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A glitch is a fault in a software which produces an unexpected result, usually from errors in scripting. Like any video game, Roblox has a handful of glitches. While some glitches are harmless, short-lived, and sometimes even entertaining, some can occur for a long time, break functionality, and even harm the software (usually known as bugs).

This article lists only glitches that occur within the Roblox website and software, not within individual Roblox games.


Glitches vs. Cheats

Some people use these terms interchangeably. A glitch is generally accidental, and not abusable to further anything. A cheat is generally done on purpose, and it is used to further something, or to show off that you can cheat.  Abuse of a cheat can be a bannable offense if it is truly a cheat and not a glitch. Abuse of glitches generally not so. The glitches below are things Roblox needs to fix. A cheat is either a security breach or a "professional" exploit .

"unknown" Username

Glitched username.

The "unknown" username on roblox studio.

This glitch is only visible in Roblox Studio, sometimes when player's internet is abnormal, their username might look like this and the character will become gray.

The only way to fix this glitch is restart roblox studio.

On some devices, the Roblox logo that spins when a game is loading does not spin anymore. It may happen at random times. However, this may sometimes mean that the player is about to enter the game, or the game has glitched and the player has to rejoin.


Wear the Robloxian 3.0 (Man) head and Robloxian 1.0 (square) torso. Make sure all your body colors are the same and you have no clothing templates on. Some combos make your head not be there in-game either. This only works in-game.

Auto - Jump

This glitch happens randomly in Roblox and when this happens, the player will auto jump. One known method is if you tap the Roblox icon in the top left, this will be fixed.

Cut Warning Window

An example of an unreadable place with the cut warning window glitch.

To do this, open a file that Roblox Studio does not support or cannot read. After that, it should load and then you'll see an emulation tab with a window that's supposed to be in the center but cut by the game view. You can also load a corrupted place or a blank file to trigger this glitch. Notice how there's an error in the output.

Obby Glitch

When you do an obby, touch a kill brick/floor, then jump right away, you will not respawn or die. This started in late 2017/early 2018, and is commonly used to skip parts of obbies. This is commonly seen with R15 as the jumping animation and falling animation has a delay before it touches the ground again.

Noclip Glitch

This glitch is caused when a player is trying to do the Wall Glitching. This glitch is very inconsistent as you might be teleported along the wall, the end of the wall, or through the wall. However, when the bug occurs, the player will be able to walk freely inside of objects that are shorter than the player, and has no other parts in the wall. Trying to do this glitch with a wall is bigger will end up you half-way clipped in the wall because your head will still take collision. Jumping fixes this glitch and if you don't jump, you can carry the glitch to other walls. This was accidentally discovered by TheFirstEpicEric.

Frozen Avatar

Sometimes when you join a game and try to walk before the game is fully loaded, your avatar's arms and legs won't move when you walk, similar to hovering, but on the ground. This glitch will be fixed once the game has fully loaded.


Putting a wielded/any attaching surface brick on the back or front of your leg can cause you to 'fly' when you walk forward. You move up while going forward. Gravity is unaffected, so you drop when you are not walking. This is only seen in building places because you generally cannot put a brick on yourself in any other game. It is preferably used with the R6 character model as well.

Large Chat Box

Sometimes, when you click on the chat box or press "/" to chat, the chat box will appear stretched out to the bottom of the screen. This error is common in some games including Entry Point, and is due to a now-fixed bug that some games have not applied. This will happen no matter how the game fixes it if you minimize your Roblox window when closing/leaving the game and when rejoining make it to normal size.

Freeze Ray Holding

When this glitch occurs, a player does not hold a freeze ray properly. It can occur in-game, or in a player's avatar.

Endless Install Loop

This bug forces you to reinstall Roblox every time you click "Play" on a place. To remove it, you must uninstall Roblox completely and then reinstall.

Frozen Game Glitch

This commonly happens when using the Multiple RBX Games .exe file. When closing the second Roblox client using the Multiple RBX Games, the player will freeze and can't move, jump and the player can only type in chat but not send. Pressing Enter will cause instead of that a new space is being added to the chat. Backspace won't work and also adds a new space. This glitch is active until the player opens another tab again. This sometimes also randomly happen and can also happens without Multiple RBX Games by joining a game and joining a game on another account without closing the other Roblox Client.

Broken Website Chat

This happens a lot, the Roblox chat won't allow you to scroll up on the website. Doing so will automatically make the chat "flicker" making it going quickly to the last message and back up again.

Big Character

When certain items are equipped, most notably the 2007 Roblox Visor or the Vampire Collar, the player's avatar is zoomed in upon the face. This does not affect your character in-game.

Small Character

When certain items are equipped, such as the Dusekkar, 2013 Sparkler, Turkey Canon, or the Sonic Boom Tuba, the player's avatar appears small. This does not affect your character in-game.

Spinning Camera

A well known camera glitch is when you press the <> keys that causes the camera to start spinning uncontrollably. The only known way that is known to fix this glitch, is to press the other <> keys where the camera is spinning while pressing / or clicking to chat.

Tab Glitch

This is the most common glitch that appeared in 2011–2012. In 2011, when a friend joined in the same server when a player leaves or lags, it will sometimes not show the friend badge next to your friends name. If that happens one of the friends parties can press send request. If you pressed that same button, and while the tab glitch is active it will automatically unfriend them without a warning.

White Screen

Sometimes, when the part the user's camera was focused on moved too fast, the camera would go white, and would not fix itself upon resetting. The only true way to fix this was to remove that player's local camera. The users' camera is now automatically removed when the user resets, so the user can reset and no longer have to worry about this.

Expanding on Expanded

(Baseplate is not the cause.) When you put a brick on a wide/lengthy brick, it will move for an unknown cause. Possible theories are border bricks on top and different form factors. You can see the brick move pixel (not stud) by pixel if you use the expansion tool and force it to move where it is already blocked by another brick. The worst thing is, when you move or delete a long brick that touches a piece that touches the long brick, the whole brick touching the long brick moves.

Clothes Glitch

This glitch causes your avatar to lose all clothing items besides hats, and have them replaced with toolbars, chats, terrain, and the cursor. It is most common on Macs and does not go away. It does not affect the head, only the legs, torso, and arms. This glitch might also occur while loading into games, when it does you can see the texture of someone else's hat or bundle on your body. However, once the game fully loads, it goes away.

Endless Loading Loop Glitch

At random, when a game is starting up, it'll be stuck in an endless loop of loading, and the game will never load. This can be easily fixed by quitting and rejoining. This usually happens when you join a server that is about to lag out or is very slow.

Stuck down Glitch

If the player falls from a large enough height, there's a chance that they'll get stuck in the ground once they land. They might also even fall through the ground if they are high enough up.

Magical Unicorn Glitch

There are some vehicles that, while the player is driving them, glitch out when they equip the Magical Unicorn. This is most notable on Roblox High School.

Invisible Character Glitch

If an explosion that can destroy humanoid parts destroys the Humanoid Root Part, your character will detach from it, but you can still move as a HumanoidRootPart.

Imprecise Floating Points

A demonstration of this glitch

When objects (bricks, meshes, the chat bubble, etc.) and the camera are moved extremely far away (usually over 2500 studs) from a place's origin, the objects but the sounds will multi-pitch glitch against the death sound (as well as thing you say while at those points) will appear to be "corrupted" and cubic. In addition, physics will start to act strangely on objects this far out. This can easily be reversed by moving back towards the place's origin. This glitch is nicknamed "The Null Zone", "The Deadlands" and "The Far Lands of Roblox". The glitch is due to floating point precision errors, like what causes the stuttery effect in Far Lands in Minecraft. The floating points at or near 0,0,0 are fine-grained enough for you to not notice, but when you get far out enough, the floating points get noticeably coarser. As such, the renderer and physics have noticeable inaccuracy. This can be done in-game by either moving far enough in any axis away from the origin. This only affects games which allow the player to travel long distances. The glitch could be reduced by Roblox by adding bits into the float. (a.k.a making it a triple precise float or "triple" for short.). 

Wall Glitching

This glitch consists of holding the W in 3rd Position and then in FP, it is generally used in VIP places that have an invisible wall. This can also be caused by flying into a wall at a high speed. Alternately zooming in the camera/using your shift lock as soon as you have your camera in a wall corner when holding S, But, there is another method, and you need to go into Shift Lock, then leave shift lock, then go into 1st person and move the camera up until it doesn't move up, then turn the camera into a wall, then into shift lock, then you clip through the wall. This glitch can also happen by random chance, which is known as Luck Clipping. 

Luck Clipping

Very rarely, your character will randomly clip through walls. There are many different types of luck clips, some teleporting you across parts, others ragdolling the character. There have been ways to "force" luck clips, and other times you can get flung hundreds of studs.


When you move your screen left to right very quickly with either first person or shift lock at the seam between two parts, you can jump again. This is mainly used to climb ladders and trusses faster, though it can also be used on walls, where it is called Wall Hopping. This glitch is also used deliberately in some hard obbies.

Stuck Gear

Sometimes, when you drop a gear, it will be stuck on your arm and it won't go away. It doesn't show that you have equipped this gear, and that is why you can't get this gear re-equipped or deleted.

Gray assets

If not all assets are loaded in yet, some assets may be invisible, gray, or nonfunctional. This glitch is common in games that have advanced graphics that require a little time to load all the textures, or for users that have a bad quality computer.

Infinite Death

When you die or kill, you don't respawn. You stay dead, resetting your avatar doesn't work either. Rejoining should fix it.

Infinite Captchas

Sometimes the user will get infinite captchas after completing one captcha. Reloading the tab should fix it.

Gear down R6 glitch

Sometimes when you join a server and you equip a gear before the game is fully loaded, the gear may appear down.

This is similar to the Gear down glitch, but when this glitch happens it usually happens in R15 games. When the gear down glitch is happening, your avatar may also experience the Frozen Avatar glitch.

Bad Captcha verification

When you try to create a new account and you complete the captcha, it will tell you "that at least one of the answers were wrong" even though they're correct. It doesn't happen on the login page, only on the account creation page. It varies from device to device. 

Hs4/Noli Username

This will happen if you try to create an account with the username hs4.

This will happen if you try to change your username to hs4.

When you try to create an account with the username Hs4 or Noli (not case sensitive), an error message will appear. It is still unknown why Roblox is unable to accept these 2 usernames. This bug eventually lead to some myths. There was once a player called Noli, but it is unknown if the username Hs4 was already taken.

If a user tries to change their username to hs4 or Noli, the word InternalServerError in red will appear, the username will remain unchanged, and the user will not lose 1000 Robux.

Note: As of 2/22/21, the usernames have been replaced with a 'This username is already in use', not allowing for the glitch to occur.

Corrupted Decal Preview glitch

Some decals previews may be corrupted when uploaded, this means if you want to preview the decal in the website will show you a corrupted image, this means you have to view the decal in the Roblox studio

A example of a corrupted decal

Unattached head

Note: this glitch is extremely rare

Sometimes when your character spawns, its head will not be attached to the torso and it will fall onto the ground, but the character will not be killed. The player will be able to play normally but their avatar will look as it was wearing the Headless Head. The head will not move with the character, but it can be pushed by anyone. If the head is pushed off the map, the character dies. If the game has the bubble chat activated, the normal chat deactivated and if the player is far away from their head, their messages will be invisible. If the character zooms in during this glitch, the head will become invisible for them until the player zooms out.

Captain Rampage: Gold R15 glitch

Captain Rampage: Gold bundle does not work with R15 it only shows if your in R6 mode

Red Wave in the loading screen

Note: This only happens on Xbox.

Sometimes when the loading screen comes up and loads the game, red waves appears in the edge of the loading screen that looks similar to when you reset or die in game.However this can happen everytime the player tries to join a game, they just appear even though the player didn't reset nor die.

Mesh Glitch

Note: this glitch can be common when roblox have issues, but if roblox have no issues then can be impossible to happen (except if a game is on alpha phase). When you teleport to a part to another part or to a place to another place, you will lose your avatar and your avatar will turn onto a grey roblox mesh, on more rare cases, instead of the mesh the avatar will change onto a noob avatar.

Infinite Jumping Glitch

Commonly known as the frog jump glitch, you can infinitely jump with 2 players. See this page for more information.

Like/Dislike Ratio Glitch

A few games notably have a broken Like/Dislike Ratio, with the Likes or the Dislikes being negative values. An example can be found here.

A .gif showing the glitch.

Fixed Glitches

No delete button

In June 2010, the delete button was removed. If anyone took something from an item, the player could not delete it. They could get as many items you can if you wanted to but it still won't show up the button to delete it. Players who have an item before this will show up the delete button. This has been fixed now and players who bought a hat during this issue will now show its delete button.

TBC visual glitch

On January 21, 2019, every player with any level of Builders Club had a Turbo Builders Club icon on their profile and in-game. Many users resorted to the unofficial Roblox Discord server and questioned this. An administrator made an announcement that it was just a visual glitch and everyone kept their real membership. The glitch was completely fixed the next day.

Friends glitch or friend request glitch

On December 31, 2013, there was a rare glitch on Roblox where users noticed that their friend request got accepted 3 or 4 times. When they checked their friends list, they noticed that their friend had the same avatar and username. This was fixed quickly. 


Roblox- Friend glitch.... - Happy New Year's Eve!

Friend request glitch proof.

Sky death glitch

Around 2015 and 2017, there was a glitch where if you were still on forcefield and fell to the bottom of the sky where around the point you die, you could somehow walk on the bottom, however in 10 seconds your body could perish away, it was fixed on late 2017.

Hat giveouts

A user named Nikayah created an exploit in which one of the hats, such as the Riddling Skull, was given out to over 1,000 users. Roblox has banned him and was unbanned with another exploit in early 2009. xSCENEx has also done this by giving the Teapot Turret to himself.

No torso glitch

This happened on December 15, 2010. This glitch allowed the player's avatar to have no torso. It didn't cause any problems with Roblox. Their torso would be there if they joined a game. This was fixed and all players were updated back to normal on the 16th.

A player with the "gear down glitch".

Gear down glitch

This glitch was only up for a few hours before it got patched. This glitch prevented the player's avatar to move its arm in the proper location while holding a gear. The gear down glitch was also present in 2006. Before the animations were created, as shown in the photo.

Infinite daily Robux glitch

The infinite robux daily glitch was only for BC members, it started on around 2011, users would change their time on IOS, Android, or PC, the time would be set to a future time like 2021 or 2020, then if the user was lucky enough, they were able to get thousands of Robux without waiting all year, the glitch however may not be patched still but players who did the trick were terminated. When you attempt this now, your account isn't given Robux, and you'll be promptly terminated.

Double gear

The double gear glitch allowed users to drop one gear, and select another gear while walking over the dropped gear, which would let them hold two gears at once. This was once possible on the main Roblox site as well, it occurred if you did the multiple hat glitch but with gears instead. Most recently it occurred with the Trophy of Participation 2016 where if you were wearing it before it was switched from being a hat accessory to gear while wearing another gear it would appear as if you were wearing two gears on your profile, this is not possible to repeat though and once you updated your character after this occurred it would take off one of the gears.

In-gear glitch

On 2015, a gear glitch happened in Welcome to Roblox Building, where if the player uses the "Add Object" tool and they use Cheat Engine and copies the ID in, if they reset or drop the tool they were holding, the gear would appear in the "Add Object" tool. Later, Roblox closed down the game due to this glitch and it was later fixed.


This glitch got patched when removing hats got removed. A player wearing an egg hat could press '=' on the keyboard to remove the hat. Once the egg landed the user was able to jump on the egg and 'super jump.'

Chat bubble

When you chat most of the time your screen would be white on and off for a couple of seconds due to your chat bubble expanding to a huge size filling your screen and flashing on and off for a couple of seconds, this happened across most games, being very annoying for players that roleplay or chat very often due to this constantly happening.

Camera error

In 2017, some users got an error with the camera not following the character in Roblox Studio. It had been stuck in one place and won't be even able to move the character. This glitch is now fixed, however in some old abandoned games this glitch is still common except you can move the character.

Zoomed-out profile camera glitch

It was a rare glitch that can wear on avatar. If you wear some items on the Avatar page, your camera could have been ultimately zoomed out.

Wearing unavailable body colors

Back before the character/avatar page was updated there used to be a method with inspect element of changing your character's body colors to ones that did not show up on the body color list such as the color Crimson. It would require filling in the ID and name of the brick color from the official Roblox Wiki/Developer Hub platform. Unfortunately once the character page update was set in this became impossible to do anymore, there are still many users wearing these unavailable body colors on their characters. Avatars with these colors could also not be saved as outfits.

Outfit copycat glitch

Between 2016 and 2018, there was a glitch where if you loaded in game next to a player, there will be a chance you would be wearing the same outfit as the other player. Sometimes the player may wear your outfit. The glitch was common in MeepCity, Get Eaten, lesser known RPG games, and games with discontinued scripting. The glitch was later patched, however sometimes you may still wear a T-shirt the player has equipped but it is a very low chance.


If a user stands near an edge and then jumps, the player will go flying away from the edge and possibly result in a death. This is due to the in-game physics. It also occurs when you walk into a corner at the right angle. This glitch has been fixed.

February 17, 2016 glitches

On February 17, 2016, an unknown bug in the Roblox system made tons of users spawn with no packages, no hats, no animations, and some had also reported spawning as a noob. These glitches were patched hours later.

Username glitch

On December 6, 2016, a glitch occurred where a player can abuse the sign-up page to make an account with the same name. This caused player names such as 1dev2, PlatinumFalls, and Roblox being made. This was shortly fixed, and all users with all exploited usernames were terminated and had their names reset.

Player list glitch

In some servers of a game, the player list could have either been stretched out on one player's name or not just show the players. Because of this, you could not exit the game. A solution to this was that you could've exited out of the game usually pressing Alt+Tab if your keyboard supported it. This bug was only server-side, not client-side. It was patched sometime in 2020.

December 2014 model glitch

On December 9, 2014 at 7:15:29 PM, a glitch occurred that automatically updated all Roblox models made between 2006 - 2012 that had over 10k+ sales to be randomly updated. Such examples of models having this glitch is a DIY tool giver.

Unpatchable Glitches

Chat filter bypass

Example of the chat filter glitch. Some words are censored for safety reasons.

Unfortunately, this will likely never get fully fixed as there are so almost endless ways to bypass it. If the player types a sentence with a swear word or types it strangely, it is possible it will not get filtered.


Bouncing is a glitch that makes the player bounce off a platform upon landing. This glitch is most common in games with detailed animations and/or are often laggy. Due to this, the bug may never be patched.

Slow walk speed on slow devices

When a player moves while their device is lagging, the character moves slower. This is because of Roblox's client-side speed being tied to the program framerate, possibly. This is likely to happen on Android or iOS devices.

Server player limit glitch

This glitch is very old, and usually happens when so many players join a game at the same time and Roblox tries to distribute the players to the same server. During this glitch, one server will hold more players than its limit, with the extra player being immediately redirected to a new server.

Leaderboard function delay

After the new leaderboard update, trying to block, friend or follow users is very delayed compared to the older leaderboard. This glitch may not be fully patched as this was a problem for years and now it's worsened.