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Mermaid Life is a roleplaying experience created by Fullflower Studio. It was initially developed by Myzta, EvilArtist, and Erythia as a project for the accelerator program in Fall 2019, where alertcoderf joined the team. The experience officially launched in group-only access during the program and is still run by Myzta, EvilArtist, and a team of developers at Fullflower Studio. Mermaid Life's group quickly grew in members as players began to discover the experience, having around 1,300,000 members around the time the experience launched its Beta update on July 7, 2021.

The Beta phase launch came with a reimagined map layout that switched the experience from using Roblox-provided terrain to custom-built and textured mesh terrain. The new map also added new buildings, outfits, and interactions to the experience, and reformed many of the jobs available. The experience's relaunch, however, did not include the character Mizz Fortune, who provided players with a secondary way to make money in the experience. Mizz Fortune's sister, who goes by the same name, was added to the experience on August 9, 2021, alongside new hairstyles, a potion recipe book, and a Premium Outfit Shop.


When a player joins the experience for the first time, they're immediately met with a character selection screen where they pick between eight merrow, each with different skin types and hair styles. Players can customize their characters with a variety of items, including tail and fin accessories, unique faces, and a series of face, wrist, waist, neck, head, chest, hair, and wing accessories. Players can also personalize the proportions and color of their character's skin, tail, or body. Players can adopt and raise a series of water-themed pets, including tuna, otters, lion fish, and squids, from an area near spawn.

Many of the experience's items can be purchased with Clams, the experience's currency, from shops that regularly rotate with new items for players to use to personalize their characters. Players can earn Clams by working at Coral Cafe, a coffee shop that serves its patrons a variety of brews, by participating in activities at the spa, Sunset Academy, or Pedro's Potions, or by locating treasure chests around the map. Potions brewed at Pedro's Potions can be sold for additional Clams, providing the players with extra income. Clams can also be purchased for Robux, with the cheapest option providing 100 Clams for 15 Robux and the most expensive option offering 15,000 Clams for 1,250 Robux.

Outside of work and stores, players can attend classes specializing in fashion and environmental sciences at Sunset Academy.

Events and collaborations[]

Luobu Costume Party[]

Mermaid Life was featured in the first phase of missions for the Luobu Costume Party event. To obtain the shining ball reward from this experience, players had to swim to the Fairgrounds and talk to Duke Bratwurst, the Fairgrounds Ringmaster. He will task you with collecting his thirteen missing items: the Bat, Pointy Hat, Cauldron, Chocolate, Leaf, Broomstick, Scary Plushie, Lollipop, Spider Web, Costume Teeth, Candy Apple, Hat, and the Pumpkin. After collecting all of these items, players would return to the Ringmaster to collect the shining ball reward and the Halloween Crown 2021, an in-experience accessory.

Mermaid Life was removed from the Luobu Costume Party event on November 2, 2021, before the rest of the event experiences were removed on November 15, and replaced with ARK Tycoon. It was removed from the lineup because of the Spin Master collaboration that would launch the next day.

Spin Master collaboration[]

On October 20, 2021, Spin Master debuted its Mermaid High collection of fashion dolls and announced that along with a YouTube Live livestream hosted by California-native singer-songwriter Claire Rosinkranz, the Mermaid High brand would also make an appearance in Mermaid Life with an event starting on November 1, 2021. The actual Mermaid High event would not launch until November 2, 2021, because of development bottlenecks created by the 2021 Roblox outage.[1] In this collaboration, Mermaid Life players would be able to participate in weekly quests around the four Mermaid High characters that would reward players with exclusive items based on the characters' outfits and accessories.[2]


Name Image Description Virtual Code Item Series
Mermaid Life: Diana
Mermaid Life Diana Toy
TBA Coral Reef Crown Deluxe Mystery Pack, Series 1[3]
Mermaid Life: Urania
Mermaid Life Urania Toy
Dwelling in the deep waters of Mermaid Life, the lighthearted undersea game by Fullflower Studio, Urania is the empathic guide of the Astrology Tower gifted with the enchantment of a knowing third eye. Using her connection to the zodiac, she can predict how the tide will turn, revealing things that one would never fathom. Mermaid Crown of Power Mermaid Life: Urania Core Figure Pack


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  • Mermaid Life was nominated for a Bloxy Award for Best Use of Tech in the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards.
  • As of November 3, 2021, the experience has an impressive like-to-dislike ratio (LDR) of 64,131 likes to 6,116 dislikes, giving it a 91.3% approval rating.
  • The experience has been favorited 494,043 times.
  • Each experience server holds 20 players.
  • Beneath the spawn area, players can find the house of SpongeBob SquarePants. Going near it will cause it to play a trap remix of the Krusty Krab theme song.