A glitch is a fault in a software which produces an unexpected result, usually from errors in scripting. Like any video game, Roblox has a handful of glitches. While some glitches are harmless, short-lived, and sometimes even entertaining, some can occur for a long time, break functionality, and even harm the software (usually known as bugs).

This article lists only glitches that occur within the Roblox website and software, not within individual Roblox games.

Glitches vs. Hacks

Some people use these terms interchangeably. A glitch is generally accidental, and not abusable to further anything. A hack is generally done on purpose, and it is used to further something, or to show off that you can hack.  Abuse of a hack can be a bannable offense if it is truly an hack and not a glitch. Abuse of glitches generally not so. Ex: The glitches below are things Roblox needs to fix. A hack is either a securiy breach or a "professional" exploit.

Current Glitches


Wear the Robloxian 3.0 (Man) head and Robloxian 1.0 (square) torso. Make sure all your body colors are the same and you have no clothing templates on. Some combos make your head not be there in-game either.

(only works in-game)


Putting a wielded/any attaching surface brick on the back or front of your leg can cause you to 'fly' when you walk forward. You move up while going forward. Gravity is unaffected, so you drop when you are not walking. This is only seen in building places, because you generally cannot put a brick on yourself in any other game.

Large Chat Box

Sometimes, when you click on the chat box or press "/" to chat, the chat box will appear stretched out to the bottom of the screen. This error is common in some games including Entry Point.

Freeze Ray Holding

When this glitch occurs, a player does not hold a freeze properly. It can occur in-game, or in a player's avatar.


If a user stands near an edge and then jumps, the player will go flying away from the edge and possibly result in a death. This is due to the in-game physics. It also occurs when you walk into a corner at the right angle. (As far as I know, this has been fixed.)

Endless Install Loop

This bug forces you to reinstall ROBLOX every time you click play on a place. To remove it, you must uninstall ROBLOX completely and then reinstall.

Big Character

When certain items are equipped, most notably the ROBLOX Visor in 2007 or the Vampire Collar,  the player's avatar is zoomed in upon the face. This does not affect your character in-game.

Small Character

When certain items are equipped, such as the Dusek Car, 2013 Sparkler or the Sonic Boom Tuba, the player's avatar appears small. This does not affect your character in-game.

Tab Glitch

This is the most common glitch that appeared in 2011-2012. In 2011, if you press too many tabs and put something at the end it results as number appearing in yours and other players that have 13+ chat. The number is usually packed in boxes, but they blink and is stationary at one place.  An example is "Hello (tabs) Telamon: Hi people!"

White Screen

Sometimes, when the part the user's camera was focused on moved too fast, the camera would go white, and would not fix itself upon resetting. The only true way to fix this was to remove that player's local camera. The users' camera is now automatically removed when the user resets, so the user can reset and no longer have to worry about this.

Expanding on Expanded

(Baseplate is not the cause.) When you put a brick on wide/lengthy brick it will move for an unknown cause. Possible theories are border bricks on top and different form factors. You can see the brick move pixel (not stud) by pixel if you use the expansion tool and force it to move where it is already blocked by another brick. The worst thing is when you move or delete a long brick that touches a piece the touches the long brick, the whole bricks touching the long brick moves.

Clothes Glitch

This glitch causes your avatar to lose all clothing items besides hats, and have them replaced with toolbars, chats, terrain, and the cursor. It is most common on Macs and does not go away. It does not affect the head, only the legs, torso, and arms.

Shift+Enter Glitch

In the chat, typing something, pressing Shift+Enter, and type another thing. Then pressing enter splits your chat box and bubble into two lines. This is similar to the tab glitch.

Endless Loading Loop Glitch

At random, when a game is starting up, it'll be stuck in an endless loop of loading, and the game will never load. This can be easily fixed by quitting and rejoining.

Stuck down Glitch

If the player falls from a large enough height, there's a chance that they'll get stuck in the ground once they land.

Magical Unicorn Glitch

There are some vehicles that, while the player is driving them, glitch out when they equip the Magical Unicorn. This is most notable on ROBLOX High School.

Invisible Character Glitch

If an explosion that can destroy humanoid parts destroys the Humanoid Root Part, your character will fall down, but you can still move as an invisible character.

Imprecise Floating Points

Roblox Height Glitch

A demonstration of this glitch

When objects (bricks, meshes, the chat bubble, etc) and the camera are moved extremely far away from a place's origin, the objects will appear to be "corrupted" and cubic. In addition, physics will start to act strangely on objects this far out. This can easily be reversed by moving back towards the place's origin. This glitch is nicknamed "The Null Zone", "The Deadlands" and "The Far Lands of Roblox". This glitch is caused by the engine's inability to properly calculate large floating point numbers.

Wall Glitching

This glitch consists of holding the W in 3rd Position and then in FP, Its generally used in VIP places that has an invisible wall. This can also be cause by flying into a wall at high speeds.

Stuck gear

Sometimes when you drop a gear it will stuck on your arm and it won't go away. It doesn't show that you have equipped this gear and that is why you can't get this gear re equiped or deleted.

Fixed Glitches

No Delete Button

In June 2010, the delete button was removed. If anyone took something from an item, the player could not delete it. He/she could get as many items you can if you wanted to but it still won't show up the button to delete it. Players who have an item before this will show up the delete button. This has been fixed now and players who bought a hat during this issue will now show its delete button.

Hat Giveouts

A user named Nikayah created an exploit in which one of the hats, such as the Riddling Skull, was given out to over 1,000 users. ROBLOX has banned him and was unbanned with another exploit in early 2009. xSCENEx has also done this by giving the Teapot Turret to himself.

No Torso Glitch

This happened on December 15, 2010. This glitch allowed the player's avatar to have no torso. It didn't cause any problems with ROBLOX. His/her torso would be there if he/she joined a game. This was fixed and all players were updated back to normal on the 16th.

Gear Down Glitch

This glitch was only up for a few hours before it got patched. This glitch prevented the player's avatar to move its arm in the proper location while holding a gear. Also the gear down glitch was in 2006. Before the animations were created, you were holding the gear like this


A player with the "gear down glitch".

Double Gear

The double gear glitch allowed users to drop one gear, and select another gear while walking over the dropped gear, which would let them hold two gears at once.


This glitch got patched when removing hats got removed. A player wearing an egg hat could press '=' on the keyboard to remove the hat. Once the egg landed the user was able to jump on the egg and 'super jump.'

Chat Bubble

When you chat most of the time your screen would be white on and off for a couple seconds due to your chat bubble expanding to a huge size filling your screen and flashing on and off for a couple of seconds, this happened across most games, being very annoying for players that roleplay or chat very often due to this constantly happening.

Camera error

In 2017 some users got an error with the camera not following the character in Roblox Studio. It had been stuck in one place and won't be even able to move the character. This glitch is now fixed, however in some old abandoned games this glitch is still common except you can move the character.

Zoomed-Out Profile Camera Glitch

It was a rare glitch that can wear on avatar. If you wear some stuff in Avatar page, your camera can be ultimately zoomed out.

Unpatchable Glitches

Chat-Filter Bypass

Unfortunately, this will likely never get fully fixed as there are so many ways to bypass it. Basically, if you type stuff with a swear word or type it strangely it will possibly not get filtered.


Bouncing is an odd glitch that makes the player bounce off a platform upon landing. This glitch is most common in games with animations and are often laggy. Due to this, the bug may never be patched.

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