ROBLOX - Trolling as a Guest - Work at a Pizza Place

ROBLOX - Trolling as a Guest - Work at a Pizza Place

A video of a guest griefing in "Work at a Pizza Place".

A griefer is a player in a multiplayer Roblox game who deliberately irritates and harasses other players within the game, occasionally using aspects of the game in unintended ways. A griefer derives pleasure primarily or exclusively from the act of annoying other users, and as such is a particular nuisance in online gaming communities since griefers often cannot be deterred by penalties related to in-game goals. This creates a slight division between griefing and cheating since cheating is most often done with the intent of winning the game and thus is discouraged by in-game penalties.


Gear abusing

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Roblox Abusing Gear Powers (Part 1) So fun!

Roblox Abusing Gear Powers (Part 1) So fun!

A video of a player gear abusing.

A gear abuser would use a weapon, whether or not powerful, such as the Ne'Kotikoz Phaser, Exponential Rocket Launcher, Hyperlaser Gun, Mad Murderer Knife, Explosive Super Glider, or Red Hyperlaser Gun, and would use it to slay anyone on sight until the abuser stops. Some places such as Yajmo's Phineas and Ferb place and Smokenchicken's Canoe Without a Paddle are major hotspots for gear abusing. Players often used this technique in order to rank up on knockouts and wipeouts, eventually leading to the discontinuation of the Combat Initiation, Warrior, and Bloxxer badges. When ROBLOX changed the look of guest players, they received every gear item on the avatar shop for free; letting them be able to gear abuse in places which allowed gear items (even if it isn't a fighting game); although since several gear items began to be released for free, this issue became even worse as this allowed even new players to gear abuse.

Tool abusing

On games such as "Make a Cake and Feed the Giant Noob", "Make a Cake: Back for Seconds", and "Work at a Pizza Place", some players, often guests or newbies, are seen using the "Drag" tool to steal other people's stuff. This upsets many players, because it prevents them from completing a certain task. Players often tell them to stop when they do this, or they would call them "noobs" if they do it too much. To avoid this problem, a good idea is to join a server with the lowest number of players.

Spawn killing

Spawnkilling is killing a player whilst they are respawning on a spawn point, which means that the griefer is preventing the victim from leaving the spawn point. Some players on certain building games have been seen making 'flying toilets' and put spikes on them, and then land on a player, killing him/her instantly.

Forcefield killing

This is similar to spawnkilling, except when the player spawns, he/she can very quickly find a victim and kill them with a weapon while the forcefield is still on, instead of the victim getting killed on the spawn. This is considered griefing, because it prevents the victim from killing the griefer with the forcefield.


On some occasions, players may try to find an important thing, usually to complete an objective, and then another player may suddenly steal it. For example, in The Quarry, new players would go in other people's holes and steal rares the player wants, which may hurt his/her feelings.

Deleting work

In free building games, it is often an occurrence that a player (usually a 'noob' or a guest) are seen deleting other people's work. Not only is this rude to the builders, but it is also wasteful to the bricks. Some players delete other's work and claim that another player deleted it, causing the accused player to have bad things happen to them. For example, if there was a "kick script", they would get kicked out of the game.

Funny physics

Funny Physics is a setting which used to exist. It allowed the player's character to float in the air, and drop very slowly. The character could walk through walls, but couldn't jump, and unanchored bricks would move very strangely.


In some cases, an exploiter or hacker may join a game and either put decals all over the place, glitch the game, change the music of the place if the place already has music or add music, destroy bricks, add very thick fog so it would be hard to see for players, or kill players. Players often catch the hack or exploit on camera using the ROBLOX Recorder or any other video recorder, and the creator of the place would usually put the place back to normal and ban the player who exploited or hacked the game.


Competition is when players, usually guests or inexperienced players, tend to be competitive by trying to get the highest score in the game and reach the top of the leaderboard (if it has a score table). For example, in Creeper Survival, the "creepers" may destroy most of the bricks and all of the other players to score points. In order to prevent this, players should build a tall tower without letting the griefer(s) reach the top, or attempt to fly using small bricks. This is actually not considered griefing but is sometimes frowned upon players because they want to try to get a high score.


A form of griefing that was common on Personal Servers. A player may ask for tools (or they may already have tools firsthand) and start placing models of C4 explosives near a building, statue, etc. After a desired amount of explosives are deployed, the player places a lever or anything that activates triggerable devices, then the griefer will wire one piece of C4 to a wirable switch, then the griefer activates it and the C4 explodes, destroying any bricks near it and killing any player caught in the vicinity of the ensuing explosion. Players who perform this are usually caught in the act and either have their tools stripped off them or are banned, or even force the owner to shut down the server and in some cases, close the entire place for a long period of time.

This frustrates many players and on some personal servers, players couldn't access the "experimental" section of the stamper tool.


Another form of griefing that was common on personal servers, other than the spamming of C4 explosives. Someone will, in order to perform this type of griefing, get the stamper tool either beforehand or by asking an administrator of the server for it and then equip the water tool. After obtaining the tool, the griefer will then drag the water across the entire map or a part of it, and then water will be all over the place. This is equally frowned upon just like C4ing. This form of griefing can ruin terrain and other players' work. This is worse than C4ing, because it is harder to find who flooded the map, and administrators who are present would usually roll back the server when this happens. Such damage is extremely hard to revert without shutting down the server because it changes the other high scalability bricks.

Brick spamming

Similar to flooding, but it doesn't destroy terrain or other people's work. It can, however, lag the server, possibly getting other players in the server to disconnect. One of the common ways to do this is getting items from item spawners and dropping them onto an area unreachable to players. Other times, it can also include copying unanchored bricks.


Barricading is when a player or multiple players block entrances to an area, making them inaccessible. This can be caused by putting a brick on an entrance in a building game. Another example is when multiple players block an entrance, disrupting gameplay for others. For example, in Flood Escape before 2015-2016, players often blocked the entrance to access to the next room, killing the ones in the room and keeping the players who barricaded it alive. It is not used often if the griefer has other ways of griefing.

Inappropriate content

This performance of griefing is fairly common as some users attempt to get the server owner banned by adding swastikas, offensive body parts, and/or profanity. It is much easier to revert but is more critical in the situation. This caused many users to decline in giving tools and cause them to be aware to be blamed when someone else griefs, but is actually slightly easier to catch the person doing it than the flooding so the victim of the ROBLOX ban will ban the other victim from the server.

Team killing

Team killing (mainly called TKing) is when players kill their own team members. Guests and noobs are mainly the ones who do this. Normally when players do this, the player that gets hit by the weapon is killed and the player that shot them gets killed as well. If the weapon (such as the Linked Sword) doesn't kill players instantly and takes a few hits to kill them, then every time they damage the player, the player who hit that person will lose health along with the victim. Some scripts can prevent TKing, by not dealing with any damage or just instantly killing the player who did it and not harm the victim. There are some notable scripts that will teleport a user to a room and keep them there if they TK. It is important to note that most war groups (like Vortex Security) have punishments for TKing, so players should be wary when fighting a war between groups not to TK.


Targeting is when a player essentially goes after a specific person and not anybody else. This performance of griefing can commonly be spotted in games like Jailbreak and Mad City. Normally, if another player attempts to intervene, then they (along with the OG target) will be targeted aswell. New players will most likely report this behavior.

Facts and possible solutions

  • Most of these griefing methods cause minor to great damage to gameplay and/or places.
  • Gear abusing, C4ing and flooding can be prevented by adding a script from free models that removes C4s, the Water MegaBlock, and the gear before the player can place or equip it. However, not all of these scripts may work at all times and may break without warning, so the scripts should be chosen carefully and sparingly.
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