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Anime Adventures is an experience by Gomu where the plot is that multiple anime worlds collided and brought all the villains together but, also the heroes. You earn gems by beating waves of enemies and beating the boss, the gems are used to summon heroes in a Gacha like style, changing every hour.



This game is a tower defense game based off Anime, you place heroes and upgrade them. Enemies head towards the end of the map on a path to the exit. You place/upgrade using yen you get by killing enemies, completing waves, and having farm towers.


50 gems are used for each summon which are able to pull 4 different rarities which are rare, epic, legendary, and mythic. Each rarity has a different percentage to pull. On top of that you have a small chance to get a shiny skin which give no advantage and just a cosmetic. Other than shiny skin, you can also get a unit with special Trails for extra buff (Check the Evolve gate for information). The summons changes every hour with a different pulls every time. There are also luck potions that could be bought for gems at the shop next to the summon shop.


Raids are a game-wide event, happening randomly during the day, posing different challenges for users to participate in! These challenges can vary from raid to raid, they're not always on the same map and they have different additions to the raid that makes it harder for the Players to win the raid!

Luck potion Rare Epic Legendary Mythic
N/A 27.3% 16% 2% 0.25%
Luck potion TBA TBA TBA TBA
Ultra Luck potion TBA TBA 4% 0.25%


Units are what you place in order to defend against the upcoming waves. There are tiers for each unit and damage ranges depends on tier, with mythical being the best and rare being the worst. Each unit when summoned has a unique stat differentiating by a little bit usually. Exs: Damage:2.0 Damage:2.1



βˆ† Akainu: AOE attack

βˆ† All Might: AOE attack

βˆ† Armin: Super large range, very small damage

βˆ† Broly: AOE attack, GRND

βˆ† Diavolo: Single Target, Erased time skill

βˆ† Future Gohan: Balance Range and Damage, AOE

βˆ† Katakuri (Mochi): Large range, Debuff, GRND

βˆ† Lelouch: Summon soldier

βˆ† Levi: Fast damage, Large range, Small AOE range

βˆ† Madara: Large range, AOE, Massive attack

βˆ† Rengoku: Large range, Burn

βˆ† Shanks (Red Scar): Large range. Stun

βˆ† White Beard (White Hair): AOE from small to large


βˆ† Pain (Agony): AOE. Balance Range, Push back Enemy skill

βˆ† Goku Black: High Range, AOE, Small damage

βˆ† Black Beard (Black Hair): Large Range, AOE, small damage, Cursed Skill (x1.5 damage receive to the Cursed enemy)

βˆ† Bulma (Bulmy): Grants you money at the end of every round, (Should get)

βˆ† Dabi (Dabo): AOE, Small Range, Small damage

βˆ† Eren: Summon a Eren Titan, Low HP, better choice is use Erwin

βˆ† Erwin: Summon unit every 10 sec, x25% buff attack to unit in range skill, HBRD

βˆ† Dio (Jio): Super high damage

βˆ† Kizaru: AOE, Low damage

βˆ† Itachi: Very high range, Small damage, AOE, Burn skill

βˆ† Mihawk: High Range, Small damage


βˆ† Freiza: AOE, Long Range, HILL

βˆ† Gaaro

βˆ† Genos

βˆ† Ichigo

βˆ† Inosuke

βˆ† Jotaro

βˆ† Kakyoin

βˆ† Killua

βˆ† Overhaul

βˆ† Piccolo

βˆ† Speed Cart: Gives you money.

βˆ† Todoroki

βˆ† Zenitsu


βˆ† Deku: GRND

βˆ† Goko

βˆ† Johna: Single target to AOE, Small Range

βˆ† Josuke

βˆ† Luffo: Single Target to Multi target in straight line

βˆ† Naruto: GRND

βˆ† Sakuro: Heal your base at the end of every wave

βˆ† Sasuke: AOE, Burn Effect

βˆ† Tanjiro: Single Target

βˆ† Usoap: HILL

βˆ† Vegita: GRND

βˆ† Zoro


Codes offer rewards which can be redeemed in the lobby. No current codes are expired. (Side note: if you find more codes please help by adding more.)

Code Names Rewards
SubToKelvingts 1x summon
SubToBlamspot 1x summon
FictioNTheFirst 1x summon
KingLuffy 1x summon
noclypso 1x summon