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Tix Factory Tycoon is a multi-currency tycoon game developed by Fros Studio. It was made in memory of tickets.

The game is currently in its paid access alpha stage. It is available to play for 25 Robux. All players who have purchased the alpha access will receive rewards in the next major update, the Free Release update. Starting from January 6th, 2021, the game is at a fixed discount for only 25 Robux. However, less rewards are given to players who paid less compared to those who paid full access price.


Players start out by making their own Tix inside their Tix Factories. They can then use the Tix to purchase more productive Tix droppers.

More powerful droppers can be purchased with Gold and GoldTix. Gold can be obtained from the mineshafts. With it, players can produce a new type of currency named GoldTix, which can also be used to purchase the gold drill for producing Gold.

With 10,000,000 Tix, players can perform their first reborn. Reborns reset the player's Tix Factory and their Tix, Gold, GoldTix, Diamonds and Diamond Tix in return for additional gameplay content and a slight boost in their Tix Factory's production. Some reborns also unlock gears and more places to explore.

In the first reborn, players get to unlock the Warehouse. It produces Packet Tix using packets delivered from the Tix Factory.

The sixth reborn is the hardest reborn level in game as it takes a long time due to the work required. In this reborn level, players get to unlock the Warehouse Factory, which produces Tixium Tix and Cash Tix.

In the seventh reborn, players get to unlock the diamond drill, which produces Diamonds and Diamond Tix. It is located outside of the Tix Factory.

Players get to unlock the Iron Mine Operation in the eighth reborn. It produces Stones, Iron and Iron Tix. It takes place in the Lost Cave of the Sinkhole.


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  • Back in 2016, the game was a popular front page tycoon.
  • The game was created after the announcement of the removal of tickets from Roblox.