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Friends are users which are added when two players mutually agree to friendship.

Making Friends

Make friends over time. To get a friend either have someone send a friend request or you can send one to them by going to their page and selecting Send Friend Request. You can also send someone a friend request by going on the in-game menu (press esc) and searching for their name, sending them a friend request. If you get over 20 friends, you get the Friendship Badge. If you have 5,000+ friends, it will say "All" instead of a number though you can still check the number on your profile. However, since February 2015, your amount of friends has been limited to 200 max.

Old Friendship badge.

Benefits of Friends


Latest Friendship badge.

When you have friends, you don't just ignore them, unless you have over 150 friends. Spend time with friends. It is best to make friends you are confident in playing and communicating with often instead of friending everyone you see.

In February 2015, it got replaced with Followers and everyone's friends were converted into Followers. ROBLOX is thinking about giving the Friends name the name Best Friends back and a 900 friends limit. They can follow you, but they can get unlimited followers. If you delete all of your friends, your Friendship Badge will still remain in your profile.

What is a Follower?

A Follower is established when one person chooses to follow the activity of another user. Think of this like following someone you find interesting, such as a popular game creator, on a social network. It's an easy way to stay up to date on what your favorite developers are playing and making. You can follow an unlimited number of players.


Messaging can get your relationship stronger. Try sending them chat messages or just plain old messages.


Try getting your friends into a place. Find a fun one, or one that both of you enjoy and hang out in.

Friends Only Place

Put your place into a friends only place. Only friends are allowed, no guests or exploiters. Enjoy your friend-tastic day!

Example of a chat with a friend.


Parties and chats were ways of communicating with online friends, instead of having to message them or go in a place with them.

Chat Party


A chat will open up if you click on your friend. If they are offline, you will have to send them a message. If they are online, you will be able to chat with them. A glitch that let players curse in parties in 2011 was fixed on January 18, 2013. However, if one word is censored, the whole chat turns to hashtags, and therefore, making people mad.


A party is a chat where the player can invite more than one person to chat with. If they go on a place, it will announce the place they're at, and anyone in the party can follow them, unless the server is full, or if Roblox does not allow them to join, sometimes it does that. As of summer 2019, this was removed.

Friends Update

Conversion to Friends and Followers

In early 2015, Best Friends were converted into Friends while existing Friends were converted into Followers.[1]

Changes to Homepage Display

In Summer of 2018, the Friends section on the Homepage was changed to only display the heads of friends' avatars as thumbnails (rather than their entire body). Users can also see the title of the game that their friends are currently playing underneath their avatar's thumbnail.


As of February 2015, ROBLOX made it so that any user can have up to 200 friends instead of unlimited. Any best friends you had were converted to friend. Some users were unhappy of the update. There was an outrage from some parts of the Community after this was implemented.

Best Friends Removal

As of February 4, 2015, ROBLOX has removed best friends. Anyone who was a mutual best friend back then is now a friend. Anyone who was a non-mutual best friend or a friend to back then is now a follower (As mentioned above). Find more information about the update here.


In summer 2019 a new personal description for friends was added, this feature was unannounced.

Terminated Friends

See Ban

An example of a terminated friend on a friends list. (older version)

If a player sees a darker gray friend box, that means that the user is terminated for a various period of time. The box cannot be clicked and the only thing to do is unfriend that terminated user.

The friend boxes of terminated users have been changed in 2017. Instead of having the message "User has been restricted", the friend box of the terminated user will have nothing but his/her username, a circle showing the avatar of the terminated user and the settings on the upper-right of the dark-gray friend box. In 2019, it has been updated to show the profile avatar's top & more grayed out. In addition, "Offline" has been added.

Old example. 2017-present