Glazin’, previously known as Dunkin' Donuts, named after the American coffeehouse company, is one of the largest and most successful café groups on Roblox. It focuses on the café industry, a role-playing sector focused on service and service management. With over 211,000 members, the group is very successful in stature, though the café retains around 50 players on most occasions. 

The group was founded in 2013 under the leadership of former Chairman DevMusic and former Chairwoman Jazzyx3. Much later, in early 2017, it was sold to SuperiorLogicc, who held the group under the alias “DUNKINDONUTSLLC " until January 2020, when ownership of the group was transferred to Jazzyx3.

Dunkin' Donuts was taken down by a DMCA claim from Dunkin' Donuts LLC in November 2019. It has since been renamed to Glazin’.

Group Description

"Welcome to Glazin'!

“Glazed to perfection”

This group has set out on a quest to ensure that ROBLOX is provided with a warm, welcoming cafe to help people make friends, relax, and have a good time. We are on the pursuit of chasing after these ideals and do this while maintaining a respectable staff and establish that we are not just your average coffee group; we’re a family and we want to welcome you and everyone else into our family.

Want to work for us? Join the application center located in our group games and fill out an application or go to one of our hosted interview sessions.


Featured Games 

Glazin’, in addition to the café, has multiple games to support its operations, including the Training, and Interview Centers.

Glazin' V1 Cafe:

Glazin' Training Center:

Glazin' Interview Center: 


  • Version 6, the old Dunkin' Donuts café, was released on June 7, 2018. Its unique architecture entails a café-hotel hybrid located within a yacht. The grand opening attracted over 200 players, though inconveniently opened at around 2 AM EDT.
  • Version 4 was the longest reigning version of Dunkin’ Donuts, being featured from January 2016 all the way to November 2017.
  • The Café was under temporary review in February after the Discord code was publicly released in game. It has since been removed, and the café returned to normal status soon after.
  • The Interview Center was closed in January 2018, having been viewed as obsolete. However, it was re-opened in March 2018 after staff support.
  • Dunkin' Donuts was shut down by Roblox in November 2019. However, they were allowed a name change and are now known as Glazin’.
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