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Free users are players on Roblox that do not have Premium or Robux. The majority of users on Roblox are playing for free (a vast majority of them being young children). These players either do not spend money on Roblox, cannot afford Premium or Robux, or in some cases, is not allowed to buy Premium or Robux. This reason is mostly common across users who are young children in which he/she has parents that would rather spend their money on other things. Before, free players would also use the Guest feature, since some parents would not let their children create a Roblox account, or not even let their children play Roblox at all. This is mostly due to a parent's fear of the internet, child predators, or otherwise.


The free user is severely limited on privileges. The following are restrictions in place:

  • Unable to create shirts and pants
  • Unable to sell clothing
  • Unable to buy certain things or items in the catalog
  • Unable to use the Trade System
  • Unable to receive Robux without getting Premium.

Despite these limitations, there is still much a free user can enjoy on Roblox.


  • Many free accounts are Alternate Accounts. These accounts are often created to allow a person to have multiple places active without purchasing a Premium membership.
  • As of September 2017, Nightgaladeld announced on the Developer Forums that all users are given 200 free active game limit. 

Before the change of more active game limit and Builder's club removal:

  • Non-Builder's Club members could have before 1 active game, unless they previously had a membership, now which case they could keep up to 200 active games, but 5 active when ending membership.
  • Builder's Club members could have up to 10 active games
  • Turbo Builder's Club members could have up to 25 active games
  • Outrageous Builder's Club members could have up to 100 active games
  • Some free accounts have the username of "FreeAccount" (any numbers, underscores, or letters) and usually give away their Roblox account password on their profile. If you see this and you find out someone is hacked for giving away their account information then REPORT THEM IMMEDIATELY!


Many people have criticized free accounts for having "unfair" and "degrading" benefits compared to those with Builders Club. This includes no daily Robux, BC-Only features such as hats and places (which pressure some to purchase Builders Club) and other limitations.

However, an argument can be made that Premium features are necessary to bring in new customers, and that without Premium members, Roblox would have little to no income. It has also been pointed out that it doesn't change anything in-game besides a special image next to your name on the scoreboard.