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A Game being created.

"Games" redirects here. For information about a user place, see Place. For the user, see Community:Games.
A universe is a group of places linked together that are designed to constitute a game as a whole. Places in a game are able to communicate with other places in that same game, and place teleportation is used to bring players from one place in a game to another. They also make sure you keep your things, such as EXP, items, gamepasses, etc., if that was what a developer wanted to do. Universes were suggested many years before their announcement, and its launch coincided with the release of The ROBLOX 2014 Winter Games.

A universe in-game.

In order to send users to different places in a universe, the usage of ExplorerImageIndex 70TeleportService is required.


  • Improved teleportation that no longer prompts users to change place, but instead, teleports the player without an option.
  • Centralized Data Stores, the superseded version of Data Persistence, allows for saved data to be shared across all places in a single game.
  • New places can be created in-game through the "Create Place Async" method.

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