Face changer

Face boards.

A face changer is a common model in a game, usually using user-made faces, or more commonly, faces made by ROBLOX. They usually appear in VIP rooms, the winners area at the end of obbies, and roleplaying games.


To use a face changer, walk to it and the face on the face board will replace your original face. Common faces used are Mr. Chuckles, Finn McCool, Shiny Teeth, and Epic Face.


People who use face changers are usually criticized for their use of free models. Users who use face changers in-game are usually perceived as "online daters", and users are criticized for using a face changer in a video or in-game and claiming it was their original face (that they own).


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  • The first known face changer was made by Gamehero on August 6, 2007.[1]