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Friends are users which are added when two players mutually agree to friendship.

Making friends[]

To make a friend within Roblox, you must send them a Friend Request. Depending on their standards, they have the option to accept, or decline. If accepted, you can join that user's current playing experience, invite them to experiences, chat with them, send messages to them (Depending on their privacy settings.), and invite them to Group Chats.

Benefits of Friends[]

Friendship Badge

Latest Friendship badge.

When you have friends, you don't just ignore them, unless you have over 150 friends. Spend time with friends. It is best to make friends you are confident in playing and communicating with often instead of friending everyone you see.

In February 2015, it was replaced with Followers and everyone's friends were converted into Followers. Roblox is currently thinking about renaming Friends to Best Friends and giving everyone a 900-friends limit. They can follow you, but they can get unlimited followers. If you delete all of your friends, your Friendship Badge will remain on your profile.


A Follower is established when one person chooses to follow the activity of another user. Think of this as following someone you find interesting, such as a popular game creator, on a social network. It's an easy way to stay up to date on what your favorite developers are playing and making. You can follow an unlimited number of players.


You can message users by clicking on their profile and clicking the "Message" button located by the "Unfriend" button, or you can trigger the dropdown menu and click the "Message" button. (Depending on their Privacy Settings, you might be limited or blocked from sending messages depending on their Privacy/Safety settings set in the Privacy Menu.)

Friends Only Places[]

Put your place into a friends-only place. Only friends will be able to join, nobody else.

Chat Function[]


Example of a chat with a friend on the website.


A chat will open up if you go to your friend's profile and click "Chat", or by selecting their name in the chat box. If one word gets tagged, the whole message turns to hashtags, which is a heavily disliked feature.


Before its removal in 2019, users were able to create a party with one or multiple users using the chat system. The party leader would pick and join a game, and also participating users would be forced to join in the same game together.

Updates to the Friends System[]

Changes to Homepage Display[]

In the Summer of 2018, the Friends section on the Homepage was changed to only display the headshots of your friends' avatars as thumbnails (rather than their entire body). Users can also see the title of the game that their friends are currently playing underneath their avatar's thumbnail.

Friend Limit[]

As of February 2015, Roblox made it so that any user can have up to 200 friends instead of unlimited. Additionally, Roblox converted any best friends into friends. Many players were upset at this change, arguing that 200 was too low of a number and should be increased. Since the original change, the maximum number of friends a user can have has never been changed.

Best Friends Removal[]

The best friend feature was added on July 30, 2009.[1] Originally, you could set 10 users to be your best friends. When a user was set as a best friend, you could see their status updates via your feed, which was originally on your profile. Sometime later, you could set more users as your best friends, and see all of your friends and best friends' status updates. On October 16, 2014, Roblox removed the best friends feature.[2] Best friends were converted into friends while existing friends were converted into followers.

Custom Name[]

In the summer of 2019, Roblox gave users the ability to add custom names to their friends. This previously unannounced feature allowed players to give their friends a nickname/personal description. These custom names can only be seen by the user that sets them.

Terminated Friends[]

If a player sees a darker grey friend box, that means that the user is terminated. The box cannot be clicked and the only thing that can be done is unfriend them. The friend boxes of terminated users were changed in 2017 to display a darker color, showing nothing but the user's name and avatar, and the ability to unfriend the terminated player.


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  • It was previously possible to view the friends pages of terminated users; however, this has since changed, and attempting to view the friends page of a terminated user will now result in a 404.