Add a new Place to a Game by right-clicking "Places" in the Game Explorer (View -> Game Explorer)

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game or universe is a group of places linked together that are designed to constitute a game as a whole. The release of games coincided with the release of the ROBLOX 2014 Winter Games.

Places can be added to a game via the Game Explorer window accessible through Studio's View menu, as shown by the picture to the right.

Game developers can transport players from one place in a game to another using ExplorerImageIndex 70TeleportService. Furthermore, servers in a universe can communicate with each other using ExplorerImageIndex 0MessagingService. Saved data using AssetServiceDataStoreService is also accessible throughout all places in the game.

Places using SavePlaceAsync and CreatePlaceAsync are shown in the "Created Place" menu of the game's Configure page on the website.

As of September 2017, all users are allotted 200 active games. Before, the limit was dependent on the user's membership or previous membership status. The removal of this limitation allows users to create more games and reach a wider audience.


  • Changing the start/main place in a game used to be permitted in a game's "Configure Game" page on the website. However, this feature was removed and all games that were missing a start place had one automatically generated.
  • Improved teleportation that no longer prompts users to change place, but instead, teleports the player without an option.
  • New places can be created in-game through the "CreatePlaceAsync" method.
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