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Saber Simulator is a simulator game which was created by the group HD Games.. As of April 4, 2020
Saber Simulator Stats

Here you can see the new pets from 2 new eggs in version 1.86

, Saber Simulator has nearly 300 million visits.


Players can tap or click to swing their saber, which gives them strength. After they reach the max amount of strength they can hold, they must sell it for coins. With coins, the player can buy better sabers, DNA (extra storage for strength), and classes. Another shop near the arena can be used to buy auras, which give players a buff. A safe zone exists, where PVP is disabled. Going outside the safe zone allows you to collect coins and fight other players. Another feature outside the safe zone includes a hill, which standing on it will grant you crowns, another currency in the game.


*The following list is incomplete due to lack of information.*


Name Strength per Swing Cost
Starter 1 0 Coins
Green 2 15 Coins
Pink 3 45 Coins
Yellow 7 190 Coins
Cyan 10 315 Coins
Blue 16 600 Coins
White 24 1.2K Coins
Poison 33 2.15K Coins
Bubble 44 3.475K Coins
VIP 55 399 R$
Cursed 62 5.275K Coins
Flame 85 8.375K Coins
Plasma 110 12.75K Coins
Flower 140 19.8K Coins
Daze 185 29.25K Coins
Confetti 370 75.5K Coins
Half-hot 555 111K Coins
Bolt 790 208K Coins
Sparkle 1.01K 355K Coins
Blossom 1.55K 1.212M Coins
Wind 2.24K 2.325M Coins
Deathspeaker 4.09K 4.025M Coins
Sun 6.3K 9.8M Coins
Explosion 8.45K 18.9M Coins
Frost 10K 30.25M Coins
Void 16.1K 105M Coins
Lightning 25.2K 193.25M Coins
Heaven 36.3K 340M Coins

Dual Sabers

Name Strength per Swing Cost
Dual White 54.4K 554.2M Coins
Dual Venom 79.4K 848.9M Coins
Dual Yellow 113.5K 1.241B Coins
Dual Red 158.8K 1.748B Coins
Dual Pink 292K 3.182B Coins
Dual Cursed 385.3K 385.3K Coins
Dual Flame 500K 5.313B Coins
Dual Flower 639.5K 6.697B Coins
Dual Plasma 806.9K 8.326B Coins
Dual Daze 1.006M 10.225B Coins
Dual Confetti 1.514M 14.943B Coins
Dual Half-Hot 1.813M 17.82B Coins
Dual Bolt 2.196M 21.083B Coins
Dual Sparkle 2.614M 24.762B Coins
Dual Blossom 3.089M 28.892B Coins
Dual Wind 3.627M 33.507B Coins
Dual Deathspeaker 4.232M 38.642B Coins
Dual Sun 4.91M 44.333B Coins
Dual Explosion 5.667M 50.619B Coins
Dual Frost 6.509M 57.538B Coins
Dual Void 7.441M 65.13B Coins
Dual Heaven 8.471M 73.438B Coins


Name Strength per Swing Cost
TriWhite 9.605M 82.502B Coins
TriBlack 10.848M 92.368B Coins
TriPink 12.21M 103.081B Coins
TriRed 13.695M 114.686B Coins
TriYellow 15.313M 127.23B Coins
TriBlue 17.07M 140.763B Coins
TriOrange 18.974M  155.334B Coins
TriVenom 21.034M 170.994B Coins
TriBubble 23.257M 187.796B Coins
TriCursed 25.652M 205.792B Coins
TriFlame 28.228M 225.037B Coins
TriPlasma 30.993M 245.587B Coins
TriFlower 33.957M 267.499B Coins
TriDaze 37.128M 290.832B Coins
TriMatrix 40.517M 315.643B Coins
TriConfetti 44.133M 341.994B Coins
TriHalf-Hot 47.986M 369.947B Coins
TriBolt 52.087M 399.565B Coins
TriSparkle 56.444M 430.912B Coins
TriBlossom 61.07M 464.052B Coins
TriWind 65.975M 499.054B Coins
TriDeathSpeaker 71.169M 535.983B Coins
TriSun 76.665M 574.91B Coins
TriExplosion 82.473M 625.905B Coins
TriFrost 88.605M 659.038B Coins
TriVoid 95.073M 704.382B Coins
TriLightning 101.889M 752.011B Coins
TriHeaven 109.065M 802.001B Coins


Name                  Strength per Swing


QuadWhite 116.613M 1.083t Coins
QuadBlack 124.548M 1.462t Coins
QuadPink 132.880M 1.973t Coins
QuadRed 141.624M 2.664t Coins
QuadYellow 150.792M 3.596t Coins
QuadBlue 160.399M 4.855t Coins
QuadOrange 170.458M 6.554t Coins
QuadVenom 180.983M 8.848t Coins
QuadBubble 191.988M 11.945t Coins
QuadCursed 203.487M 16.125t Coins
QuadFlame 215.496M 21.769t Coins
QuadPlasma 228.028M 29.389t Coins
QuadDaze 241.100M 39.675t Coins
QuadMatrix 254.725M 53.561t Coins
QuadConfetti 268.921M 72.307t Coins
QuadHalf-Hot 283.701M 97.615t Coins
QuadBolt 299.083M 131.78t Coins
QuadSparkle 315.082M 177.903t Coins
QuadBlossom 331.715M 240.169t Coins
QuadWind 348.998M 324.228t Coins
QuadDeathSpeaker 366.947M 437.707t Coins
QuadSun 385.580M 590.905t Coins
QuadExplosion 404.915M 797.722t Coins
QuadFrost 424.967M 1.077q Coins
QuadVoid 445.755M 1.454q Coins
QuadHeaven 467.297M 1.963q Coins


Name Strength per Swing Cost
WhiteBlade 489.611M 2.944q Coins
GreenBlade 512.714M 4.416q Coins
PinkBlade 536.625M 6.624q Coins
RedBlade 561.364M 9.936q Coins
YellowBlade 586.948M 14.904q Coins
BlueBlade 613.397M 22.356q Coins
OrangeBlade 668.966M 33.534q Coins
VenomBlade 698.126M 50.302q Coins
BubbleBlade 728.229M 75.453q Coins
CursedBlade 759.295M 113.179q Coins
FlameBlade 791.345M 169.768q Coins
PlasmaBlade 824.398M 254.652q Coins
FlowerBlade 858.477M 381.979q Coins
DazeBlade 893.602M 572.968q Coins
MatrixBlade 929.793M 859.452q Coins
ConfettiBlade 967.073M 1.289Q Coins
Half-HotBlade 1.045B 1.934Q Coins
BoltBlade 1.086B 2.901Q Coins
SparkelsBlade 1.128B 4.351Q Coins
BlossomBlade 1.171B 6.526Q Coins
WindBlade 1.215B 9.790Q Coins
DeathSpeakerBlade 1.260B 14.685Q Coins
SunBlade 1.307B 22.027Q Coins
ExplosionBlade 1.355B 33.040Q Coins
FrostBlade 1.405B 49.560Q Coins
VoidBlade 1.507B 74.340Q Coins
LightningBlade 1.561B 111.511Q Coins
HeavenBlade 1.616B 167.266Q Coins

Dual Blades

Name Strength per swing Cost (Coins)
DualWhiteBlade 1.816B 250.899Q
DualGreenBlade 1.907B 376.349Q
DualPinkBlade 2.003B 564.523Q
DualRedBlade 2.103B 846.785Q
DualYellowBlade 2.208B 1.27s
DualBlueBlade 2.318B 1.905s
DualOrangeBlade 2.434B 2.858s
DualVenomBlade 2.556B 4.287s
DualBubbleBlade 2.684B 6.43s
DualCursedBlade 2.818B 9.645s
DualFlameBlade 2.959B 14.468s
DualPlasmaBlade 3.107B 21.702s
DualFlowerBlade 3.262B 32.553s
DualDazeBlade 3.425B 48.83s
DualMatrixBlade 3.596B 73.245s
DualConfettiBlade 3.776B 109.867s
DualHalf-HotBlade 3.965B 164.801s
DualBoltBlade 4.163B 247.201s
DualSparkleBlade 4.371B 370.802s
DualBlossomBlade 4.59B 556.203s
DualWindBlade 4.819B 834.304s
DualDeathBlade 5.06B 1.251s
DualSunBlade 5.313B 1.877s
DualExplosionBlade 5.579B 2.816s
DualFrostBlade 5.858B 4.224s
DualVoidBlade 6.151B 6.335s
DualLightningBlade 6.458B 9.503s
DualHeavenBlade 6.781B 14.255s


Name Strength per swing Cost (Coins)
TriWhiteBlade 7.12B 17.11S
TriGreenBlade 7.476B 20.53S
TriPinkBlade 7.85B 20.53S
TriRedBlade 8.243B 29.57S
TriYellowBlade 8.655B 35.48S
TriBlueBlade 9.088B 42.58S
TriOrangeBlade 9.542B 51.1S
TriVenomBlade 10.019B 61.32S
TriBubbleBlade 10.52B 73.58S
TriCursedBlade 11.046B 88.3S
TriFlameBlade 11.598B 105.96S
TriPlasmaBlade 12.178B 127.15S
TriFlowerBlade 12.787B 152.58S
TriDazeBlade 13.426B 183.1S
TriMatrixBlade 14.098B 219.72S
TriConfettiBlade 14.803B 263.66S
TriHalf-HotBlade 15.543B 316.39S
TriBoltBlade 16.32B 379.67S
TriSparkleBlade 17.136B 455.6S
TriBlossomBlade 17.993B 546.72S
TriWindBlade 18.892B 656.06S
TriDeathSpeakerBlade 19.837B 787.27S
TriSunBlade 20.829B 944.72S
TriExplosionBlade 21.87B 1.134o
TriFrostBlade 22.964B 1.36o
TriVoidBlade 24.112B 1.632o
TriLightningBlade 25.318B 1.959o
TriHeavenBlade 26.584B 2.351o


Name Strength per swing Cost (Coins)
QuadWhiteBlade 27.913B 2.821o
QuadGreenBlade 29.308B 3.385o
QuadPinkBlade 30.774B 3.919o
QuadRedBlade 32.312B 4.818o
QuadYellowBlade 33.928B 5.849o
QuadBlueBlade 35.624B 7.019o
QuadOrangeBlade 36.406B 8.423o
QuadVenomBlade 39.276B 10.108o
QuadBubbleBlade 41.24B 12.129o
QuadCursedBlade 43.302B 14.554o
QuadFlameBlase 45.467B 17.466o
QuadPlasmaBlade 47.74B 20.96o
QuadFlowerBlade 50.127B 25.151o
QuadDazeBlade 52.634B 30.182o
QuadMatrixBlade 55.265B 36.218o
QuadConfettiBlade 58.029B 43.462o
QuadHalf-HotBlade 60.93B 52.154o
QuadBoltBlade 63.976B 62.585o
QuadSparkleBlade 67.175B 75.102o
QuadBlossomBlade 70.534B 90.122o
QuadWindBlade 74.061B 108.146o
QuadDeathSpeakerBlade 77.764B 129.776o
QuadSunBlade 81.652B 155.731o
QuadExplosionBlade 85.735B 186.877o
QuadFrostBlade 90.021B 224.252o
QuadVoidBlade 94.522B 269.103o
QuadLightningBlade 99.249B 322.924o
QuadHeavenBlade 104.211B 387.508o


Name Strength per swing Cost (Coins)
WhiteScythe 109.421B 465.01o
GreenScythe 114.863B 558.012o
PinkScythe 120.637B 669.614o
RedScythe 126.669B 803.537o
YellowScythe 133.002B 964.245o
BlueScythe 139.653B 1.157n
OrangeScythe 146.635B 1.389n
VenomScythe 153.967B 1.666n
BubbleScythe 161.665B 1.999n
CursedScythe 169.749B 2.399n
FlameScythe 178.236B 2.879n
PlasmaScythe 187.148B 3.455n
FlowerScythe 196.505B 4.146n
DazeScythe 206.331B 4.975n
MatrixScythe 216.647B 5.97n
ConfettiScythe 227.479B 7.164n
Half-HotScythe 238.853B 8.597n
BoltScythe 250.796B 10.317n
SparkleScythe 263.336B 12.38n
BlossomScythe 276.503B 14.856n
WindScythe 290.328B 17.827n
DeathSpeakerScythe 304.844B 21.393n
SunScythe 320.086B 25.671n
ExplosionScythe 336.091B 30.806n
FrostScythe 352.895B 36.967n
VoidScythe 370.54B 44.36n
LightningScythe 389.067B 53.232n
HeavenScythe 408.52B 63.879n

Dual Scythes

Name Strength per swing Cost (Coins)
DualWhiteScythe 109.421B 465.01o
DualGreenScythe 114.893B 558.012o
DualPinkScythe 472.913B 97.151n
DualRedScythe 496.559B 111.724n
DualYellowScythe 521.387B 128.483n
DualBlueScythe 547.456B 147.755n
DualOrangeScythe 574.829B 169.919n
DualVenomScythe 603.571B 195.406n
DualBubbleScythe 633.749B 224.717n
DualCursedScythe 665.437B 258.425n
DualFlameScythe 698.708B 297.189n
DualPlasmaScythe 733.644B 341.767n
DualFlowerScythe 770.326B 393.032n
DualDazeScythe 808.842B 451.987n
DualMatrixScythe 849.284B 519.785n
DualConfettiScythe 891.749B 597.752n
DualHalf-HotScythe 936.336B 687.415n
DualBoltScythe 983.153B 790.528n
DualSparkleScythe 1.032t 909.107n
DualBlossomScythe 1.084t 1.045d
DualWindScythe 1.138t 1.202d
DualDeathSpeakerScythe 1.195t 1.383d
DualSunScythe 1.255t 1.59d
DualExplosionScythe 1.318t 1.829d
DualFrostScythe 1.383t 2.103d
DualVoidScythe 1.453t 2.418d
DualLightningScythe 1.525t 2.781d
DualHeavenScythe 1.601t 3.198d


Name Strength per swing Cost (Coins)
WhiteSlayer 1.682t 3.678d
GreenSlayer 1.766t 4.23d
PinkSlayer 1.854t 4.864d
RedSlayer 1.947t 5.594d
YellowSlayer 2.044t 6.433d
BlueSlayer 2.146t 7.397d
OrangeSlayer 2.253t 8.507d
VenomSlayer 2.366t 9.783d
BubbleSlayer 2.484t 11.251d
CursedSlayer 2.609t 12.938d
FlameSlayer 2.739t 14.879d
PlasmaSlayer 2.876t 17.111d
FlowerSlayer 3.02t 19.677d
DazeSlayer 3.171t 22.629d
MatrixSlayer 3.329t 26.023d
ConfettiSlayer 3.496t 29.927d
Half-HotSlayer 3.671t 34.416d
BoltSlayer 3.854t 39.578d
SparkleSlayer 4.047t 45.515d
BlossomSlayer 4.249t 52.342d
WindSlayer 4.462t 60.194d
DeathSpeakerSlayer 4.685t 69.223d
SunSlayer 4.919t 79.606d
ExplosionSlayer 5.165t 91.547d
FrostSlayer 5.423t 105.279d
VoidSlayer 5.694t 121.071d
LightningSlayer 5.979t 139.231d
HeavenSlayer 6.278t 160.116d


Name Strength per swing Cost (Coins)
WhiteSplitter 6.592t 184.134d
GreenSplitter 6.921t 211.754d
PinkSplitter 7.267t 243.517d
RedSplitter 7.631t 280.044d
YellowSplitter 8.021t 322.051d
BlueSplitter 8.413t 370.358d
OrangeSplitter 8.834t 425.921d
VenomSplitter 9.275t 489.799d
BubbleSplitter 9.739t 563.269d
CursedSplitter 10.226t 647.759d
FlameSplitter 10.737t 744.923d
PlasmaSplitter 11.274t 856.661d
FlowerSplitter 11.838t 985.16d
DazeSplitter 12.43t 1.133U
MatrixSplitter 13.051t 1.303U
ConfettiSplitter 13.704t 1.498U
Half-HotSplitter 14.389t 1.723U
SparkleSplitter 15.109t 2.278U
BoltSplitter 15.864t 1.982U
BlossomSplitter 16.657t 2.621U
WindSplitter 17.49t 3.014U
DeathSpeakerSplitter 18.364t 3.466U
SunSplitter 19.283t 3.986U
ExplosionSplitter 20.247t 4.583U
FrostSplitter 21.259t 5.271U
VoidSplitter 22.322t 6.061U
LightningSplitter 23.438t 6.971U
HeavenSplitter 24.61t 8.016U


Name Strength per swing Cost (Coins)
WhiteAxe 25.841t 9.219U
GreenAxe 27.133t 10.692U
PinkAxe 28.489t 12.192U
RedAxe 29.914t 14.021U
YellowAxe 31.41t 16.124U
BlueAxe 32.98t 18.542U
OrangeAxe 34.629t 21.324U
VenomAxe 36.36t 24.522U
BubbleAxe 38.178t 28.2U
CursedAxe 40.087t 32.43U
FlameAxe 42.092t 37.295U
PlasmaAxe 44.196t 42.889U
FlowerAxe 46.406t 49.323U
DazeAxe 48.726t 56.721U
MatrixAxe 51.163t 65.229U
ConfettiAxe 53.721t 75.041U
Half-HotAxe 56.407t 86.266U
BoltAxe 59.227t 99.205U
SparkleAxe 62.189t 114.086U
BlossomAxe 65.298t 131.199U
WindAxe 68.563t 150.879U
DeathSpeakerAxe 71.991t 173.511U
SunAxe 75.591t 199.538U
ExplosionAxe 79.37t 229.468U
FrostAxe 83.339t 263.889U
VoidAxe 87.506t 303.472U
LightningAxe 91.881t 348.993U
HeavenAxe 96.475t 401.341U

Dual Axes

Name Strength per swing Cost (Coins)
DualWhiteAxe 101.299t 461.543U
DualGreenAxe 106.364t 530.774U
DualPinkAxe 111.682t 610.39U
DualRedAxe 117.266t 701.949U
DualYellowAxe 123.129t 807.241U
DualBlueAxe 129.286t 928.327U
DualOrangeAxe 135.75t 1.068D
DualVenomAxe 142.538t 1.228D
DualBubbleAxe 149.665t 1.412D
DualCursedAxe 157.148t 1.624D
DualFlameAxe 165.005t 1.867D
DualPlasmaAxe 173.255t 2.147D
DualFlowerAxe 181.918t 2.469D
DualDazedAxe 191.014t 2.84D
DualMatrixAxe 200.565t 3.266D
DualConfettiAxe 210.593t 3.756D
DualHalf-HotAxe 221.123t 4.319D
DualBoltAxe 232.179t 4.967D
DualSparkleAxe 243.788t 5.712D
DualBlossomAxe 255.977t 6.569D
DualWindAxe 268.776t 7.554D
DualDeathSpeakerAxe 282.215t 8.687D
DualSunAxe 296.325t 9.99D
DualExplosionAxe 311.142t 11.488D
DualFrostAxe 326.699t 13.212D
DualVoidAxe 343.034t 15.194D
DualLightningAxe 360.185t 17.473D
DualHeavenAxe 378.195t 29.093D


Name Strength per swing Cost (Coins)
WhiteCrusher 397.104t 23.107D
GreenCrusher 416.96t 26.574D
PinkCrusher 437.808t 30.56D
RedCrusher 459.698t 35.143D
YellowCrusher 482.683t 40.415D
BlueCrusher 506.817t 46.477D
OrangeCrusher 532.158t 53.449D
VenomCrusher 558.766t 61.466D
BubbleCrusher 586.704t 70.686D
CursedCrusher 616.039t 81.289D
FlameCrusher 646.841t 93.482D
PlasmaCrusher 679.183t 107.505D
FlowerCrusher 713.143t 123.63D
DazeCrusher 748.8t 142.175D
MatrixCrusher 786.24t 163.501D
ConfettiCrusher 825.552t 188.026D
Half-HotCrusher 866.829t 216.23D
BoltCrusher 910.171t 248.665D
SparkleCrusher 955.679t 285.965D
BlossomCrusher 1.003q 328.859D
WindCrusher 1.054q 378.188D
DeathSpeakerCrusher 1.106q 434.917D
SunCrusher 1.162q 500.154D
ExplosionCrusher 1.22q 575.177D
FrostCrusher 1.281q 661.454D
VoidCrusher 1.345q 760.672D
LightningCrusher 1.412q 874.773D
HeavenCrusher 1.483q 1.006T


Name Strength per swing Cost (Coins)
White Fury 1.689q 2.482T


DNA acts as a storage for players' strength, and can be purchased with coins.

*The following list is incomplete due to lack of information.*

Name Max Strength Cost (Coins)
Basic 30 0
Boost 100 15
Yellow 300 25
Pink 1K 75
Green 2K 163
Red 5K 375
Blue 10K 800
VIP 20K 399 R$
Golden 25K 2.125K
Green 2 35K 3K
Blue 2 50K 4.25K
Red 2 150K 12.5K
Pattern 400K 32.5K
Checkered 1M 82.5K
Beast 2.5M 200K
Alien 5M 350K
Alien Jelly 20M 1.75M
Random 60M 5M
Rainbow 300M 25M
Berzerk 650M 60M
Grass 941.2M 125.5M
Water 1.416B 231.5M
Diamond 2.032B 392.2M
Brick 2.813B 623.4M
Fire 3.784B 942.8M
Lightning 4.973B 1.37B
Virus 6.407B 1.927B
Lava 8.119B 2.638B
Webbed 10.139B 3.527B
Blackhole 12.502B 4.624B
Dragon 15.244B 5.956B
Faded 18.402B 7.557B
Tiger 22.015B 9.459B
Galaxy 26.123B 11.669B
Fart 30.77B 14.313B
Dark 36B 17.341B
Pizza 41.858B 20.825B
Godzilla 48.393B 24.807B
Nature 55.654B 29.335B
Sun 63.692B 34.454
Moon 72.56B 40.215B
Ocean 82.313B 46.668B
Paint 93.006B 53.867B
USA 139.509B 80.801B
UK 209.264B 121.201B
Robot 313.896B 181.801B
Evil 470.844B 272.702B
Plasma 706.266B 409.053B
Eye 1.059t 613.58B
Saber 1.589t 920.37B
Cow 2.384t 1.381t
Sky 3.575t 2.071t
Robux 5.363t 3.106t
Coin 8.045t 4.659t
Ice 12.067t 6.989t
Star 18.101t 10.484t
Poison 27.151t 15.725t
Gamma 40.727t 23.588t
Void 61.09t 35.382t
Core 91.635t 53.073
Cookie 137.453t 79.61t
Heaven 206.18t 119.415t
DNA 309.269t 179.122t
Red Lightning 463.904t 268.683t
Stone 695.856t 403.024t
Leaf 1.044q 604.537t
Bread 1.566q 906.805t
Cat 2.349q 1.36q
Disco 3.523q 2.04q
Snake 5.284q 3.06q
Rocket 7.926q 4.591q
Burger 11.889q 6.886q
Hellfire 17.834q 10.329q
IceCream 26.751q 15.494q
Erick 40.127q 23.24q
Henry 60.19q 34.861q
Mirrors 90.285q 52.291q
Heat 135.427q 78.436q
Ghoul 203.141q 117.655q
Solar 304.711q 176.482q
Platinum 456.067q 264.723q
Zombie 685.6q 397.084q
Skeleton 1.028Q 595.626q
Ghost 1.543Q 893.44q
Martian 2.314Q 1.34Q
Bat 3.471Q 2.01Q
Unobtainium 5.206Q 3.015Q
Uranium 7.809Q 4.523Q
Nut 11.714Q 6.785Q
Orbital 46.856Q 27.138Q


Classes are ranks that players can purchase with the sufficient amount of coins. They give players a strength boost, which increases as players achieve better classes. Buying a new class will however, reset players' progress, excluding their pets and auras.

Class Boost Cost (Coins)
Noob x1 Strength 0
Apprentice x2 Strength 2M
Soldier x4 Strength 150M
Paladin x6 Strength 11.25B
Assassin x9 Strength 843.75B
Warrior x12 Strength 63.281t
Warlord x15 Strength 474.6t
Berserker x20 Strength 3.56q
Saber x25 Strength 26.697q
Cyborg x38 Strength 200.226q
Master x57 Strength 1.502Q
Titan x86 Strength 11.263Q
Phantom x100 Strength 84.47Q
Shadow x120 Strength 633.527Q
Ghoul x145 Strength 4.751s
Tempest x170 Strength 166.301s
Elementalist  x195 Strength 5.821S
Beast x250 Strength 203.719S
Dark Ninja x280 Strength 10.186o
Warlock x310 Strength 509.296o
Overlord x350 Strength 25.465n
Demigod x400 Strength 1.273d
Archangel x450 Strength 63.662d
Wraith x500 Strength 3.183U
Deity x550 Strength 159.155U
Nemesis x600 Strength 7.958D
Executioner x650 Strength 397.888D
Terminator ×700 Strength 19.894T
Colossus ×750 Strength 994.719T
Zeus ×800 Strength 49.736Qt
Elf x850 Strength 2.487Qd
Santa x900 Strength 124.34Qd
Corruptor x950 Strength 6.217Sd
Prestige x1000 Strength 311.85Sd
Caster x1050 Strength 15.54St
Cyclops x1100 Strength 777.125St
King x1150 Strength 38.856O
Hacker x1200 Strength 1.943N


x1250 Strength


Minotaur x 1300 Strength 4.857v
Cerberus  x1350 Strength 242.851v
Yeti  x1400 Strength 12.143c
Samurai x1500 Strength  607.129c
Baron x1600 Strength  30 356.424c
Detective x1700 Strength 1 517 821.394c
Red Baron x1800 Strength 75 891 069.679c


Auras are purchased with crowns at the Crown Shop located near the King of the Hill. They give players a boost in strength, defence, coins and run speed.

Name Str Boost Defence  Coin Boost Run Speed Boost Cost (Crowns)
VIP 2.75x 1.5x 1.38x 1.25x 349 R$
Fire 1.5x 1x 1x 1x 1.5K
Ice 2x 1.2x 1.15x 1.1x 3K
Abyss 2.5x 1.4x 1.3x 1.2x 6K
Scorch 3x 1.6x 1.45x 1.3x 12K
Chaotic 3.5x 1.8x 1.6x 1.4x 24K
Sacred 4x 2x 1.75x 1.5x 48K
Psycho 4.5x 2.2x 1.9x 1.6x 96K
Demon 5x 2.4x 2.05x 1.7x 192K
Slayer 5.5x 2.6x 2.2x 1.8x 384K
Ninja 6x 2.8x 2.35x 1.9x 768K
DragonKnight 6.5x 3x 2.5x 2x 1.536M
Reaper 7x 3.2x 2.65x 2.1x 3.072M
Necromancer 7.5x 3.4x 2.8x 2.2x 6.144M
Alpha 8x 3.6x 2.95x 2.3x 12.288M
Lycan 8.5x 3.8x 3.1x 2.4x 24.576M
Omega 9x 4x 3.25x 2.5x 49.152M
Scarlet 10x 4.4x 3.55x 2.7x 122.88M
Sorcerer 10.5x 4.6x 3.7x 2.8x 307.2M
Shaman 11x 4.8x 3.85x 2.9x 768M
Mythic 11.5× 1.92B
Genesis 12× 5.2× 4.15× 3.1× 4.8B
Ascendant 12.5× 5.4× 4.30× 3.2× 12B
Oracle 13× 5.6× 4.45× 3.3× 24B
Astral 13.5× 5.8× 4.6× 3.4× 48B
Galaxy 14× 4.75× 3.5× 96B
Atomic 14.5× 6.2× 4.9× 3.6× 192B
Supernatural 15× 6.4× 5.05× 3.7×


Nautilis 15.5x 6.6x 5.2x 3.8x 768B


16x 6.8x 3.9x 1.536t

Clover 16.5x strength 5.5x coins 7x more health/protection 4x speed 3.072t crowns

Illumanti 17x strength 5.65x coins 7.2x more health/protection 4.1x speed 6.144t crowns

Sentinel 17.5x strength 5.8x coins 7.4x more health/protection 4.2x speed

Valentines 18x strength 5.95x coins 7.6x more health/protection 4.3x speed

Saiyan   18.5x strength 6.1x coins 7.8x more health/protection

4.4x speed}

Mist   19x strength 8x health 6.25x coins 4.5x speed, 98.304t

Aqua (current best aura) 19.5x strength 8.2x health 6.4x coins 4.6x speed 196.608t

Pets & Eggs

Pets give players a boost in strength, coins and crowns. They are hatched through eggs. There are currently 261 pets and 23 non-event eggs in the game. Event eggs are only limited to their corresponding events. Players have a small chance of obtaining a shiny pet from an egg, which is twice as powerful as the normal variety. Players are only able to have 3 pets equipped at once, which can be extended to 4 with the +1 pet gamepass.

Update 1.82 introduced Pet levels. Pet levels evolve with each spade in percentage with the equation "+n% = (5n)^2 swings".


In-game Eggs

Eggs Cost (Crowns)
1st Tier Egg 500
2nd Tier Egg 5K
3rd Tier Egg 30K
4th Tier Egg 50K
Island 1 Egg 150K
Island 2 Egg 400K
Island 3 Egg 1M
Island 4 Egg 5M
Island 5 Egg 15M
Island 6 Egg 25M
Class Egg (Isl.7 Egg) 35M
Diamond Egg (Isl.8 Egg) 50M
Ruby Egg (Isl.9 Egg) 75M
Alpha Egg (Isl.10 Egg) 100M
Island 11 Egg 150M
Reaper Egg (Isl.12 Egg) 200M
Nature Egg (Isl.13 Egg) 250M
Winter Egg (Isl.14 Egg) 300M*
Island 15 Egg 400M
Island 16 Egg 500M
Island 17 Egg 750M
Island 18 Egg 1B
Island 19 Egg 1.5B
Island 20 Egg 2B
Island 21 Egg 4B
Island 22 Egg 8B
Island 23 Egg 16B
Island 24 Egg 32B
Island 25 Egg 700 Hearts

*Used to cost 750 Candy Canes

Event Eggs

Events Eggs Cost
Halloween Pumpkin Egg 100 Candy Corns
Cursed Egg 200 Candy Corns
Fall Turkey Egg 350 Turkey Legs
Christmas Candy Egg 200 Candy Canes
Christmas Egg 500 Candy Canes
Valentine's Day Valentines Egg 350 Hearts

1st Tier Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Noob x1.05 x1.05 x1.25 24.25%
Dog x1.1 x1.1 x1.37 22.05%
Pig x1.14 x1.14 x1.5 20.21%
Cat x1.2 x1.2 x1.62 18.66%
Bunny x1.25 x1.25 x1.75 5.77%
Panda x1.3 x1.3 x1.87 5.39%
Cow x1.35 x1.35 x2 1.68%
Elephant x1.4 x1.4 x2.12 1.58%
Turtle x1.7 x1.7 x3 0.37%

2nd Tier Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Penguin x1.5 x1.5 x2.37 51.07%
Bee x1.55 x1.55 x2.5 16.17%
Shark x1.6 x1.6 x2.62 15.4%
Demon x1.65 x1.65 x2.75 4.9%
Fiery Slime x1.7 x1.7 x2.87 4.68%
Butterfly x1.75 x1.75 x3 4.49%
Demonfly x1.8 x1.8 x3.12 1.43%
Neon Green x1.85 x1.85 x3.25 1.38%
Volcano x1.9 x1.9 x3.37 0.44%

3rd Tier Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Magma x1.95 x1.95 x3.5 30%
Owl x2 x2 x3.62 25%
Iris x2.04 x2.04 x3.75 20%
Television x2.1 x2.1 x3.87 14%
King x2.15 x2.15 x4 6%
Angel x2.2 x2.2 x4.12 3%
Alien x2.75 x2.75 x4.5 1.5%
Apollo x3 x3 x5 0.49%
Dual Green Reaper x3.5 x3.5 x8 0.01%

4th Tier Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Ninja x2.9 x2.9 x5 27.5%
Sheep x2.7 x2.7 x4.5 27.5%
Duck x3.1 x3.1 x5.5 20%
Royal Red x3.3 x3.3 x6 14%
Tiger x3.5 x3.5 x6.5 6%
Bubble x3.7 x3.7 x7 3%
C.C Bot x4.5 x4.5 x8 1.79%
Blink-o x5.5 x5.5 x10 0.2%
Zappy х7 х7 х15 0.01%

Island 1 Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Cheese Burger x3.1 x3.1 x5.5 30%
Princess x3.57 x3.57 x6.2 25%
Cowboy x4.09 x4.09 x6.9 20%
Toasty x4.71 x4.71 x7.6 10.74%
Vroom x5.42 x5.42 x8.3 8%
Pirate x6.24 x6.24 x9 5%
Cyborg Shark x7.17 x7.17 x10.5 1%
X-S 19 x8.25 x8.25 x12.5 0.25%
??? ×??? ×??? ×??? 0.01%

Island 2 Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Popcorn x3.5 x3.5 x6.5 30%
Mug x4.05 x4.05 x7.3 25%
Sea Princess x4.71 x4.71 x8.1 20%
Vector x5.46 x5.46 x8.9 10.74%
ROBLOX x6.34 x6.34 x9.68 8%
Rubi x7.34 x7.34 x10.6 5%
Pegasus x8.52 x8.52 x11.5 1%
Beast Hunter x9.89 x9.89 x15 0.25%
Boom x11.47 x11.47 x25 0.01%

Island 3 Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Dominus Rex x4 x4 x7 30%
Dominus Messor x4.7 x4.7 x8 25%
Dominus Aureus x5.52 x5.52 x9 20%
Dominus Astra x6.49 x6.49 x10 10.74%
Dominus Infernus x7.63 x7.62 x11 8%
Dominus Frigidus x8.96 x8.96 ×12 5%
Dominus Empyreus ×10.53 ×10.53 ×13.5 1%
Tri-Dominus ×12.37 ×12.37 ×19 0.25%
King Dominus x14.53 x14.53 x29 0.01%

Island 4 Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Fishy x5.2 x5.2 x8.5 30%
House x6.02 x6.02 x9.5 25%
Sloth x6.99 x6.99 x9.99 20%
Narwhal x8.11 x8.11 x11.5 10.89%
Tinpet x9.46 x9.46 x12.5 8%
Fisher x11.03 x11.03 x13.5 5%
Jelly Gang x12.87 x12.87 x16 1%
Shadow x15.03 x15.03 x23 0.1%
Electric Ring ×17.57 ×17.57 ×33 0.01%

Island 5 Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Redcliff x7.5 x7.5 x11 30%
Astral Isle Wizard ×8.46 x8.46 x12 25%
Darkage x9.59 x9.59 x13 20%
Splintered Knight x10.92 x10.92 x14 10.89%
Overseer Eyes x12.48 x12.48 x15 8%
Redcliff Knight x14.32 x14.32 ×16 5%
Korblox Queen ×16.47 ×16.47 ×21 1%
Dominus Praefectus ×19.01 ×19.01 ×29 0.1%
Deathspeaker ×21.98 ×21.98 ×39 0.01%

Island 6 Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Fox x9 x9 x14 30%
Pink Fox x10.58 x10.58 x15 25%
Monkey x12.43 x12.43 x16 20%
Flower x14.6 x14.6 x17 10.89%
Zoom x17.16 x17.16 x18 8%
Tank x20.16 x20.16 x19 5%
Airplane x23.68 x23.68 x24 1%
Space Explorer x27.83 x27.83 x34 0.1%
Boss Pet ×32.7 ×32.7 ×44 0.01%

Class Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Cyborg x14 x14 x18 30%
Ghoul x16.5 x16.45 x19 25%
Beast x19.32 x19.32 x20 20%
Dark Ninja x22.71 x22.71 x21 10.89%
Warlock x26.69 x26.69 x22 8%
Overlord x31.36 x31.36 x23 5%
Archangel x36.84 x36.84 x30 1%
Nemesis x43.29 x43.29 x42 0.1%
Terminator ×??? ×??? ×??? 0.01%

Diamond Egg

Pets Strength Coin  Crown Chance
Sailor ×18 ×18 ×21 30%
Pancake ×21.15 ×21.15 ×22 25%
Derp ×24.85 ×24.85 ×23 20%
Spikey ×29.2 ×29.2 ×24 10.89%
Train ×34.31 ×34.31 ×25 8%
Hazmat ×40.31 ×40.31 ×26 5%
OpaOpa x47.37 x47.37 x34 1%
Deadly Dark Dominus ×55.66 ×55.66 ×45 0.1%
Dr. Half Zappy ×65 ×65 ×58 0.01%

Ruby Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Lemur ×21 ×21 ×23 30%
Bluecliff ×24.68 ×24.68 ×24 25%
Robber ×28.99 ×28.99 ×25 20%
Doctor ×34.07 ×34.07 ×26 10.89%
Police ×40.03 ×40.03 ×27 8%
Firefighter ×47.03 ×47.03 ×28 5%
Wireframe ×55.26 ×55.26 ×38 1%
Pet Gang ×64.94 ×64.94 ×49 0.1%
??? ×??? ×??? ×??? 0.01%

Alpha Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Chicken ×25 ×25 ×21 30%
Guest ×29.38 ×29.38 ×22 25%
Octopus ×34.52 ×34.52 ×23 20%
Candy ×40.56 ×40.56 ×24 10.89%
Queen ×47.65 ×47.65 ×25 8%
Special Ops ×55.99 ×55.99 ×26 5%
Coil ×65.79 ×65.79 ×43 1%
Portal ×77.3 ×77.3 ×55 0.1%
Magma King ×87 ×87 ×75 0.01%

Island 11 Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Red Gift ×28 ×28 ×29 30%
Candy Cane ×32.9 ×32.9 ×30 25%
Christmas Craze ×38.65 ×38.65 ×31 20%
Elf ×45.42 ×45.42 ×32 10.89%
Snowman ×53.37 ×53.37 ×33 8%
Santa ×62.71 ×62.71 ×34 5%
Mrs. Claus ×73.69 ×73.69 ×47 1%
King Winter ×86.58 ×86.58 ×58 0.1%
Ice Penguin '×95 ×95 ×80 0.01%

Reaper Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Grass Reaper ×46 ×46 ×39 30%
Lightning Reaper ×54.05 ×54.05 ×40 25%
Wind Reaper ×63.51 ×63.51 ×41 20%
Poison Reaper ×74.62 ×74.62 ×42 10.89%
Midnight Reaper ×87.68 ×87.68 ×43 8%
Magma Reaper ×103.03 ×103.03 ×44 5%
Butterfly Reaper ×121.06 ×121.06 ×65 1%
Royal Reaper ×142.24 ×142.24 ×75 0.1%
Void Reaper ×160 ×160 ×110 0.01%

Nature Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Fungus ×50 ×50 ×44 30%
Log ×58.75 ×58.75 ×45 25%
Blue Bear ×69.03 ×69.03 ×46 20%
Lion ×81.11 ×81.11 ×47 10.89%
Miner ×95.31 ×95.31 ×48 8%
Dragon ×111.98 ×111.98 ×49 5%
Dominus Claves ×131.58 ×131.58 ×75 1%
Dominus Venari ×154.61 ×154.61 ×85 0.1%
Skull ×174 ×174 ×120 0.01%

Winter Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Green Ornament ×55 ×55 ×48 30%
Wreath ×64.64 ×64.63 ×49 25%
Yeti ×75.93 ×75.93 ×50 20%
Caroler ×89.22 ×89.22 ×51 10.89%
Snowglobe ×104.84 ×104.84 ×52 8%
Ice Knight ×123.18 ×123.18 ×53 5%
Snow Tiger ×144.74 ×144.74 ×85 1%
Winter Fairy ×170.07 ×170.07 ×100 0.1%
Ice Dragon ×190 ×190 ×135 0.01%

Island 15 Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Burger Bob ×60 ×60 ×52 30%
Blink-o-2 ×70.5 ×70.5 ×53 25%
Blink-o-3 x82.84 ×82.84 ×54 20%
Blink-o-4 ×97.33 ×97.33 ×55 10.89%
Fighter Pilot ×114.37 ×114.37 ×56 8%
Stone Golem ×134.38 ×134.38 ×57 5%
Steampunk ×157.9 ×157.9 ×95 1%
Cursed Reaper ×??? ×??? ×??? 0.1%
Galaxy Angel ×195 ×195 x150 0.01%

Island 16 Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Toilet ×67 ×67 ×56 30%
Jester ×78.73 ×78.73 ×57 25%
3D ×92.5 ×92.5 ×58 20%
Ladybug ×108.69 ×108.69 ×59 10.89%
Explorer ×127.71 ×127.71 ×60 8%
Plague ×150.06 ×150.06 ×61 5%
Dusk Plague ×176.32 ×176.32 ×107 1%
Fallen Angel ×220 ×220 ×160 0.1%
Phoenix ×250 ×250 ×180 0.01%

Island 17 Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Summer Valkyrie x72 x72 x60 30%
Ice Valkyrie x84.6 x84.6 x61 25%
Valkyrie x99.41 x99.41 x62 20%
Violet Valkyrie x116.8 x116.8 x63 10.89%
Sparkle Valkyrie x137.24 x137.24 x64 8%
Emerald Valkyrie x161.26 x161.26 x65 5%
Festive Valkyrie x189.48 x189.48 x115 1%
Black Valkyrie x222.64 x222.64 x170 0.1%
??? ??? ??? ??? 0.01%

Island 18 Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Chef x77 x77 x65 30%
Hawk Pilot x90.48 x90.48 x66 25%
Chess x106.31 x106.31 x67 20%
Caterpillar x124.91 x124.91 x68 10.89%
Balloon x146.77 x146.77 x69 8%
Heart x172.46 x172.46 x172.46 5%
Steampunk King x202.64 x202.64 x120 1%
Steampunk Queen x290 x290 x190 0.1%
Corrupt Dragon x380 x380 x230 0.01%

Island 19 Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Timothy Turtle x90 x90 x69 30%
Special Agent x105.75 x105.75 x70 25%
Chicken Leg x124.26 x124.26 x71 20%
??? x??? x??? x??? 10.89%
Crimson Warlock x171.55 x171.55 x73 8%
Splintered Valkyrie x201.57 x201.57 x74 5%
Water Dragon x236.85 x236.85 x130 1%
??? x??? x??? x??? 0.1%
??? x??? x??? x??? 0.01%

Island 20 Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Duke x105 x105 x78 30%
Countess x123.38 x123.38 x79 25%
Earl x144.97 x144.97 x80 20%
Duchess x170.33 x170.33 x81 10.89%
Baron x200.14 x200.14 x82 8%
Baroness x235.17 x235.17 x83 5%
Archduke x276.32 x276.32 x160 1%
Lord x340 x340 x240 0.1%
Lady x450 x450 x300 0.01%

Island 21 Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Donut ×120 ×120 ×85 30%
??? ×??? ×??? ×??? 25%
Scuba ×165.68 ×165.68 ×87 20%
??? ×??? ×??? ×??? 10.89%
??? ×??? ×??? ×??? 8%
Spider Sorcerer ×268.76 ×268.76 ×90 5%
??? ×??? ×??? ×??? 1%
??? ×??? ×??? ×??? 0.1%
??? ×??? ×??? ×??? 0.01%

Island 22 Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Bluesteet Prince ×140 ×140 ×90 30%
Viridian Prince ×164,5 ×164,5 ×91 25%
Audrite Prince ×193,29 ×193,29 ×92 20%
Viridian Queen ×227,11 ×227,11 ×93 10.89%
Bluesteet Queen ×266,86 ×266,86 ×94 8%
Viridian Domino ×313,56 ×313,56 ×95 5%
Bluesteet Domino ×368,43 ×368,43 ×210 1%
Red Domino ×450 ×450 ×310 0.1%
Domino ×580 ×580 ×390 0.01%

Island 23 Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Xanwood Bunny ×170 ×170 ×95 30%
Ooga ×199.75 ×199.75 ×96 25%
Surfs Up ×234.71 ×234.71 ×97 20%
Bandit ×275.77 ×275.77 ×98 10.89%
Derpette ×324.04 ×324.04 ×99 8%
Fade ×380.75 ×380.75 ×100 5%
Martian ×447.38 ×447.38 ×230 1%
Orinthian Valkyrie ×500 ×500 ×330 0.1%
Fire Demon ×630 ×630 ×430 0.01%

Island 24 Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Moose x250 x250 x110 30%
Lumberjack x293.75 x293.75 x111 25%
Queen Bee x345.16 x345.16 x112 20%
Pegasus Princess x405.56 x405.56 x113 10.89%
Crimson Ops x476.53 x476.53 x114 8%
Robot x559.91 x559.91 x115 5%
Alphaspec Aviator x657.91 x657.91 x275 1%
Demon Wolf x700 x700 x350 0.1%
Steampunk Doctor x750 x750 x450 0.01%

Island 25 Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Pink Bear x300 x300 x120 29.26%
Fancy Valentine x352.5 x352.5 x121 24.26%
Valentine Knight x414.19 x414.19 x122 19.26%
Valentine Candy x486.67 x486.67 x123 10.15%
Heart-O x571.84 x571.84 x124 7.26%
Heart Phoenix x671.91 x671.91 x125 4.26%
??? ??? ??? ??? 3%
??? ??? ??? ??? 0.3%
??? ??? ??? ??? 0.03%

Pumpkin Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Vampire x1.14 x1.14 x2 38.09%
Spider x1.25 x1.25 x2.5 30.47%
Purple Spider x1.35 x1.35 x3 8.46%
Frankenstein x1.45 x1.45 x3.5 7.25%
Bat x1.55 x1.55 x4 6.34%
Zombie Dog x1.65 x1.65 x4.5 5.64%
Reaper x1.75 x1.75 x5 1.69%
Neon Bat x1.85 x1.85 x5.5 1.53%
Pumpkin x2 x2 x6 0.47%

Cursed Egg

Pets Str Coin Crown Chance
Clown x3 x3 x5 30%
Hooded Pumpkin x3.2 x3.2 x5.75 25%
Werewolf x3.4 x3.4 x6.5 20%
Halfy x3.6 x3.6 x7.25 10.89%
Mad Scientist x3.8 x3.8 x8 8%
Spider Queen x4 x4 x8.75 5%
Dusk Reaper х5 х5 х9.5 1%
Overseer x6.5 x6.5 x11.5 0.1%
Cerberus x8.5 x8.5 x20 0.01%

Turkey Egg

Pets Str Coin Crown Chance
Corny x11 x11 x16 30%
Leafy x12.93 x12.93 x17 25%
Hammy x15.19 x15.19 x18 20%
Turkey x17.84 x17.84 x19 10.89%
Fall Owl x20.97 x20.97 x20 8%
Fall Princess x24.64 x24.64 x21 5%
King Fall x28.96 x28.96 x27 1%
Dominus Formidulosus x34.01 x34.01 x38 0.1%
Diety Diet x40 x40 x48 0.01%

Candy Egg

Pets Str Coin Crown Chance
Green Gift x34 x34 x32 30%
Reindeer x39.95 x39.95 x33 25%
Gingy x46.94 x46.94 x34 20%
Rudolf x55.16 x55.16 x35 10.89%
Eaten Gingy x64.81 x64.81 x36 8%
Christmas Tree x76.15 x76.15 x37 5%
Nutcracker x89.48 x89.48 x52 1%
Xmas Reaper x105.13 x105.13 x63 0.1%
Krampus ×115 ×115 ×85 0.01%

Christmas Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Ornament ×40 ×40 ×34 30%
Chilly ×47 ×47 ×36 25%
Elfy ×55.23 ×55.23 ×37 20%
Ski ×64.89 ×64.89 ×38 10.89%
Gift Stack ×76.25 ×76.25 ×39 8%
Frosty Coil ×89.59 ×89.59 ×40 5%
Ice Reaper ×105.27 ×105.27 ×55 1%
The Ice Skull ×123.69 ×123.69 ×67 0.1%
??? ×??? ×??? ×??? 0.01%

Valentines Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Pink Duck ×210 ×210 ×100 30%
Pink Tiger ×246.75 ×246.75 ×101 25%
Heart Reaper ×289.93 ×289.93 ×102 20%
Cupid ×340.67 ×340.67 ×103 10.89%
Heart Beat ×400.29 ×400.29 ×104 8%
Valentine ×470.34 ×470.34 ×105 5%
Heart Dragon ×552.65 ×552.65 ×250 1%
Queen of Hearts ×??? ×??? ×??? 0.1%
??? ×??? ×??? ×??? 0.01%

Easter Egg

Pets Strength Coin Crown Chance
Easter Gentlemen ×1050 ×1050 ×270 30%
Easter Bunny ×1233.75 ×1233.75 ×271 25%
Carrot ×1449.66 x1449.66 ×272 20%
Steampunk Bunny ×1703.35 ×1703.35 ×273 10.89%
Saber Boss Pet ×2001.43 ×2001.43 ×274 8%
Pet of X,Y,Z ×2351.67 ×2351.67 ×275 5%
Sparkiling Bunny ×??? ×??? ×??? 1%
Easter Reaper ×??? ×??? ×??? 0.1%
FaberEgg Beast ×??? ×??? ×??? 0.01%


Bosses reward player with coins and crowns upon killing them. Every damage done on a boss gives 12,000 coins and 1 crown, which can be increased with pets and auras. There are 3 types of non-event bosses. Event bosses also reward players with event currencies. 

Event Bosses
Halloween Pumpkin Boss*
Fall Turkey Boss
Christmas Santa Boss
Valentine's Day Valentines Boss

*Did not reward players with crowns


Saber Simulator currently supports the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
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  • Russian
  • Polish
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