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"Online gaming is a multibillion dollar industry and Google wants a piece of a pie,” explained Doug Wilson, an industry insider and Stanford researcher. “Google is ready to work here. With this aquisition, other noobs in this competitive space are going to get pwned. GG no re."

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The Gooblox logo which replaced the Roblox logo.

Gooblox was a 2007 April Fools Joke created by Shedletsky. In the first of a series of blog posts, Shedletsky posts a copied article from the Associated Press announcing that Google has bought Roblox "for a purchase price of 380 million dollars".[1] The blog post included quotes from industry insiders, researchers, and capitalists, such as:

A Stock market picture shown on the blog post claiming Google's stock price jumped four points after purchasing Roblox.

On April 2, 2007, CEO David Baszucki posts a second blog following up on Shedletsky's announcement. He congratulates the user miso-ichy-san for being the first player to identify the hoax. He then goes on to explain some of the clues that it was a hoax, such as the $380 million price "considering the early stage of Roblox", the use of the word "noob", and Google not purchasing the Gooblox domain prior to the acquisition.

The post concludes with him announcing that he already bought the Gooblox domain.[2] To this day, typing automatically redirects to


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