Frost Clan, or FC, is a war group. It is named after the ROBLOX hat Frost Clan Hillfighter.



Frost Clan was created in 2009 by Underworldruler. The next two leaders were Apocalyptical and ThePhantomHourGlass. Ownership of Frost Clan was eventually transferred to Dignatio. On October 22, 2013, Dignatio retired, handing the leadership role to jjjakey.


X-101st was Frost Clan's first major participation in any war. Frost Clan also articipated in a war against the First Encounter Assault Recon, allying with The Roblox Assault Team, and the United Clan of Roblox. Frost Clan declared war on The Robloxian Army in 2011.



  • Fort Wolf
  • Fort Avalanche 
  • Wolves' Borough
  • Fort Wolf II
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