid them..

Bingus Soldier

The Bingus Soldier is a minion spawned by the King Bingus, they can be a DEADLY threat to your pet Floppa, it is recommended to use the 2 Floppa Gunners and a Guard Doge to handle these enemies. They are kinda weak so you can get them killed really easily, just try not to get them into your home..


Before triggering the Bingus Raid, buy the 2 Floppa Gunner(s and a Guard Doge and tame Chop (the wolf) then consume 3 speed potions, when a Bingus Soldier gets into your house save the game then kill the Bingus Soldier to not lose progress, keep moving in a circle near King Bingus when attacking it (recommended with speed potions for dodging).


Fishing is one of the ways to obtain items. You can fish by buying a Fishing Rod for $500 (In-game dollars) from the Fishing Stand. A purple sparkle will indicate that you have caught something. Items that can be obtained from fishing include:

  • Fish
  • Money Bag
  • Bone
  • Fertilizer
  • Mushroom
  • Treasure
  • Almond Water
  • Speed Potion
  • Sanity Potion


Items are in-game things that can be picked up just like Gears can, a LOT of these items are very useful during the early-mid stages of the game, but however some of them are useless in the final stages of the game.

  • Mushrooms (can be picked and used for potions)
  • Speed Potion (+5 speed, stackable)
  • Sanity Potion (+10 sanity)
  • Fish (can be used to feed Floppa)
  • Sword (used to kill bandits)
  • Fishing Rod (used to fish things)
  • Almond Water (gives 1 extra life to the Floppa, stackable)
  • Baby Destroyer (kills baby/babies)
  • All Recipes (used to increase Floppa's mood)
  • "Fertilizer" (used to add growth to the catnip)
  • Bone (used to tame the wolf)
  • All Ingredients' (used to make food using the oven)
  • Meteorite (can be turned into money or food and used to buy upgrades)
  • Treasure and Money Bags (give money)
  • Time Cube (used for mysterious orb/time machine)

(This section is still unfinished, please help add more information)


Cooking is a feature that allows you to increase your floppa's mood. To cook you need to add ingredients into the oven and set the temperature level, once you done that you press cook and wait however long (low temperatures takes longer while higher temperatures are faster). Most ingredients can be bought from the cooking shop which can be found in the interwebs. Some ingredients can't be purchased from the interwebs such as Almond Water and Meteorites. Recipes are a set of ingredients that can create a type of food when cooked at the right temperature. If the temperature / ingredients selected don't follow a recipe you will get Burnt Food which has no purpose.


  • Grilled Cheese: 1 Bread, 1 Cheese - High Heat [Gives 110% mood]
  • Pizza: 1 Flour, 1 Tomato, 1 Cheese - Medium Heat [Gives 125% mood]
  • Spaghetti: 1 Beef, 1 Tomato, 1 Noodles - Medium Heat [Gives 120% mood]
  • Cake: 1 Egg, 1 Milk, 1 Sugar, 1 Flour - Low Heat [Gives 150% mood]
  • Ramen: 1 Noodles, 1 Egg, 1 Soy Sauce - Medium Heat [Gives 125% mood]
  • Mac and Cheese: 1 Cheese, 1 Noodles, 1 Milk - Medium Heat [Gives 125% mood]
  • Salad Recipe: 2 Lettuce, 1 Tomato - High Heat [Gives 110% mood]
  • Burger Recipe: 1 Bread, 1 Beef, 1 Lettuce, 1 Tomato - Low Heat [Gives 150% mood]
  • Space Soup: 2 Meteorites, 2 Almond Waters - Low Heat [Gives 300% mood]

Upon cooking every recipe, you will receive the "bone app the teeth" badge & trophy.


  • The Bingus screech in the Backrooms is a sound from Freesound made by Chesshunter, and it can be found here.
  • The game got taken down 4 times in only 2 months.
  • The Interweb shop was used to be called
  • The badge "bone app the teeth" is a reference to the french sentence "bon appétit".


Events are occurrences that can either happen at certain times or be triggered by something (ex. Cursed Altar triggers Bingus Raid)

Meteor Shower

Meteor Shower are one of the events that can occur at nighttime with a 20% chance, touching the meteors will insta-kill you and make you lose all of your items. When a Meteor Shower ends, you can get a meteorite at random spots outside (1-12 meteorites, woah)

Bingus Raid

Bingus Raid can be triggered by getting the Cursed Altar to 100% Madness, it will only occur at daytime once triggered, there will be 2 enemies that try to attack you or your pet Floppa aka the Bingus King & Bingus Soldier, finishing the Bingus Raid rewards you with tons of Money Bag(s & Treasure(s. (More Information will be on the Cursed Altar article.)

Bandit Raid

Bandit Raid is the final attack raid that can happen at daytime randomly (possibly) there is only one type of enemy during this raid aka the Bandit, after killing all the Bandit(s, you will be rewarded with nothing, the enemies are really weak so you can deal with them really easily.