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Glass is a material added to Roblox on December 6, 2017.

Before glass was added, regular transparent bricks were used, which did not have the effects of glass such as distortion.


Glass, along with Neon, and unlike other materials, have special effects built in when the Graphics settings are high enough. When they are activated, they distort and slightly blur the image behind them and become less transparent when viewed from an angle.


Glass is a transparent Roblox material. It can be set with the properties of any other material, such as transparency or color . Glass is mainly used for windows.


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  • Comparisionworkspace

    Comparison with glass and without glass.

    Glass is the second material to have special effects with the first being Neon.
  • The effects of Glass do not activate until it's transparency is over 0.
  • Originally, to save processing power, Decals did not render behind transparent Glass, which was quickly changed. However, transparent parts still do not render.

How parts are changed behind Glass.

  • Water does not render behind glass, and it appears as a different terrain material.
  • Avatars do not fully render behind glass, and you can only see their hats
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