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This article is about a discontinued feature.

The Shiny Blue Gift of Niceness is an example of a gift hat

A gift accessory is a type of accessory that is usually given to players when they complete a specified task within a limited amount of time, such as accumulating over 1,000 place visits. These tasks are not disclosed to the players, which often leads to players creating theories about how certain gift hats are earned. After a certain amount of time, players who have not earned the gift hat can purchase it for a specified amount of Robux. Once the sale period ends, the gift hat will open. Any player who owns the gift hat at the time it opens will receive a specified prize. Typically, gift hats that are more difficult to obtain will be priced higher and will release a more desirable gift, such as a Dominus. The years 2007, 2009, 2010, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 are the only years to not have gifts in October. It is assumed that gifts are officially discontinued. However, Metaverse Champions has revived this concept in the form of crates. The crates get replaced with items.

No gifts were released in 2018, leading players to speculate that gift accessories had been discontinued.[1]


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  • The Achievements of the Populace, Muneris Aureus Dev Ex, and Horns of the Ominous Seed are the only gifts that do not have the word 'Gift' or 'Present' in it. Donum Praefectus doesn't have the English word "gift" in it, however when converted from Latin, it's "Perfect Gift".
  • The years 2007, 2009, 2010, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 are the only years to not feature gifts in October.
  • The only gifts to give two separate items were the Double Decker Gift of Elvenkind, the 16-Bit Gift of Powergaming, and the Bandito gift of the month.
  • Glowing Gold Gift of Superuser was the only gift that opened to have another gift inside; it was the Silver Gift of Surprise.
  • OBC players would receive the OBC Gift of Heartfelt Appreciation as well as both the TBC Gift of Gratitude and the BC Gift of Thanks. Same went for TBC players, who obtained the TBC and BC gifts.
  • On the morning when the OBC Gift of Heartfelt Appreciation was released NBC players could get it, this was later fixed and the NBC players who bought it were awarded with something different.
  • Those who bought the Shrieking Gift of Doom got an extra hat known as Frankenstein's Top Hat that came out of the Elegant Gift of the Mad Scientist.
  • When The Return of the Badger Badger Badger Gift was opened, it ran out of character space so it said "Gi" instead of gift at the end. When all the characters are counted, this has 50 characters. Catalog items may have a title character limit of 50.
  • The Leprechaun's Treasured Gift had bugs releasing its hat, some received Viridian Antlers, and some didn't.
  • The 3 achievement gifts were the first gift hats not be sold for Robux.
  • Slime Mystery Gift is the only Nickelodeon present in Roblox.
  • The Festive Gift of Winter Wisdom is a shoulder accessory.
  • 2017 was seemingly the last year to have any gifts at all.
    • Its is also the only year to not feature gifts that require Robux.