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Favorites is a feature on Roblox that allows users to show off items and places that they like. (Place, head, gear, etc.). The feature was added on April 24, 2008.[1] To add a favorite item, click the star icon following with a number on a item/game's page. The item will then be displayed on the user's favorite list, which is located on the user's "Home" page under "My Favorites" > "See All". There is a menu on the Favorites menu which allows people to select what type of favorites they would like to view; which are, by default, places. This also works for hats, shirts, pants, T-shirts, gears, models, and decals.

Tricks on how to use them


For types of items, players can select a star as shown above to favorite it. It can then be found again in the favorites section of their profile. Favoriting a place is also very useful because the discover page can be sorted to show a player's favorite places, in a nice, big list. This list will also show how many players are currently in the game.

Old roblox favorites.png

If a player wants to buy an item for later, they can favorite it and they can find it in their favorites.


Demonstration of imaging

Players can arrange certain games in their favorites list to make a larger image, or to say a message. An example of this is spelling out "I Wish You Didn't Leave Me" in the favorites, with games where each game has one of the words as its name. Before November 2015, you could make a square image with 9 places.

Some people make fun of imaging by using "edgy" imaging places but replacing the last game with something else to make it funny.

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