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Giftsplosion 2013 was the Christmas gift giving event of 2013. Over the course of 13 days, the Roblox administrators released 13 gift boxes into the avatar shop. Gifts were rewarded to those who met the requirements hidden within the riddles provided. Once an obtaining period has ended, the gift box was put on sale with a timer for a set amount of Robux based around the difficulty of the requirement. After the gift box went off sale, it opened and granted the owners a new item in their inventory.

This giftsplosion utilized new features such as outfits, user-uploaded sounds, paid access and the developer exchange. It was also the first to incorporate the participation of another major event (BLOXtober 2013) as one of the requirements.

More information about this year's Giftsplosion can be found here. The overall statistics can be found here.


Box Name Description Requirement Price Prize Name
Opened Well Outfitted Gift of Style.png Well Outfitted Gift Of Style "Santa takes style seriously. Luckily his outfit works for all occasions." Made at least one outfit by December 3, 2013. 25 Robux Stylish ROBLOX Scarf.png Stylish Roblox Scarf
Opened Gift Of Passage.png Gift of Passage "You shall not pass without a pass." Purchased a game pass by December 4, 2013. 100 Robux Wiz.png The Wisest Wizard
Opened Gift of the Little Seed.png Gift of the Little Seed "Great things often come in small packages.... like seeds!" Purchased the Little Seed when it was the Little Seed. 1500 Robux Holiday Branchlers.png Holiday Branchlers
Opened Admit One Gift.png Admit One Gift "A ticket to hours of entertainment is just a few clicks away." Sold at least one game via Paid access. 1000 Robux Gold Flash Shades1.png Gold Flash Shades
Opened Eventful Gift .png Eventful Gift "80% of success is showing up." Owning any of the BLOXcon Fedoras or the Virtual BLOXcon 2013 Lanyard. 2000 Robux Eventful ROBLOX Top Hat.png Eventful ROBLOX Top Hat
Opened Achievements of the Populace.png Achievements of the Populace "117561193 99931407 106476791 121133205 129382885 135592556 100477541" Acquired all 7 badges in the description. 300 Robux Snowbot.png Snowbot
Opened Festive Gift of Impossibility.png Festive Gift of Impossibility "62592460 132345501 117136113 55843753 91323278 122924107 137697370" Acquired all 7 badges in the description. 10000 Robux Merrywrath.png Merrywrath
Opened Gift of Approval.png Gift of Approval "Seems legit." Own a place with at least 100 thumbs up. 200 Robux Festive Swordpack.png Festive Swordpack
Opened Sound as a Bell Gift .png Sound as a Bell Gift "Whatever sounds good to you, sounds good to me." Upload five sounds. 5000 Robux Domin.png Musica Infernus Dominator
Opened Double Double Gift of Trouble.png Double Double Gift of Trouble "It was so nice, I bought it twice!" Own two copies of any limited item. 375 Robux Gingerbread headrow.png Gingerbread Headrow
Opened Bewitching Gift of Santa.png Bewitching Gift of Santa "The town is indebted to you, Great Bloxxer. Bloxhilda will never bother us again! Or will she ..." Having completed every quest in The Witching Hour. 3100 Robux BLOXikin -32 Santa Claus.png BLOXikin #32 Santa Claus
Opened Muneris Aureus Dev Ex.png Muneris Aureus Dev Ex "This gift was awarded to all developers who have used ROBLOX's Developer Exchange." Use Roblox's Developer Exchange. 50000 Robux Dominus Aureus.png Dominus Aureus
Opened The Unluckiest Gift.png The Unluckiest Gift "Are you sure you want to buy this gift? It seems like nothing good could come from it." Purchased it when it was on sale for 13 minutes on Friday the 13th at 13:00 PST. 13 Robux CoalGear.png Sparkle Time Lump of Coal

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