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A Number in Lua is a double precision floating point number (or just 'double'). Every Lua variable that is simply a number (not a Vector3, just a number) with or without decimal places, negative or positive, is a double.


There are several ways you can include numbers into your Lua script. All of these ways include literals, which are values that will be used in your program exactly as they are seen in the source.

Once they are included into your script, you can perform manipulate and operate on these numbers.

Standard Literals

The following are valid numbers literals:

  • 5
  • 9.12761656
  • -1927

Doubles can range from 1.7E–308 to 1.7E+308 (that's around 15 digits, positive or negative). In most cases, this is easily big enough for what you need it for (15 digits is about one hundred trillion, so you won't need much bigger than that). It is not possible to go out of this limit.

NOTE: All of the above examples are in base-10, or decimal.

Hexadecimal Literals

Lua is also capable of accepting number literals in base-16, or hexadecimal. While decimal numbers include the characters 0 through 9, hexadecimal numbers use 0 through F.

To declare a number literal as hexadecimal (hex for short), prefix it with 0x.

The following are valid hex number literals:

Hex Decimal
0x1234 4660
0xABCD 43981
0xface 64206

Roblox Usage

Certain Properties in Roblox require a whole number or a positive number. In such cases, an Integer will be asked for, instead of a number. If the number in your script doesn't have a decimal place and fits within the range of a Roblox property that required an integer, it will be converted to an integer.

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