Giftsplosion 2012 was the Christmas gift giving event of 2012. Players were awarded several different gifts for doing different things within ROBLOX. Most of these gifts had something to do with trying out one of ROBLOX's new features introduced in 2012. Some examples would be using The Trade System, selling gamepasses and gear at one's place, and having a video thumbnail image in a gameslot. A total of nine gifts were handed out during the event. All of the gifts offered during the Giftsplosion 2012 could be purchased for Robux for a limited time before they were opened.


Name Requirements Reward
ROBLOX Newshound Gift This gift was given to players who subscribed to the monthly ROBLOX newsletter. Newspaper Shades
Commissioner's Gift of Commissions This gift was awarded to players who sold 10+ gear at their places. The Commissioner
Razzle Dazzle Hollywood Star Gift Players who had a video thumbnail in one of their places were awarded this gift. Hollywood Shutter Shades
Self-Referential Gift of Referring This gift was awarded to everyone who received a referral bonus in the past 30 days for successfully getting a friend to join builders club as of December 11, 2012. Candy Cane Antlers
Festival Gift of Group Fundraising This gift was awarded to anyone who made an item for their group and sold at least 1 of them by December 11, 2012. Paper Money Hat
High Frequency Trading Gift This gift was awarded to all users who had completed at least 8 trades by 12/17/2012 at 11:59 central. Profit Vision Goggles
Ticket to Ride Gift Awarded to every user who successfully sold at least one game pass by December 17, 2012 11:59 Central. Conductor's Gold Pocket Watch
Lucky Gift of Sevens Awarded on December 18, 2012 to everyone who owned at least one limited item with serial number #7. 7 Jeweled Circlet
The Coolest Gift Awarded to the creators of 2012's top 100 most visited places. Dual Illumina

Criticism surrounding gifts

Most felt that the gifts were too difficult to obtain by NBCers, seeing that most of the gifts required you to use BC-only features.  The gifts later went on sale, leading to more criticism.  Many believed that the gifts' prices were too much too high for most NBCers to afford.

Criticism also came after BrightEyes denied rumors of the Razzle Dazzle Hollywood Star Gift being rewarded to those who uploaded a video thumbnail to their game.  After the gift was finally handed out, people attacked BrightEyes saying she had lied to them.

Many felt that there were not as many gifts that there could have been. There were 9 this year, 13 last year, and it appears that there are two gifts that were not made that are shown in the picture. BrightEyes says; "Maybe next year."

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