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Fire Warriors Clan (abbreviated FWC) is a war clan on Roblox.


  • WC: Magma Warriors
  • WC: Masons
  • WC: Domination


Ranks Description Rating
Pyrophyte LR
Warrior LR
Soldier LR
Legionnaire LR
Sentinel LR
Praetorian LR
Champion LR
Knight MR
Paladin MR
Centurion MR
Legate MR
Diplomat  Ally
Brigadier HR
Admiral HR
General HR
Arch General HR
Imperial Advisor HR
Peacekeeper HR
Emperor HR

High ranks

  • Head of War
  • Head of Diplomacy
  • Head of Elites
  • Head of Technology
  • Head of Internal Affairs

Current high rank holders 

Peacekeeper: CoejoeTheGreat

Imperial Advisor: Inversus

Arch Imperators: Reset

Generals: Josh650, Ignifernus

Admirals: Runawaydunepass, Fluxert

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