Free Models are models created by the community for other users to get and use in games. Many veteran users dislike the use of Free Models because it discourages creativity in one's games and many contain scripts which can turn your game upside down. However, Models are encouraged by staff, as they help with games.

Models can be bought for free in the “Models” section of the Library. Accessories bought by the player are treated as models and can be used in the studio.

Using Free Models

First Models can be bought from the Library/Catalog, as stated above. However, Free models don’t need to be bought from the catalog. In Roblox Studio, all models can be used without actually owning them. However, there is a tab in the toolbox where owned models can be used. Orginally, games also were able to spawn free models from the Catalog. However, it was later removed. 

Infected Models

Virus found in this model
Roblox data

This is an example of a model that has a virus. Usually are more than 1 of these.

Some free models are known to contain malicious scripts (e.g. a brick/model that spreads fire upon touching the parts with the script). For this reason, many users stay away from free models. A good way to make sure a model doesn't have an infection script is to check all the parts in the model in ROBLOX Studio. Most are found in the form of a weld and the name is often something obvious to its intention, such as "u got pwnd". These kinds of scripts date back to 2008.  Many of these are usually named "ERoblocker", "dåååååååå got owned", "Script........... or is it", "Guest Talk Script", "Anti-Lag", "Infection", "4D Being", "Vaccine", "ROFL", "ViVrus" "H75", "OwO PILLA VIRUS OwO", and "RED ROBIN YUMMMMMMMM".


There are many anti-virus scripts and plugins on the ROBLOX website. The bestselling plugin that combats infected models is Ro-Defender™, which automatically detects and removes viruses and infected scripts from inserted free models.

Endorsed Models


An officially endorsed model of a car. This does not have any malicious scripts.

Endorsed models are models that are made by members of RBXDev. They are high quality models approved by the ROBLOX staff that follow specific criteria, such as they must work with FilteringEnabled, must look professional, aren't anchored/are intractable, don't use copyrighted material, the scripts are commented heavily, and don't depend on other models (ex: can't require other modules from the site). The people who make these models get some ROBUX as compensation and get their model displayed before all others and have an orange icon. These models will never be infected because they are made by reputable people and are endorsed, meaning they are heavily scrutinized.



This is the Toolbox. The small orange shield icon represents that the model is an official model endorsed by ROBLOX.

Despite multiple occasions of ROBLOX encouraging the use of Free Models, they are often frowned upon by the community. Much of the community believes the use of free models indicates a lack of effort on the creator's part because they used another person's work (and often without giving credit to said person) instead of creating it themselves. This shows a lack of creativity and commitment to create a game with fully original assets, which in turn means that they are a bad developer, hence, breaking any trust the end user may have with their game. Some developers of kits will also sneak a hint box into giver kits that forces a hint that declares thanks to the creator of the kit when deleting the hint creation code, the kit will no longer work, even more confusing is that the code that makes the kit reliant on the hint is well camouflaged.


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  • There have been multiple instances of users being able to sell Free Models for ROBUX. The users who sold these models were banned soon after.
  • You can use free models if you don't know how to script. Give credit to the creators of the model by listing their names in the description.
  • Most old Models have been turned into [ Content Deleted ].
  • Many old Models have been broken due to ROBLOX updates.
  • Users often steal others models and publish it under their own name.
  • You can make a thumbnail for a free model by copying the camera, pasting it to a model then changing the name of the camera in the model to "ThumbnailCamera".
  • Many developers of kits will put a hint in the script of their kits that gives thanks to the creator of the kits.
  • When you remove the line of code that creates the hint, the whole model(kit) will stop working completely, it's almost impossible to fix this problem without recreating the hint because there's almost no code that refers to the hint and output doesn't put out any errors neither.
  • Some humanoid free models lost their clothing due to copyrights.
Botted models

Fake Botted models,and their names are copied and they are filled with viruses

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