Rainbow path givers.

A giver is a slightly transparent box, with a bar in the front. When you touch the bar, it will "give" you a tool, hence its name. The 3 most common uses is to give a tool letting you control a vehicle, such as a plane, or a tank. The second use is to place a cluster of givers at the end of an OBBY (Obstacle Course) to reward the winner with many different tools and weapons. The third use is to give weapons for fighting games. Some givers have humanoids inside, to tell you what you get if you touch the bar.


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  • Most of the givers are real, but watch out - Some free model givers are traps, and they will trap you inside them.
  • The first hat giver to be published was by Rhino1004 some time in 2007 - however, it was not his concept, and instead the idea was taken from PlayParky.
  • At the end of most original obbies in 2010 - 2014, there were givers that would give the winning players paths to use.
  • In many Slide Down in a Box games givers would usually be a prize for winning.
  • Paths from givers involve clicking or tapping to create boxes or spheres the player can walk on.
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