Fog on Roblox

Fog was added to Roblox on December 9, 2011. Its purpose is to emulate real-life fog, making games seem more realistic and scenic. The color and distance of the fog can be modified by the ExplorerImageIndex 13Lighting service.

On January 7, 2015, fog was added for players with their graphics quality set to 7. It was heavily criticized, with one reason being that official fog had 'ruined' scripted fog. Many players on the forum had asked Roblox to add a feature to make fog optional instead of mandatory. Instead, as a response to the protests, Roblox removed the feature.

About fog

To remain compatible with older graphics cards that use a fixed-function rendering pipeline, Roblox's fog uses linear interpolation between FogStart and FogEnd. Roblox uses GL_LINEAR.

What the properties do

FogColor - The color of the fog. It should normally be left alone, or changed to the color of the skybox.

FogEnd - The point where the fog cannot be seen past

FogStart - The point where the fog is first visible

To have no fog, FogEnd should be kept at the default number, which is 100000.

Use in exploiting

Fog is often associated with exploiting, in which an exploiter will drastically increase the game's fog level so that players cannot see very far. They may also make the fog black.

Enabling fog

Enabling fog is extremely easy:

  1. Open your place in Roblox Studio.
  2. Select the ExplorerImageIndex 13Lighting service in the Explorer Pane
  3. Adjust the fog properties (there are 3)


  • Fog on Roblox will look better if the fog color is the same as the skybox color.
  • Adjusting the FogStart property will bring more depth into the game.
  • Fog can make your place an adventure, especially in first person.
  • Fog can make your place seem like night (solid black fog).