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GRAMMY Week was a Roblox event that started on March 30, 2022, and ended on April 3, 2022. The event was sponsored by The Recording Academy to host the GRAMMY Week for the 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards in partnership with Mastercard. The event featured artists Camilo, Glass Animals, Sofia Carson, Poppy and Walker Hayes for meet & greets.[1]


Name Image Creator/Group
GRAMMY Week.png
Dubit Games

Avatar shop items

Name Image Price
GRAMMY Chrome Headphones
GRAMMY Chrome Headphones.png
80 Robux
GRAMMY Paparazzi Camera
GRAMMY Paparazzi Camera.png
90 Robux
GRAMMY Backpack
GRAMMY Backpack.png
120 Robux
GRAMMY Shoulder Bag
GRAMMY Shoulder Bag.png
100 Robux
GRAMMY Golden T-Shirt
GRAMMY Golden T-Shirt.png
100 Robux

Gamepass items

These items can be purchased as gamepasses.

Name Image Price
Camilo Mustache
Camilo Mustache.png
75 Robux
Chunky Necklace - Camilo
Chunky Necklace - Camilo.png
70 Robux
Shoulder Bag - Camilo
Shoulder Bag - Camilo.png
100 Robux
Colombian Flag Superhero Cape
Colombian Flag Superhero Cape - Camilo.png
110 Robux
La Tribu Headphones - Camilo
La Tribu Headphones - Camilo.png
80 Robux
La Tribu Guitar - Camilo
La Tribu Guitar - Camilo.png
140 Robux


Name Image Objective
Mastercard Aviator Glasses
Mastercard Aviator Glasses.png
Buy all 14 planes from shops around the event experience. You were not required to obtain every color.
GRAMMY Chain.png
Find 20 Grammys scattered around the event experience.
GRAMMY Glasses
GRAMMY Glasses.png
Answer all 12 trivia questions located around the event experience.
GRAMMY Violet T-Shirt
Take a photo of yourself at the event through an NPC near the Red Carpet.
Mastercard T-Shirt
Wear a layered clothing item on the Red Carpet.
La Tribu T-Shirt - Camilo
Attend the concert.


As of March 31, 2022, the experience had a 28 percent approval rating, making it the event experience with the third lowest like to dislike ratio of all time, only behind Ava Max Heaven & Hell Launch Party and Mountaineers.[2] Many players have complained that the map was too large, making the quest to find 64 Grammys difficult. Others complained that the aircrafts used in the experience, which were required to obtain some of the Grammys, had wonky or nonfunctional controls. For example, in order to go up, the player had to press the S key on the keyboard, and to go down, the player had to press the W key on the keyboard and this did not work on mobile devices.[3][4][5] Some complained that the game's server sizes created lag for players with weaker devices.[6][7] The quiz questions were also criticized due to being hard to find and solve the answer, making it time-consuming to correctly answer all of the questions without watching a guide. An update on March 31 moved all of the billboards to an area directly next to the spawn.


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