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Sonic Speed Simulator is a massive multiplayer online game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series developed by Gamefam Studios under the name Gamefam x Sonic and officially licensed by SEGA. It is freely available as an experience on the Roblox platform. It was initially released on March 30, 2022, as a paid beta, and then later publicly released for free on April 16, 2022. The game is actively updated, with special updates being regularly released after milestones are reached — usually involving a set number of likes


Sonic Speed Simulator is a 3D, third-person platformer game that features open worlds and multiple playable characters. The player's Roblox avatar is unlocked by default, while the other characters, such as Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, can be unlocked through cards found in the worlds. In a similar vein to Sonic Adventure 2, the playable characters possess a plethora of moves such as the Spin Jump, Spin Attack (referred to as the "Spin Dash"), Spin Dash (referred to as the "Spin Dash Charge"), Jump Dash, and Homing Attack, with the noticeable absence of the Boost.

The game is about traversing open worlds at high speed while, in a similar fashion to other simulator games found on Roblox, continually upgrading the player character's abilities. Unique to this game, the player can find multicolored Chaos Orbs scattered around the world which gradually increase their Experience Points (XP) when collected. The playable character also gains one XP for each step they take or through purchases from in-game shops. Sky Rings, also unique to the game, grant large amounts of XP when traveled through. Gathering enough XP will increase the player's level, increasing the following parameters:

  • Speed: Determines the playable character's maximum speed. Speed starts out low but can get exponentially higher as a player progresses with the game. At higher speeds, players can go through loops, launch themselves from slopes, and run along walls. Speed also affects a player's Spin Dash and Homing Attacks. There is a meter at the bottom left corner of the screen that displays a player's speed in MPH.
  • Power: Determines the playable character's jumping height. Power can reach a maximum of 100. It helps the player reach Sky Rings or higher parts of worlds. A high Speed and Power parameter, combined with a well-timed Spin Dash on a slope, will let a player reach notable heights.

When leveling up, the maximum XP cap increases by a bit for the next level and a small text portion will appear on the HUD that tells of the player's exact parameter values, before scrolling up and off the screen. The latter feature can be disabled in the settings. Furthermore, both Speed and Power can be manually lowered in the settings menu. This changes the respective parameter by the set percentage; it does not mimic any previous Level's statistics.

After reaching a high enough level, the player can choose to "Rebirth", which removes their speed and levels, but grants them a large number of Rings, an increase in maximum level before the next rebirth, and an XP multiplier to help level up faster. Levels also serve as prerequisites for unlocking new worlds. Rings can also be found throughout the worlds or obtained through other means and are used at vending machines to purchase random items like trails or pets that provide upgradable benefits to the player, such as increased Rings rewarded per Ring pickup and increased XP per Chaos Orb pickup.

Falling into the aforementioned pets category are Chao. The player can both buy Chao from vending machines or earn them during certain events after meeting specific conditions. There are currently a total of 24 types of Chao in the game, each with different attributes. These include the classification of their rarity when obtained from vending machines, which range between "Common", "Uncommon", "Rare", "Epic", "Legendary", "Chaos" and "Exotic", as well as the benefits they grant when equipped, which involving boosting the number of XP and Rings earned when the corresponding item is collected. The player can equip the playable character with three of any Chao, 5 if the +2 Pet Slots pass is bought. Also, while equipped to the playable character, the Chao will gain XPs, which will increase their respective levels and improve the benefits they grant. The player can carry up to 40 Chao by default, sharing the same inventory space with trails although that limit can be expanded through in-game purchases. In addition, the player can evolve a Chao if they collect five of the same type. Evolved Chao gives greater bonuses; five times that of an unevolved Chao of the same type.

Additionally, Races and other events periodically take place in the game. These allow the player to compete with other players in the game, and grant them varying rewards depending on which place they finish in.

There is also an in-game shop where the player can buy extras using Robux, the virtual currency of Roblox. The purchases that can be made in this shop are divided into passes that grant permanent benefits to a player, such as more room inventory space, an infinite version of the magnet boost, level/rebirth multipliers and negation of the level cap. Boosts that grant effects that last for thirty minutes, such as Ring and XP multipliers and Magnets; and bundles of varying amounts of Rings. In addition, the player can purchase Sonic-themed accessories and clothing (UGC) for their Roblox avatar in another shop. The UGC shop is available near the starting point in Green Hill, at the wooden stage between the totems.

In return for playing the game for certain periods of time, the player can also obtain free rewards from Chests opened in the Redeem section, accessible on the right side of the screen. Contents include Rings and Boosts that are normally only available in the Shop. Players subscribed to Roblox Premium, the paid membership of Roblox, receive double the rewards.

Besides large open Worlds, Sonic Speed Simulator features obstacle courses (referred to as Obbies) There were originally some in every world aside from Chemical Plant Zone to go to the next world, but they have been removed. Green Hill Zone has 3 different obbies that are optional.

There are also cyclical events in the game where the player can earn rewards, such as new characters, Chao and trails by completing certain objectives or buying them with Robux. During the first Scavenger Hunt Event for example, character card fragments would appear in certain worlds every now and then for five minutes. Collecting 100 cards unlocked Sailor Tails as a playable character.

The player can play on public servers with other Roblox users or create a private server for themselves and add people to it as their friends. The price of a private server is 99 Robux.


  • Green Hill Zone
  • Lost Valley
    • Unlocked at level 25.
  • Emerald Hill
    • Unlocked by rebirthing once.
  • Snow Valley
    • Unlocked by rebirthing 3 times.
  • Hill Top Zone
    • Unlocked by rebirthing 10 times.
  • Chemical Plant
    • Unlocked by winning 25 races.

Unlockable Characters

  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Found by collecting the character card in Green Hill.
    • Riders Sonic: Unlocked by entering "RIDERS" into the Redeem Code panel. (Code expired, no longer obtainable unless if onsale for sale in the current update, for Robu)
    • Stealth Suit Sonic: Unlocked by collecting 100 data disks that appear in Chemical Plant at random intervals.
    • Summer Sonic: Unlocked by collecting 7,500 chili dogs in the Beach Party event. (No longer obtainable unless if onsale for sale in the current update, for Robux)
    • Birthday King Sonic: Unlocked by collecting 150,000 presents in the Birthday Bash event. (No longer obtainable unless if onsale for sale in the current update, for Robux)
  • Classic Sonic: Unlocked by collecting 250,000 presents in the Birthday Bash event. (No longer obtainable unless if onsale in the current update, for Robux)
  • Miles "Tails" Prower: Found by collecting the character card in Lost Valley.
    • Sailor Tails: Unlocked by collecting 100 character card fragments that appear in different worlds at random intervals; the fragments only appear for 5 minutes and then disappear. (No longer obtainable unless if onsale for sale in the current update, for Robux)
    • Mechanic Tails: Unlocked by collecting 500 wrenches in the Mechanic Tails' Ultra Prize Zone event.
    • Aviator Tails: Unlocked by obtaining a score of 55,000 in the Aerial Assault event.
  • Knuckles the Echidna: Found by collecting the character card in Emerald Hill.
    • Treasure Hunter Knuckles: Unlocked by completing all the quests in the Knuckles' Treasure Hunt event. (No longer obtainable unless if onsale for sale in the current update, for Robux)
    • Adventure Knuckles: Unlocked by setting off 250,000 fireworks in the Fireworks Festival event. (No longer obtainable unless if onsale for sale in the current update, for Robux)
    • Riders Knuckles: Unlocked by collecting 75,000 air in Freestyle Riders Part 2 (You can only access Part 2 upon completing Part 1)
  • Amy Rose: Unlocked by collecting 5,000 pink crystals in the Save Amy event. (No longer obtainable unless if onsale for sale in the current update, for Robux)
    • Chef Amy: Unlocked by collecting 3,000 chili dogs in the Beach Party event. (No longer obtainable unless if onsale for sale in the current update, for Robux)
    • Summer Amy: Unlocked by setting off 150,000 fireworks in the Fireworks Festival event. (No longer obtainable unless if onsale for sale in the current update, for Robux)
  • Big the Cat: Unlocked by destroying 2,000 Badniks and then finding Froggy in Green Reef.
  • Metal Sonic: Unlocked by completing all 3 designated tasks in the Metal Madness event.
    • Metal Sonic Mach 3.0: Unlocked by completing all 3 designated tasks in the Mach Madness event; you must unlock Metal Sonic first to access the tasks for Metal Sonic Mach 3.0.

All unlockable characters have no difference in functionality, only serving as skins for the player.


Button formation Movement
PC/Laptop Mobile Xbox One
[↑]/[←]/[↓]/[→] // [W]/[A]/[S]/[D] Digital Analog Stick Left Analog Stick Move
[SPACE] Jump Button The A Button Spin Jump
Spin Jump > [SPACE] Spin Jump > Jump Button Spin Jump > The A Button Jump Dash
Spin Jump > [SPACE] near target Spin Jump > Jump Button near target Spin Jump > Hit the A Button near target Homing Attack
Left click Tap Screen Interact
[E]/[SHIFT] Roll Button The X Button Spin Dash
Hold [E]/[SHIFT] > release [E]/[SHIFT] Hold Roll button > release Roll button Hold the X Button > release The X Button Spin Dash Charge