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Saber Simulator is a simulator game created by the group HD Games.. As of October 13th, 2019, Saber Simulator has 70 million visits. it has a official wiki :


Players tap or click to swing their saber, which gives them strength, after they reach the max amount of strength they can hold, they must sell it for coins. With coins, the player can buy better sabers, DNA (extra storage for strength), and classes. Another shop near the arena can be used to buy auras, which give you a buff. A safe zone also exists, where you cannot attack other players. Going outside the the safe zone allows you to collect coins and fight other players. Other features outside the safe zone includes a hill, which standing on it will grant you crowns, another currency in the game. Boss battles can give crowns as well, and more coins.


Name Muscle per Swing Cost
Starter 1 0 Coins
Green 2 15 Coins
Pink 3 45 Coins
Yellow 7 190 Coins
Cyan 10 315 Coins
Blue 16 600 Coins
White 24 1.2K Coins
Poison 33 2.15K Coins
Bubble 44 3.475K Coins
VIP 55 399 R$
Cursed 62 5.275K Coins
Flame 85 8.375K Coins
Plasma 110 12.75K Coins
Flower 140 19.8K Coins
Daze 185 29.25K Coins
Confetti 370 75.5K Coins
Half-hot 555 111K Coins
Bolt 790 208K Coins
Sparkle 1.01K 355K Coins
Blossom 1.55K 1.212M Coins
Wind 2.24K 2.325M Coins
Deathspeaker 4.09K 4.025M Coins
Sun 6.3K 9.8M Coins
Explosion 8.45K 18.9M Coins
Frost 10K 30.25M Coins
Void 16.1K 105M Coins
Lightning 25.2K 193.25M Coins
Heaven 36.3K 340M Coins
Dual White 54.4K 554.2M Coins
Dual Venom 79.4K 848.9M Coins
Dual Yellow 113.5K 1.241B Coins
Dual Red 158.8K 1.748B Coins
Dual Pink 292K 3.182B Coins
Dual Cursed 385.3K 385.3K Coins
Dual Flame 500K 5.313B Coins
Dual Flower 639.5K 6.697B Coins
Dual Plasma 806.9K 8.326B Coins
Dual Daze 1.006M 10.225B Coins
Dual Confetti 1.514M 14.943B Coins
Dual Half-Hot 1.813M 17.82B Coins
Dual Bolt 2.196M 21.083B Coins
Dual Sparkle 2.614M 24.762B Coins
Dual Blossom 3.089M 28.892B Coins
Dual Wind 3.627M 33.507B Coins
Dual Deathspeaker 4.232M 38.642B Coins
Dual Sun 4.91M 44.333B Coins
Dual Explosion 5.667M 50.619B Coins
Dual Frost 6.509M 57.538B Coins
Dual Void 7.441M 65.13B Coins
Dual Heaven 8.471M 73.438B Coins
TriWhite 9.605M 82.502B Coins
TriBlack 10.848M 92.368B Coins
TriPink 12.21M 103.081B Coins
TriRed 13.695M 114.686B Coins
TriYellow 15.313M 127.23B Coins
TriBlue 17.07M 140.763B Coins
TriOrange 18.974M  155.334B Coins


Name Max Strength Cost
Basic 30 0 Coins
Boost 100 15 Coins
Yellow 300 25 Coins
Pink 1K 75 Coins
Green 2K 163 Coins
Red 5K 375 Coins
Blue 10K 800 Coins
VIP 20K 399 R$
Golden 25K 2.125K Coins
Green 2 35K 3K Coins
Blue 2 50K 4.25K Coins
Red 2 150K 12.5K Coins
Pattern 400K 32.5K Coins
Checkered 1M 82.5K Coins
Beast 2.5M 200K Coins
Alien 5M 350K Coins
Alien Jelly 20M 1.75M Coins
Random 60M 5M Coins


Class Boost Cost
Apprentice x2 class boost 2M Coins
Soldier x4 class boost 150M Coins
Paladin x6 class boost 11.25B Coins
Assassin x9 class boost 843.75B Coins
Warrior x12 class boost 63.281t Coins
Warlord x15 class boost 474.6t Coins
Berserker x20 class boost 3.56Qd Coins
Saber x25 class boost 26.697Qd Coins
Cyborg x38 class boost 200.226Qd Coins
Master x57 class boost 1.502Qn Coins
Titan x86 class boost 11.263Qn Coins
Phantom x100 class boost 84.47Qn Coins
Shadow x120 class boost 633.527Qn Coins
Ghoul x145 class boost 4.751Sx Coins
Tempest x170 class boost 356.359Sx Coins
Elementalist  x195 class boost 29.727Sp Coins
Beast x250 class boost 2.005O Coins


Name Str Boost Health Boost Coin Boost Run Speed Boost

Cost (Crowns)

VIP 2.75x 1.5x 1.38x 1.25x 349 R$
Fire 1.5x 1x 1x 1x 1.5K
Ice 2x 1.2x 1.15x 1.1x 3K
Abyss 2.5x 1.4x 1.3x 1.2x 6K
Scorch 3x 1.6x 1.45x 1.3x 12K
Chaotic 3.5x 1.8x 1.6x 1.4x 24K
Sacred 4x 2x 1.75x 1.5x 48K
Psycho 4.5x 2.2x 1.9x 1.6x 96K
Demon 5x 2.4x 2.05x 1.7x 192K
Slayer 5.5x 2.6x 2.2x 1.8x 384K
Ninja 6x 2.8x 2.35x 1.9x 768K
DragonKnight 6.5x 3x 2.5x 2x 1.536M
Reaper 7x 3.2x 2.65x 2.1x 3.072M
Necromancer 7.5x 3.4x 2.8x 2.2x 6.144M
Alpha 8x 3.6x 2.95x 2.3x 12.288M
Lycan 8.5x 3.8x 3.1x 2.4x 24.576M
Omega 9x 4x 3.25x 2.5x 49.152M


  • Pets can be hatched throught eggs
  • There is a very small chance you can hatch a shiny pet
  • The only way to obtain shiny pets is from eggs
  • Shiny pets have double stats than the normal pets
  • The Halloween Egg Pets are limited time only
  • There are currently 4 eggs in the game:
1st Tier Egg 2nd Tier Egg 3rd Tier Egg Halloween Egg
500 Crowns 5K Crowns 30K Crowns 100 Candy Corns

1st Tier Egg:

Type Str Coin Crown Chance
Noob x1.05 x1.05 x1.25 24.25%
Dog x1.1 x1.1 x1.37 22.05%
Pig x1.14 x1.14 x1.5 20.21%
Cat x1.2 x1.2 x1.62 18.66%
Bunny x1.25 x1.25 x1.75 5.77%
Panda x1.3 x1.3 x1.87 5.39%
Cow x1.35 x1.35 x2 1.68%
Elephant x1.4 x1.4 x2.12 1.58%
Turtle x1.7  x1.7 x3 0.37%

2nd Tier Egg:

Type Str Coin Crown Chance
Penguin x1.5 x1.5 x2.37 51.07%
Bee x1.55 x1.55 x2.5 16.17%
Shark x1.6 x1.6 x2.62 15.4%
Demon x1.65 x1.65 x2.75 4.9%
Feiry Slime x1.7 x1.7 x2.87 4.68%
Butterfly x1.75 x1.75 x3 4.49%
Demonfly x1.8 x1.8 x3.12 1.43%
Neon Green x1.85 x1.85 x3.25 1.38%
Volcano x1.9 x1.9 x3.37 0.44%

3rd Tier Egg:

Type Str Coin Crown Chance
Magma x1.95 x1.95 x3.5 30%
Owl x2 x2 x3.62 25%
Iris x2.04 x2.04 x3.75 20%
Television x2.1 x2.1 x3.87 14%
King x2.15 x2.15 x4 6%
Angel x2.2 x2.2 x4.12 3%
Alien x2.75 x2.75 x4.5 1.5%
Apollo x3 x3 x5 0.49%
Dual Green Reaper x3.5 x3.5 x8 0.01%

Halloween Egg:

Type Str Coin Crown Chance
Vampire x1.14 x1.14 x2 38.09%
Spider x1.25 x1.25 x2.5 30.47%
Purple Spider x1.35 x1.35 x3 8.46%
Frankenstein x1.45 x1.45 x3.5 7.25%
Bat x1.55 x1.55 x4 6.34%
Zombie Dog x1.65 x1.65 x4.5 5.64%
Reaper x1.75 x1.75 x5 1.69%
Neon Bat x1.85 x1.85 x5.5 1.53%
Pumpkin x2 x2 x6 0.47%
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