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The Flash Tycoon was a multi-currency tycoon game developed by Fros Studio. It was still in its beta phase and was rising in popularity previous to it being shut down to avoid copyright issues. The creator of the game was vuurman98, who is currently known as DevLevii.


The cutscene was shown ot the player whenever they joined the game for the first time. It showed them walking around a laboratory. It could be skipped by pressing the "Skip Story" button on the right hand side of the screen.

The Cortex[]

Within The Cortex, there were a series of rooms made for decoration. Inside one room, there was a suit that looked similar to The Flash's from the TV show accompanied by three computers. In the other room, there was what seemed to be a conveyor belt that monitored The Flash's speed.

Particle Accelerator[]

Cisco and Harrison Wells watched over a man in the Particle Accelerator as an orb of light came towards him. As it approached him in the machine, he seemed to vanish into thin air before the screen faded to black. Players were required to go there in order to finish the cutscene.


General currencies[]

Speed Samples (S)[]

Speed Samples were the very first currency type that players could obtain. They are used to progress the tycoon and purchase more droppers along with characters.

Velocity 9 (V9)[]

Velocities 9 were a currency used during late game, which were required to progress further in the tycoon. They can be used to purchase V9 droppers. Players could also purchase them from the store or produce them buy purchasing the first dropper with a few Lives Saved.

Lives Saved (LS)[]

Lives Saved were a currency used during early game to purchase advanced items in order to produce V6. Players could get LS either from purchasing them from the shop, or by going into the city and save people within the buildings. The civilians respawn every 120 seconds (1 minute 30 seconds).

Other currencies[]

Velocity 6 (V6)[]

Velocities 6 were obtained by collecting bottles with green liquid or defeating Grodd in the sewers within in the city.

Velocity 10 (V10)[]

Velocities 10 were a premium currency that players could purchase from the shop for Robux.


Cash were a currency that players could earn from doing missions the prison.



The city was a place within the map where players could collect Lives Saved by saving civilians inside buildings. Some of the buildings within the city could not be entered. To get to the city, players must either cross a bridge or swim around the back and climb a ladder.

Speed Changer[]

Speed Changer was a shop located in the city that allowed players to change their trail that comes off of them when they enable Flash Run. Velocities 6 or 10 were required to change trail.

Morph Shop[]

The Morph Shop was a shop located in the city that allowed players to change their appearance. It was inaccessible as it was still under construction.

Trade & Transport[]

These were two shops located within a building in the city called Trade and Transport. Trade allowed players to trade their Velocities 6 into Speed Samples, Velocities 9, or Lives Saved. Transport was unavailable as it was still under construction.

Weapon Shop[]

The Weapon Shop was a shop located in the city. It allowed players to purchase a variety of weapons for Velocities 6 or 10.

The Sewers[]

The sewers allowed players to collect Velocities 6. It was located underneath the center part of the city. The Phase ability was required to enter the sewers, which costed 20K Speed Samples. Grodd could also be found within the sewers. It could be defeated for a greater amount of Velocities 6.

The Ruins[]

The ruins was a maze that held Savitar and Time Wraiths.


NPC Description Image
Cisco Told players about the Speed of God who was trapped by Barry Allen within the ruins and, the way to access it, and Time Wraiths. He also warned players about Savitar, the boss that players were required to kill.
Harrison Wells -
Harrison Wells
Savitar Players were required to kill him in the ruins.
Time Wraiths Players would have to avoid them in the ruins as their purpose is to kill them.
Time Wraith

Character selection[]

There were four characters that players must choose from that are listed in the table below. They did not have any effects other than the appearance. Once a player die, they would spawn as their default character, but they could select again by opening the menu then pressing the character tab.

Default characters[]

Character Image
Your ROBLOXian
Your ROBLOXian

Event characters[]

Character Image
Santa Flash
Santa Flash

Purchasable Characters[]

These characters could be purchased in Hall Of Heroes. They all costed roughly 70K Speed Samples.

Character Image
Jesse Quick
Jesse Quick
The Flash Season 2
The Flash Season 2
Jay Garrick Earth 2
Jay Garrick Earth 2
The Rival
The Rivial
Reverse Flash
Reverse Flash
Black Flash
Black Flash
Flash Season 1
Flash Season 1
Kid Flash
Kid Flash
Jay Garrick Earth 3
Jay Garrick Earth 3

Server events[]


During this event, a character named Zoom would spawn and attack the player, dealing damage over time. Killing him would give them Velocities 9.

Reverse Flash[]

During this event, a character named Reverse Flash would spawn and attack the player, dealing damage over time. Killing him would give them Speed Samples.



  • frosman13 or currently known as DevJanick
  • vuurman98 or currently known as DevLevii


  • frosman13 or currently known as DevJanick
  • glennboy94 or currently known as DevGlenn
  • vurrman98 or currently known as DevLevii


  • frosman13 or currently known as DevJanick
  • vuurman98 or currently known as DevLevii

Idea From[]

  • vuurman98 or currently known as DevLevii
  • glennboy94 or currently known as DevGlenn

Frequently asked questions[]

This section could be found right at the start of the game by pressing the "Information" buttom.

Question Answer
How do I begin my tycoon? Touch a brick that says "Touch me to work".
How do I get Lives Saved (LS)? Walk to the city and save people inside buildings. Touch them in order to save them.
How do I get Velocity 9 (V9)? You can produce V9 with Lives Saved.
How do I get Speed Samples (S) quicker? Play an obstacle course or wait for a server event.
How do I mute the music? Click on the "Settings" button, then click "Mute".
What if there is something broken? Send a message to the Fros Studio Roblox group or on the Discord server.

Update Logs[]

Version 0.21[]

Update release date: 29 March 2017
  • Updated: Shop
  • Added: more buildings
  • Fixed: Tachyon Device
  • Fixed: Zoom Event
  • Fixed: Reverse Flash Event

Version 0.211[]

Update release date: 1 April 2017
  • Updated: Obby's
  • Fixed: Time Wraiths
  • Fixed: Tutorial Ruines
  • Fixed: Ruines
  • Fixed: Savitar Morph
  • Fixed: Obby 1 & 2
  • Fixed: Morphs
  • Fixed: event bonus
  • Fixed: General bug fixes
  • Removed: Time

Version 0.212[]

Update release date: 3 April 2017
  • Changed: Location Shops
  • Changed: Location buildings
  • Added: Shop Statues
  • Added: Signs
  • Added: Signs above shops

Version 0.22 - The Big Update [Part 2][]

Update release date: 25 April 2017
  • Updated: Game to FE
  • Added: Reborn 1
  • Added: Shop
  • Added: New morphs in Morph shop
  • Added: Transport shop
  • Added: 2nd settings
  • Added: BackPack
  • Added: New currency "Cash"
  • Updated: Chat
  • Fixed: Doors


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  • The game was based on the Flash TV series.