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This article is about a discontinued feature.

This article is about Roblox Forums. For Roblox Wiki Forums, go to Forum:Index.

The Roblox Forums were a social portion of the Roblox website used for posting and socializing with other people in a text-based format. The main forums housed different sub-forums that had different purposes. Users were encouraged to read all pinned threads (threads that were located and stayed at the very top of each subforum), before making their first post. All content in the Roblox forums were subjected to Roblox's Terms of Use. A team of moderators ensured that forum content remained appropriate for Roblox's audience, though certain moderators were criticized by many forumers.

Notable History

In January 2013, the forum section was revamped. This resulted in the moving and merging of many less popular forums. In October 2013 the forums' layout was changed into an iOS 7-based theme.

On May 1, 2017, a Twitch streamer known as Quackity launched a raid on the forums. His account, QuaciktyIsHot, was banned for 3 days as a result. Quackity created an alt account and continued the raid. The mods then discovered he was streaming and he was banned for stream-forum raiding. After that, QuackityIsHot was deleted and Quackity was IP Banned. The forums were then temporarily taken down afterwards.

On June 4, 2017, at 5:58 PM PDT, all the ROBLOX sub-forums were shut down temporarily due to major forum raids. These raids were lead by QuackityHQ, who had around 174,000 YouTube subscribers at the time. Many players were surprised at how the moderators took action for this forum raid, as they did not implement closing down the forums during similar DominusTrex and later, ClockworkHex bot raids. Some people believe the temporary shutdown was issued by a new moderator, OldBaronMondo, who was not around during the previous raids. During other forums raids, Roblox changed the minimum account age for someone to post. In some instances, it was as short as a 2-year account age minimum, while during other raids it was set so that nobody could post.

On July 14, 2017, Roblox announced that the many of the sub forums would be merging. The new sub forums would include: Roblox News & Discussion, Clans & Guilds, Let's Make a Deal, Game Design and Scripts. Two major forums not included in this update were Roblox Talk and Off Topic, two popular off-topic sub forums; this caused outcry from some members of the Roblox community.

On October 1, 2017, at 5:11 PM CST, a throwaway account named "jaredpogi123kaba" posted a link on the forums that would redirect to The Wayback Machine, which would then redirect to illegal child sexual abuse material. The post rose to the top of the forums and the link stayed for approximately 30 minutes. The account was banned and the post was eventually removed. Going to the link now shows the error message "Sorry. This URL has been excluded from the Wayback Machine.".

On December 4, 2017, the forums suddenly became read-only and users were told to save all threads created by themselves, as they would be fully deleted a week later. Two announcements were made regarding this change; one on the Developer Forum and one on the public forum. An odd difference between these two announcements were that the public forum's announcement said that the Roblox Staff would be working on a proper alternative, while the Developer Forum announcement did not.

Soon after the forums went read-only, Roblox made the final decision to remove them after 13.5 years of existence and subsequently the Post Count statistic from user profiles. Trying to go onto the forum page today redirects to this notice.


The following are descriptions of each of the Roblox subforums and the associated categories they were nestled under:


All Things Roblox (ATR)

The area for discussions purely about ROBLOX – the features, the games, and company news.

Thread count: approximately 1,735,000
Post count: approximately 11,000,000

The first sub-forum on the Roblox forums page, All Things Roblox was a forum where members discuss things about Roblox. Some common threads and discussions include Roblox updates and ideas. The forum replaced Roblox Talk (RT) as the default forum for conversation about Roblox because many users felt that most RT threads had nothing to do with Roblox. Roblox Talk is the most strictest sub-forum, it is no longer available and was replaced by Roblox News and Discussion.

Help (Technical Support and Account Issues)

Seeking account or technical help? Post your questions here."

Thread count: approximately 320,000
Post count: approximately 1,500,000
The purpose of this sub-forum is for users to be in contact with the moderators, administrators, or knowledgeable players when they have issues regarding their accounts or playing ROBLOX. .

Suggestions and Ideas

Do you have a suggestion for how to make ROBLOX better? Share your feedback here."

Thread count: Approximately 550,000
Post count: Approximately 5,000,000
Suggestions and Ideas was created so that players could suggest new Roblox features, for either games or the website itself. A good portion of the ideas shared in S&I are related to updates and changes that Roblox makes, and reverting them. It no longer exists as part of the 2017 forum upgrade.

BLOXFaires and Roblox Events

Check here to see the crazy things ROBLOX is doing. Contest information can be found here. ROBLOX is going to be at various Maker Faires and conferences around the globe. Discuss those events here!

Thread count: approximately 18,000
Post count: approximately 800,000
This forum was created to allow users to discuss real-life ROBLOX events. ROBLOX Contests was merged into this subform. This is the least used subforum, it no longer exists as part of the 2017 forum upgrade.

Club Houses

Roblox Talk

A popular hangout where ROBLOXians talk about various topics."

Thread count: approximately 5,000,000
Post count: approximately 39,000,000

ROBLOX Talk was originally the first forum on the ROBLOX Forums page. RT is one of the most popular forums, behind Off Topic and Let's Make a Deal. ROBLOX Talk was originally known as General Discussion, but that name is no longer in use because of the fact that many users believed that it broadened the topic of discussion too much. When ATR was created, this forum was moved to Club Houses because of the fact that many of the posts within RT had little to nothing to do with ROBLOX. The Admins had planned to change the name to Random Talk with the relocation of the forum; this did not occur due to the negative reaction from the ROBLOX Talk community, it has been replaced by Roblox News and Discussion and no longer exists

Off Topic

When no other forum makes sense for your post, Off Topic will help it make even less sense."

Thread count: approximately 6,500,000
Post count: approximately 41,000,000
Off Topic is the forum for discussion about anything unrelated to ROBLOX. Users can post random (but still moderated) things. A common theme is 'make a story with these characters' or something weird happening to the original poster. OT is now removed.

Clans & Guilds

Talk about what’s going on in your Clans, Companies, and Guilds, and about the Groups feature in general.

Thread count: Approximately 3,200,000
Post count: Approximately 24,000,000
Clans and Guilds (C&G) was the fourth most popular forum on ROBLOX, with over 23 million total posts. In this sub-forum, members discuss the group feature and the happenings within famous groups on Roblox. Big wars between large modern military-themed groups, known as Ro-Wars, are often discussed. Because of the controversy and heavily opinionated members that participate in the wars, flame wars often break out as a result of these discussions. Another major topic is the various technology that is created by various war groups. This technology includes new bases, new weaponry and other scripting at these bases, and other group related places. A good amount of people that post in the Clans & Guilds forum often post to try to encourage other players to join their groups. Selling groups is also common, despite the fact that it breaks ROBLOX's Terms of Service. C&G is often criticized for a good amount of posts not having anything to do with groups or the happenings within them. Many posts are in relation to other C&Gers. It is also called c7g and cng. One of the major scandals in the community, Lordvade's crime, was discussed heavily here.[citation needed]

Let's Make a Deal

A fast paced community dedicated to mastering the Limited Trades and Sales market, and divining the subtleties of the ROBLOX Currency Exchange.

Thread count: approximately 7,000,000
Post count: approximately 48,000,000
Main article: Let's Make a Deal

Let's Make a Deal (LMaD) is the most popular forum out of all of the Roblox Forums. This sub-forum was created in order for players to sell their Limited and Limited-U items to other players. LMaD was released synchronously with the release of Limited and Limited-U items (hats, faces, and gear). In LMaD, players negotiate trades and prices with other players in order to sell their Limited and Limited-U items for the best deal possible. Groups are also sold in the Let's Make a Deal Forum, despite the fact that selling groups breaks Roblox's Terms of Service. This sub-forum spiked in popularity with the release of the Trade System. Like C&G and RT, LMaD is sometimes ridiculed for the fact that a lot of posts had nothing to do with trading and instead created unnecessary drama between traders.

Game Creation and Development

Game Marketing

This is where you show off your awesome creations, talk about how to advertise your game or share your marketing and sale tactics.

Thread count: approximately 50,000
Post count: approximately 680,000
This forum is designed for players to advertise their games and to discuss advertising techniques.

Game Design

This is the forum to get help, talk about future ROBLOX game ideas, or gather an awesome building team.

Thread count: Approximately 150,000
Post count: approximately 1,000,000
In this sub-forum, users share ideas about games. They also discuss many popular games on Roblox, as well as share feedback to the creators of those games. Several famous game developers also discuss updates and listed to feedback about their games.


This is the place for discussion about scripting. Anything about scripting that is not a help request or topic belongs here.

Thread count: Approximately 260,000
Post count: Approximately 2,300,000
Any scripting topic that is not a question is discussed here.


Video Game Central

Talk about your favorite video and computer games outside of ROBLOX, with other fanatical video gamers!"

Thread count: Approximately 150,000
Post count: Approximately 1,500,000
A sub-forum where players can discuss their favorite video or computer games that are not ROBLOX-related, it no longer exists as part of the 2017 forum upgrade.

Video Creations with ROBLOX

This forum is for your sweet game play footage of that awesome viral video you saw on YouTube. Also talk about your favorite Twitch streamers.

Thread count: Approximately 32,000
Post count: Approximately 316,000
This sub-form is dedicated to discussing ROBLOX videos and Twitch streams, it no longer exists as part of the 2017 forum upgrade.


Hang out with other ROBLOX sports fans and talk about sports and competitive activities."

Thread count: Approximately 790,000
Post count: Approximately 4,300,000
This sub-forum is dedicated to conversations about sports-related topics and events. This forum was previously named Sports Fans (SF), it no longer exists as part of the 2017 forum upgrade.

Pop Culture

Come here to find what ROBLOXians think is a must read, see or hear

Thread count:Approximately 152,000
Post count: Approximately 1,600,000
Players discuss various movies, television shows, and books within this sub-forum, it no longer exists as part of the 2017 forum upgrade.


The forum for story telling and imagination. Start a role-playing thread here involving your fictional characters, or role-play out a scenario with other players.

Thread count: Approximately 217,000
Post count: Approximately 8,800,000
This sub-forum is for players to participate in text-based role-playing games, or to start their own. It often gets raided by C&G due to false believes regarding frowned-upon vampire roleplays, it no longer exists as part of the 2017 forum upgrade. However, you can still reply to RP threads. A user called deadkickman posted about this and was banned for it.

Removed sub-forums

During the Exisitince of the forums, a number of forums were removed. If you atempted to post on a thread on a deleted forum, the reply wouldn''t be posted. There used to a be secret forum, using the ID number 34, but anyone who posted on it got banned by MrDoomBringer. Some sub-forums were removed through various forum updates.

Some sub-forums that were removed were the following:

  • Look What I Made
  • ROBLOX Global
  • Language Center
  • Global Chat
  • Forum Games
  • All Things ROBLOX (merged)
  • Suggestions & Ideas (merged)
  • Off Topic
  • ROBLOX Talk (merged)
  • Game Marketing (merged)
  • Video Creations with ROBLOX
  • Video Game Central
  • Pop-Culture (Movies/TV/Books)
  • Role Playing
  • BLOXFaires and ROBLOX Events (merged)
  • General Discussion
  • Test Site News
  • Hi, I'm New
  • Rate my ROBLOXian
  • ROBLOXiwood
  • Music (Music Fans/Music Talk)
  • World Wide Chat

Temporary restrictions

May 2017 1.9-year restriction

On May 1, 2017, QuackityHQ (a well-known YouTube user) was doing a stream on Twitch. He raided the ROBLOX sub-forums by instructing his viewers to spam on it. After viewing the stream, the ROBLOX admins decided to take action. Shortly after, ROBLOX shut down the site in an attempt to end the raids. ROBLOX then implemented a new rule that users who joined for less than 700 days (approximately 2 years) would not be allowed to reply to any threads, which quickly received backlash and criticism from the community. However, they still had access to all of the forums and could read the threads made by any ROBLOX users. In the end, the update was only temporary and it was removed within a day. After the incident, all accounts were required to fill out a CAPTCHA (a backronym for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart") before posting, in an attempt to prevent spambots from spamming the forums.

June 2017 13.7-year restriction

On June 4, 2017, however, Quackity raided the forums once again, barring all users from posting by imposing a 120,000-hour limit (or 13⅔ years). At the time, Quackity had around 174,000 subscribers. On the same day, at 5:58 PM PST, all ROBLOX subforums were temporarily shut down due to major forum raids. It was quite a surprise that the moderators took action against this, since they did not do anything as serious when the forums were experiencing DominusTrex and ClockworkHex bot raids. Some users believe the shutdown was issued by a new moderator who wasn't around during the raids, OldBaronMondo. This limit was removed the next day after once again receiving heavy backlash from the community.


The rules

If a new rule was introduced, a moderator would pin a new thread to let you know about it. What this meant is that their post was stuck to the top of the forum and didn't go down like regular posts. Pinned posts usually stayed there for a few weeks, so it would probably be a good idea to read it.

Navigating the forums

Forum Navigation 2014.png

First time on an internet forum? They're easy to get around.

From the Main Page click on a forum that interests you. Whichever one you choose looks like the one right here.

  1. This is the New Thread button. Click it to start a new thread! Simple! Fill in a meaningful title and whatever message you want to talk about. Hit post to say what you want to say.
  2. These are Pinned Posts. They're made by Moderators and Admins, and will stay at the top of the forums. It's a good idea to read them and do what they say.
  3. This is a thread. Click on it to read it.
  4. This is a thread with several pages on it. Click on the number to go to that page.

Reading threads is simple. One person creates the thread, and then people post replies to it. You can reply too! Just hit Post Reply at the bottom of a post, and you can contribute to the discussion.

Advanced buttons

You may have noticed the little bar of buttons in the top right. Here they are, in case you missed them. Forum Navigation.png

This will bring you right back to the main page from wherever you are.
This is useful for find posts you want to talk about before making a new thread. However, some features that are part of the search page are currently broken. This search is discrete and cannot be accessed through the search box on the top bar.
This lists the last 25 threads that you posted in and the threads you are watching. The newer threads are at the top. This will also show any threads you are currently tracking in a separate box at the top of the page.


2013henry (now Volleybot) had the highest post count out of any user with over 131,000 posts. A list of every user with 50K+ post count could be found here. As of now, Volleybot has quit ROBLOX but often checks the site.

Players who make T-shirts that are about popular forum topics, such as RT and LMaD, were the most popular. An example of one is here.

Unlike the "comment section" on ROBLOX, the forum had less spam in it (until about mid 2017) compared to the "comment section" due to it being more moderated.


Many people in the forum were known as "trolls", people who often deliberately made fun of people or aggravated them on the fourms for no specific reasons. An example of a troll post would be: "You are a noob, you suck.".

One of the most infamous of these was a terminated 2009 user who was known most often as ‘heartstrings’. This user had made over 100 alternate accounts utilising a VPN over 8 years to continue flamebaiting the forums after the ROBLOX Staff had to poison-ban her from the website because she was so dedicated to upsetting users on the forums. Heartstrings always took small breaks and returned to the forums on alternate accounts to continue her tradition of flamebaiting, only coming to an end when the forums were removed.

A large number of forumers tended to be slightly gullible, falling for bait. Bait is when you created a sarcastic forum, wanting to make players talk about it. For instance, on July 29, 2016, a link to an article claiming that magnetic pole shifts on that day would end the world was posted, and some forums dissolved into havoc. ATR got a few posts about it, and one person on S&I suggested that all accounts should be deleted prior to the end. However, OT had a mix of countdowns, end of the world parties, and religious wars. Although the forums did have a 13+ requirement, many younger users obviously lie about their age to get past these restrictions and is partly responsible for this.

Forum Raid

Many users in the forums would tend to start a forum raid usually when the ROBLOX Admins were asleep. A forum raid is the activity of gaining a bunch of users from a sub forum and command them to spam hate or unneeded threads in another sub forum.


Some forum users used signatures, which are also used to express the player. There is also ROBLOX+, a Google Chrome extension (working on Opera as well) that automatically placed a signature in your posts. The ROBLOX staff allowed this, but had certain restrictions on them such as making them consist of one line only.


The error message that appears when trying to access the forums after December 11th, 2017.

On December 4, 2017 an admin named RobloxStaff made a post on Roblox News & Discussion announcing the closure of the public forums, due to the moderators being unable to moderate them easily[1]. In the post however it does state:

"This coming year, we'll be investigating options to re-build forums that better serve you, our community, and our goals in providing a safe and constructive environment".[2]

On December 11, the forums officially were indefinitely closed down and the button on the sidebar to access them was removed. Trying to access the forums using the link brings up an error message telling forum users to consider other methods to the forums. It is currently unknown if the forums will ever reopen.

ROBLOX was hit with heavy criticism from all parts of the forum community. Such things existed as people with 100k+ forum posts being outraged that all their precious time and memories have been taken from them, and some were confused on why certain subforums that actually had an effect on the community as a whole (such as Let's Make A Deal and Game Design) were shut down without any immediate alternatives being provided. The vast majority also laughed at ROBLOX for having the gall to suggest Groups as a viable alternative.

It is commonly believed that the shutdown was the direct result of a YouTuber known as "iSoToxic" raiding the forums just a day earlier, along with the infamous post by "jaredpogi123kaba" on October 1 of that year, which linked to an illegal child sexual abuse site. There are however many unofficial forums out there, another one being, and on this wiki .

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