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For the class, see Class:ForceField.

The material shown in-game.

Forcefield is a type of material in Roblox Studio. It was introduced in April 2019 and was later announced on June 25, 2019, where it was fully implemented into Roblox[1], and came with new effects.

The most notable feature that this material offers is that any ExplorerImageIndex 10Texture placed on a mesh using the ForceField material will shimmer and shine at random intervals depending on the R channel of the texture's RGB color. Textures were also double-sided when using this material, meaning that the texture inside of the shape can be seen from the outside.


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  • This would be the third material to have special effects, the second being Glass and Neon being the first.
  • The icon of Forcefield is also the same as the class ExplorerImageIndex 37ForceField's icon.
  • Before it was released, it did not have mesh compatibility and its transparency could go down to negative numbers.


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