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The games page is a portal for popular games. There are frequently thousands of people playing games, and these games are ordered by the number of people playing in each game. The front page can have games with a massive amount of  people playing in different servers.


The Roblox Game Page (2016) Seen As An NBC/FBC Member

The Roblox Game Page (2017) Seen As A BC/TBC/OBC Member

The Roblox Game Page (2018) Seen As A BC/TBC/OBC Member


The games page includes a list of games which usually contain players, sorted by the number of players playing each game. Many of the games which make it to the front page contain more than 10,000 players in a game. Though, whilst browsing the front page games, users should note that there are a large number of games and therefore if a user is unable to find a game that interests them on the front page, a player can click the "Next" button at the bottom of the page to see more games.


Players can use the "Browse" button to look up a specific game or other games.


  • Popular: Sorted by the most people at a place.
  • Top Rated: Sorted by the games that are favorited the most.
  • Featured: Games that are run by the Roblox Team team on the Roblox account.
  • Rthro: Sorted by the games that have Rthro enabled in them.
  • Popular Near You: Sorted by games that people in your area are playing. (Usually the same games as on the Popular page.
  • Recommended: Random semi-popular games that Roblox "recommends" to you.
  • Most Engaging: Games that players spend the most time on
  • Up and coming: Functions like a trending page (Games that have recently got popular)
  • Popular Worldwide: Sorted by games that the world is playing (Basically the popular page)
  • Top Rated: Games with mostly positive ratings.
  • Play Together: Games with free Private servers
  • Learn and explore: Games that enable players to learn in an engaging ways.


For each option users select from the Browse section above Time, they can select when. For example, if users set it to 'Most Popular' and 'All-time' the website will show games that have the most number of visits. This works with all the time options.

Genres (Discontinued)

Using the Genres section, players could narrow down what type of place they wanted to see. This defaults to All but users can select things like Medieval to see just Medieval themed places, or Comedy, or Wild West places. This would let players pick exactly which kind of games they want to see in the Games list.

  • All
  • Building
  • Horror
  • Town & City
  • Military
  • Comedy
  • Medieval
  • Adventure
  • Sci-fi
  • Naval
  • FPS
  • RPG
  • Sports
  • Fighting
  • Western
  • Quiz (Got removed before genres got removed)
  • Skate Park (Used to be genre ID 17, got removed in 2016.)


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  • Personal servers used to be on the games page until they were removed during the summer of 2015. The reason for this update was because Roblox developers earned no profit from them, according to former Roblox administrator Shedletsky, as many developers had created non-BC versions of their BC-only games so players would just play the non-BC place, therefore maximizing the developers' profits.
  • During the introduction of dynamic lighting, the games page had white bars on the side of it, featuring games with dynamic lighting such as BloxBurg with LIGHTING and Dynamically Lit Gear War.
  • It is known that scammers use bots to boost their scam games up on the front page to "advertise" their scam site or to unfairly gain an audience for their game.
  • Advertisements were visible on the Games Page until June 25, 2019.

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